Photoshop Of Horrors: Miranda Kerr’s Head Hovers Over A Bodystocking For Marie Claire

miranda kerr maria claire australia

Supermodel Miranda Kerr covers the June issue of her native Marie Claire (Australia) and it looks like that.

We didn’t know whether to classify this one as a Photoshop of Horrors or a plain old Fashion Disaster. Our decision was pretty challenging: on the one hand, the former Victoria’s Secret Angel is so blown out, smoothed over and retouched that her skin looks like an oil painting; not only that but her head seems lifted from another photo entirely and just slapped on top of this pair of shoulders (which is probably why her big, cheesy, beachy waves are laying so awkwardly).

On the other hand, she’s wearing a sheer-paneled bodystocking (unless it’s a dress, in which case–is that beter?). And it is really hideous.

While this sheer-paneled thing is uglier than… most things… a person can wear, we settled on Photoshop issues because they just feel more distracting.

(via HuffPost)

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    • Fabel

      God, what an awkward neckline. Among other things.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        RIGHT? That’s why it looks pasted on. They didn’t get the angles right at all.

    • Nadia

      Like, where are her nipples?

    • Samantha

      She almost looks like she’s rocking body builder pecs. Oy.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        That was a Facebook comment too. What the hell?

      • Samantha

        I’m glad someone else saw the Ken Doll effect happening here.

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