Red Carpet Rundown: The Best & Worst From Cannes’ Weekend Red Carpets

cannes weekend red carpet

The 2013 Cannes Film Festival is occurring as we speak, though it occurred some over the weekend, too. Here’s what all those fancy people wore on the red carpet. Expect Jennifer Lawrence, Carey Mulligan, Jessica Biel, Rooney Mara, a slew of models and a couple good old Fashion Disasters.

Bai Ling attends Cannes

…Speaking of which: hey, Bai Ling!

Carey Mulligan attends Cannes

Carey Mulligan looked somewhere between preternaturally poised and painfully stiff.

Cheryl Cole attends Cannes

Cheryl Cole did her thing.

Doutzen Kroes attends Cannes

Doutzen Kroes‘ power dress felt very ’80s Sharon Stone. Wether or not that’s a good thing is entirely up to you.

Eva Longoria attends Cannes

Eva Longoria‘s mint dress was exceptionally ugly.

Jane Fonda attends Cannes

Jane Fonda looked like Jane Fonda.

 Actress Jennifer Lawrence attends 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Party

While this is not Jennifer Lawrence’s best, she does look quite crisp and lovely–we even like the pink pumps.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence attends "Jimmy P.

Alas, she was felled on the red carpet by an over-eager makeup artist.

Jessica Biel attends Cannes

Jessica Biel‘s stylist screwed up by adding this stupid Bvlgari snake necklace, probably worth $500,000 or some such. We are otherwise amazed by this ethereal, beautiful look–especially the gorgeous feathery cloud of a hem.

Karolina Kurkova attends Cannes

Karolina Kurkova did the thing that supermodels do at Cannes.

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    • Porkchop

      Zoe Saldana’s face is saying sex hangover to me–like maybe her celebrity crush was not as good in bed as she hoped.

      Also, what is with the 12 year old photographer behind Jane Fonda?

      • Allison Ruork

        Totally agreed on Zoe Saldana. She looks like she just got banged from behind by two dudes while snorting a gram off somebody’s ass. Although nothing says effortless like being too fucked up to give a shit.

    • anti snoop

      Leave Bai Ling alone..she looks great for 46, the dress may not be perfect but SHE looks fine?