What Your Summer Vacation Says About You

taj mahal

It’s time for another round of vague assessments about your character based on completely random choices you’ve made. Let’s get to it! This week’s theme is “summer vacations.”

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    • Cee

      Lake Como! Lucky! VERY Lucky! I hope you share pictures.

      I gotta say, Disneyland. Yep, to a tee. How can you NOT scream on space mountain?! I actually think that Disneyland constantly reinforces my decision not to have children. The tantrums, the crying, the fear of all the rides, the strollers, the parents negotiating non stop with the children, the kid that peed while I was in the Cars ride line (the parents gave no fucks about streaming urine that went to the people’s shoes in front of them).

    • Fabel

      Ugh, camping: someone else’s decision. Except I’m never doing that again because it was horrible. HORRIBLE. And yes, I do very much love whimsical spellings & martinis.

    • Kate

      Como – eat, shop, ride around on boats. Maybe eat on the boats on your way to the shopping. If you get bored, hop down to Milan, where there are loads of things to do. Most of the small cities in Northern Italy are beautiful too, and not overcrowded with tourists.

      • Jennifer Wright

        That is exactly our plan so far! You forgot “maybe buy shoes in Milan.” That’s part of the plan, too. Also, “Maybe rent a row-boat in lake Como and learn how to row a row-boat.”

      • Jen

        Also, when in Milan pop next door to old Bergamo! The most romantic little walled city on a hill. I bet you, that you go home with more than one pair of shoes from Milan ;)

    • WineRanger

      Como. Stalk George Clooney, duh.

    • anna

      Cabin in the woods, though this is what my family always does. It’s been in our family for generations, so I think both my mother and I were just brainwashed as children coming to this cabin is safe idea. I still keep a hunting knife and bottle or windex (to blind intruders) near me at all times

    • Anonachocolatemousse

      Have you been reading my thoughts? Hometown for sure.

      • Wendy

        Love your screen name! Made my night!

      • Anonachocolatemousse

        Aww thanks Wendy!

    • Tania

      I like camping. I mean, obviously I would rather go to Lake Como if given the choice (I am a poor student, so I am never given the choice), but camping is still fun!

    • pekingthom

      Beach, in Europe.
      Where is that beach pictured? Perfect!

    • Alyssa

      My friend owns a cabin in the woods in Estes, Colorado (Stanley Hotel, Shining!). We go up there in the middle of winter and we watch horror movies which scare the shit out of us. Every time. So smart.