Jaden Smith Wore An Iron Men Costume On A Date With Kylie Jenner

Jaden Smith Iron Man date with Kylie Jenner

First off, I’d like to thank the universe for giving me an opportunity to write that headline. Is it a clever one? No. Is it particularly insightful? No. But is it the single most excellent thing to happen to celebrity teenagers and romance in months? Oh, oh yes. Yes it is, because Jaden Smith wearing an Iron Man costume while on a date with Kylie Jenner is absurdly excellent and exactly the kind of thing I would do if I were richer-than-god 14-year-old whose father is the Fresh Prince of the entire world.

While shopping in Times Square and having lunch at Nobu Restaurant with Jenner, Smith apparently wore the outfit above at first, then climbed into their fancy car, changed and came out like…this.

Jaden Smith Iron Man date with Kylie Jenner

I just…I don’t know. I do not know. Is this something we all wanted to do at 14? I don’t remember. But now I kind of wish I had dressed in costumes on all the dates of my early teens.

Jaden Smith Iron Man date with Kylie Jenner

Maybe this is just a reminder that, despite being one of the wealthiest and most famous teens in the world, Jaden Smith is still just a kid. Or that his life is just entirely absurd. I seriously cannot choose. To be fair, Times Square undoubtedly has older, weirder people dressed in superhero costumes.

Jaden Smith Iron Man date with Kylie Jenner


Photos: Pacific Coast News

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    • Cee

      I don’t know which outfit is worse: 1. Jaden’s first outfit. Obvi straight out of BFF Justin Bieber’s closet. 2. Iron Man, well…hes 14. While everyone was worried about Willow cutting her hair, quitting school and not liking “maths,” Jaden seems to have contracted the Kardashian attention-seeking virus recently. 3. Kylie’s outfit looks like club wear with every piece obvi being probably extremely expensive…or Kardashian daily uniform wear. Very mismatched fashion-wise but highly compatible when it comes to attention seeking.

    • cassie

      what i REALLY want to know is what is that white thing on Blonde Friend’s ankle? is it a watch? while that is not very practical, it’s pretty kickass.

      • http://www.facebook.com/sameurysm Samantha Escobar

        From what I can tell, it’s a bandana!

    • Sean

      Was Jaden Smith bitten by Amanda Bynes? He seems to have contracted crazy.