Jose Canseco Is Currently Tweeting Female Accuser’s Photo & Personal Information To All His Followers


Today on Sick Sad World, former Major League Baseball player Jose Canseco is sending tweets showing the personal information of his rape accuser to all his 514,015 followers because, to put it simply, he is not a good person.

On his Twitter, which you can go find yourself if you’re so inclined (I don’t want to link it here because it just makes me too unhappy), Canseco has told his half million followers the name, place of employment and phone number of his alleged rape victim, as well as posting her picture. For hours, he’s been egging her on, telling her to “take a polygraph test.”

I’ve blocked out the name and links because The Gloss does not post the personal information of rape victims.

jose canseco tweets rape victim

Since Canseco deleted some of his earlier tweets, here are more that Fox News screenshot:

fox jose

The trauma of rape is horrible enough, but to have your assailant telling the world that you’re a liar via social media and posting your personal information, your photo to people…that’s unimaginable. And it puts her in serious danger.

Oh, and as if that wasn’t enough, his ex-girlfriend Leila Knight insisted to TMZ that the alleged victim is trying to get attention because, oh, that’s always what people who don’t want to believe rape victims argue.

“I’ve been talking to him all day … it’s obvious that it’s a publicity stunt, I mean — the girl’s an aspiring actress,” Knight says.

Knight also says Canseco is a “gentle person” who always tells the truth — “If anything, he’s too honest.”

He’s so honest, he’s honestly spewing out the personal information of an alleged rape victim to half a million people. Now that’s honesty, folks!

Look, I personally believe this woman because (A) the rate of false accusations is incredibly low (B) nobody would ever, ever willingly subject themselves this type of horrible treatment (C) Canseco seems like a fucking crazy person who would absolutely feel privileged to another human being’s body, as he clearly has no respect for her safety and wellbeing. But in the event that she is, somehow, falsely accusing him? Well, I’m still pretty sure that releasing her personal photos and information online is just about the most pathetically stupid way to “prove” one’s innocence and compassion.

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    • Daniela

      That’s…I…what the *fuck* is wrong with this douche? (A+ for the Daria reference, though.)

    • JennyWren

      Why on earth would an aspiring actress choose to make a false rape allegation to jump-start her career (I’m assuming that’s what Knight is inferring?)? How is that a viable way to gain good publicity? Rape victims are horribly demeaned and branded by our society, it’s not exactly a commonplace route to fame and fortune…

      • ash

        I was wondering that too – has anyone ever benefitted at all from a high profile rape case? I honestly can’t think of anyone who has ever come forward with rape charges and gotten any sort of positive or lasting attention from it. It’s a pathetic excuse, and that guy is a genuinely bad person either way.

    • Jade

      Feeling sick with anger, that poor woman.

    • Beth

      Ah look… Ms. Escobar is once again talking out her ass. Lets list the logical fallacies:

      1.”the rate of false accusations is incredibly low”

      Wrong. According to a pair of studies in the last ten years (HMCPSI/HMIC (2002)), the actual incidence of false rape accusations is somewhere around 11%. That’s not low… that’s mind-bogglingly high.

      2. “nobody would ever, ever willingly subject themselves this type of horrible treatment”

      Have we already forgotten the Duke lacross team case? Some people are attention seekers and don’t care if the attention is good or bad, they just want it.

      3. “Canseco seems like a fucking crazy person…blah blah blah blah”

      Sorry, this statement is so moronic I can’t write a reply and still maintain my self respect. Canseco is a sleazy creep, yes… but the fact that she was with him to begin with makes me find anything she says or does as suspect.

      But, and the thing that idiots like the author fail to understand, being a sleazy creep does not automatically make one guilty.