Frances Bean Cobain Calls Out Kendall Jenner Over Twitter

Kendall Jenner VS Frances Cobain

Last night, a twitter feud went down that practically made me believe in good and evil. Three hours after tweeting “summers almost here! yessss” followed by a few emojis, Kim Kardashian’s model baby sis, Kendall Jenner, tweeted the following cryptic gem:

Kendall Jenner is Entitled

Now, I don’t know Kendall Jenner personally, but I’ve kept up with the Kardashians and I know things could not get much easier for any of them. However, after that tweet, things did get slightly harder for KJ because girl got told.

Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, is as rad as the Kardashians are annoying. She noticed Jenner’s stunningly entitled tweet and responded with the kind of bite and sensitivity that surely courses through her veins:

oh shh. There are kids on earth abandoned&homeless who forcibly drink contaminated water because clean water isn’t accessible.


Oh ya, not to mention, CANCER, famine, poverty, draught, disease, natural disasters, Death,” continued Cobain. “F**k, Humans are so self involved.


i’d rather be a scumbag than a f**king idiot. Praise high IQ’s, good taste & awareness about the state of the world.

Frances Bean certainly isn’t a fucking idiot, and she doesn’t seem like much of a scumbag either; she finished throwing shade with the following, distinctly un-scummy tweet:

Screen shot 2013-05-22 at 1.09.04 PM

Jenner has yet to respond.

For more inane drivel, incorrigible entitlement and second hand embarrassment, check out Kendall’s feed. For more bad-assery, David Foster Wallace references and sweet music videos, check out Frances Bean’s.

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    • Sean

      This just made me so, so happy.

    • Tusconian

      Isn’t Kendall Jenner like 16 years old? When you’re sixteen, a broken nail seems like the end of the world. Plus, honestly, we don’t know Kendall (and Frances Bean doesn’t either). I honestly detest this attitude that we know everything about a person’s life just because they are wealthier than us. Good thing that wealthy kids can’t ever have mental illness or suffer abuse or experience grief or get sick or even just have a crappy day while simultaneously being a hormonal teenager! Plus, that status seems so vague. Who even knows what Kendall is referring to, and Frances Bean has to go off and being really presumptuous and nasty to her just to prove she has an omg high IQ guys. She sounds like a bully in high school who grows up to be a bully as an adult because she fits some pre-approved standard set by people who claim to be against bullying and cruelty. Because TEE HEE HEE she likes David Foster Wallace and can *almost* write at the level of a child half her age!

      • Eileen

        True. “Nerds” can be just as mean as “popular girls,” but if they do it by quoting Oscar Wilde (and picking on someone “popular”) adults think it’s funny. Did Kendall Jenner tweet at Frances Bean Cobain about how her life is awful? No. So why is it Cobain’s place to say she should stop complaining?

      • Sean

        While I fully agree and understand teenage angst (I have a drawer of bad emo poetry I wrote in my teens…we all do), we have to remember the underlying truth…no matter how bad we think we have it at any moment of our lives, there is always someone worse off, or has a mere fraction of the opportunities to resolve the issues that we believe are insurmountable. I don’t know Kendall Jenner, but I doubt the problems plaguing her are akin to those faced by a girl her age in any number of war-torn countries throughout the world. Maintaining perspective can often help you find solutions where you wouldn’t necessarily have noticed otherwise.

      • Tusconian

        I doubt the problems plaguing even the most heavily abused, mentally ill, food-insecure, homeless girl in America are akin to the problems faced by any but the most sheltered and wealthy girls of a war-torn 3rd world country. “Problems” are relative. This is why you don’t tell an American child who doesn’t know where or when their next meal comes, but will probably get a meal within the next day or two, that there are starving children in Africa right now. You don’t tell a rape victim that she has it easy because some rape victims also get murdered or have acid flung in their faces. You don’t know Kendall Jenner’s problems, or even if Kendall Jenner thinks she has problems herself. She just said “I wish things could be easier.” Putting this on the level of someone who threw a tantrum because they got the white iPad instead of the black one is ridiculous, because it makes too many assumptions about her intentions (which we don’t know. She could have just been having a bad day, or been speaking generally) and we don’t know anything about her life. There are some pretty nasty rumors going around about her mother that are pretty awful no matter how rich or famous the person is, and even if they’re not true, growing up in that family, being slut shamed by strangers, hearing people talk crap about your family as if it’s some kind of horrible crime to not be particularly talented, and possibly followed around by fans paparazzi is probably very stressful for an adolescent. Even though she’s more privileged than most people in the world. “Problems” aren’t a pissing contest, and Frances Bean is a self-important bully.

      • Sean

        Hi again, I wasn’t suggesting that one’s personal problems can be (or should be) measured against the situation of another. I’m suggesting that Ms. Jenner missed the point Ms. Cobain was making…she’s from a wealthy family, and lives in a socially-forward country. She has *access* to supports to address her problems that many around the world do not. She simply has to be ready to address her problems, whatever they may be.

        As a side note, I’m completely aware of the irony of Kurt’s daughter telling wealthy people to suck it up and go get help to address their issues.

      • Tusconian

        I don’t think that’s Frances Bean’s place, and I from the snotty, condescending, clueless tone it wasn’t coming from a place of education or concern, so I don’t care if Kendall Jenner missed this extremely condescending, rude, immature point coming from another bratty, inexperienced teenager. Because, again, this was the most vague statement imaginable, and a lot of the things Frances Bean addressed as “proper” problems have nothing to do with wealth. How foolish would she feel if Kendall Jenner came back and said something like “actually, I found out a family member has cancer.” But more likely (and hopefully) it’s something like “I had cramps this morning” or “my homework was really difficult,” which are minor concerns, but a teenager shouldn’t be reamed out for saying “ho hum, I wish math was easier.” Nowhere did Kendall Jenner’s tweet imply that she thought she had it more difficult than children in third world countries or people with cancer, and Frances Bean was being very cruel-hearted to respond in that way to a vague tweet that could possibly maybe almost look like ignorance if you stand on your head and squint. More likely, she has repeatedly been praised for regurgitating generic “smart” soundbites and figures it’s her job to jump down the throat of someone who’s already an easy target.

        And yes, I am quite bothered by Frances Bean’s comments, and yours. Not because I care one iota about anyone in the Jenner-Kardiashian-Humphreys-West clan, but because this same attitude was used to bully and emotionally abuse me quite seriously as a teen/preteen. It doesn’t give perspective. It tears someone who is already upset into shreds even further. It says “wow, not only am I depressed/upset/going through a difficult time because something bad happened to me, but absolutely no one cares. People don’t even think I am human enough to justify emotions. I guess I don’t deserve to feel sorry for myself, but I still do. I really must be the worst person ever and deserve whatever happens to me.” Shrieking at someone that they can never complain because you assume based on biased superficial cues is not ever, ever, EVER going to help them in any way. I really hope that Kendall Jenner WAS complaining about something petty and spoiled, so she’ll only get defensive, as opposed to feeling like garbage.

      • Teresa McLaughlin

        Good point. Miss Cobain sounds like a bully. She is living proof that there is a big difference between righteousness and self righteousness

    • selaya

      While she may be right, Frances didn’t word her message right.. A sixteen year old kid saying irrelevant and stupid shit is not uncommon.. She just came off as a pretentious snob.

    • selaya

      She said her mother should have been kicked out of twitter for starting trouble then she does the same thing.. Pretentious little junkie spawn.