Pat Robertson Says If You Make Your Home Wonderful Your Husband Won’t Cheat

pat robertson

So, Pat Robertson thinks that if your husband is cheating it’s probably your fault for being a bad homemaker? Really? I really, really thought, “Do not commit adultery” was an actual thing that applied to both genders. I thought that was big among the faithful. Sometimes I think wrong, though. According to Salon, on a recent episode of The 700 Club:

Robertson began by saying the wife should focus on the good about her cheating husband: “Does he provide a home for you to live in? Does he provide food for you to eat? Does he provide clothes for you to wear? Is he nice to the children? … Is he handsome?”

“Give him honor instead of trying to worry about it,” he continued. “But recognize also, like it or not, males have a tendency to wander a little bit and what you want to do is make a home so wonderful that he doesn’t want to wander.”

How we will make a home that wonderful? I have some ideas.

  • Hire Willy Wonka’s architect
  • Knit blankets out of carrot cake
  • Assemble a team of intrepid birds to put on all your husband’s clothing on him in the morning
  • Whimsical dogs to fetch his slippers
  • Full scale invisible children’s choir the minute he pulls up in the driveway (like at Tara)
  • Make it smell like cookies all the time (run a cookie factory)
  • People love magicians! Hire a magician to do death defying tricks in your living room
  • Throw pillows, maybe? I don’t get them, but stores seem to sell a lot of them.

You now, actually, maybe it would be easier just to marry someone who seems disinclined to cheat. I can’t see myself buying a throw pillow.

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    • ash

      I’m dying to know his advice to men with wandering wives. I did a quick search, but had no luck.

    • Tania

      Oh, right. I could forgive a handsome man anything. Because I am super shallow. (/sarcasm)

    • Brooke

      “Honey, Pat Robertson says I should honor you if you cheat. And I will. I’ll shove my honorable foot right up your ass.”

    • Cara Crowes

      Is he handsome?? Well HE sure isn’t so where does he get off on that idea? Literally…