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Paris Jackson’s Suicide Attempt This Week Was Just ‘Because She Wanted The Attention’

paris jacksonThis week Michael Jackson‘s daughter, Paris, “reportedly” try to kill herself.

According to TMZ, who is always known for “reliable” sources, the 15-year-old daughter of the late Prince of Pop, tried to end her life by consuming more Motrin than the bottle recommends, then taking a meat cleaver to her arm. I’m not sure why one would go for a meat cleaver, but I know, for a fact, that when it comes to suicidal thoughts, the rest of your brain isn’t thinking. I once reached for cutting shears when I was super desperate to inflicted at least some sort of pain on myself. Realistically, it wasn’t going to get the job done, but it did do a number on my arms and legs after enough pressure and slicing — when that deep level of sadness strikes, you do what you can to numb it.

However, at some point during this suicide attempt, Paris decided to call a suicide hotline and was saved. This, of course, as most people would agreed, was all a cry for help. Clearly something is not right with Paris, and she was trying to make those around her understand. I mean, let’s be honest, her father was Michael Jackson, so that right there is a difficult weight to shoulder, and in recent months she had also been plagued by online bullying. As the NY Daily News reports:

On May 29, a Twitter war with another user included such insults as “you’re such a bully. That’s why your dad is dead,” “ugly bitch” and “your dad touched little boys.”

People really are the worst.

While one source confirmed the “cry for help,” on the part of Paris, another source (I’d really love to know where they scrounge up these people), said:

“Who takes Motrin to kill themselves? She called the suicide hotline because she wanted the attention and wanted to make sure EMTs got there in time.”

True; Motrin isn’t exactly the type of pill you reach for when you really want to end your life, but then again, neither is a meat cleaver a choice weapon. But what’s the problem with this sentiment is that Paris’ attempt is not being taken seriously enough. To dismiss that she just “wanted the attention,” is ignoring a problem. Yes, maybe she didn’t want to end her life, as she did call the suicide hotline, but when those around us who have never had the heart-wrenching need to end the pain, blow off such an act of violence against oneself, it’s not just irresponsible, but disgusting. And in the end, it’s the one who’s been labeled the attention seeker, who eventually loses.

As one who has tried to kill herself more than once, I can tell you that it wasn’t about attention. Now, in a far happier and mentally healthier place, I can look back and definitely see that I was crying out for help. I felt that my concerns, when expressed vocally, were falling on deaf ears, but it was by no means some juvenile attempt at getting attention. I was desperate, confused, feeling alone, and trying to hurt myself was my final attempt at trying to make those around me see I truly needed help.

I’m saddened to think think that Paris’ suicide attempt isn’t being taken as seriously as it should. Mentally sound people do not take a meat cleaver, or any kind of sharp object, to their body just for the hell of it. Those are the actions of a fucked-up and confused person, who needs to help. The last thing she needs is some douchebag “source” that TMZ found creepily hanging around a hospital bathroom or somewhere, criticizing this girl. At some point we, as a whole really need to get it through our thick skulls that mental illness is a serious ailment; it’s just as deadly as any other life-threatening disease.

It should also be noted that this was not Paris’ first time hurting herself.

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  • Charmless


    I don’t know how many times I’ve heard “you just want attention” or “if you were really suicidal, you’d have killed yourself by now” as if failing to succeed at committing suicide somehow implies that the situation isn’t serious. A number of things can cause a suicidal person to abort an attempt. Maybe she freaked out at all the blood. Maybe she started feeling sick to her stomach and panicked because she wasn’t just going to drift off to sleep. Maybe her cat walked in and she felt bad that nobody would be there to feed him in the morning if she snuffed it… not that I have any personal experience with that one.

    Just because the suicide was not completed does not mean the person’s mental anguish is any less dire, or that it’s “all better” because she decided to live another day. Most people who attempt do so more than once. Regardless of whether or not Paris Jackson (or Stephen Fry, or the guy down the street, whoever!) actually wanted to DIE the other night, she is irrelevant. She was in so much pain that the only thing she could think of to alleviate it was to harm her body. That is not okay and people need to get over their hangups about mental illness and help her because she may not be able to help herself.

    And, for the love of God, I wish people would stop thinking that mental illness is some sort of choice. These people are as bad as the ones who think you can pray the gay away. “Just think positive!” Just fuck off. Would you tell someone who had cancer that she shouldn’t choose to be ill? Same bloody thing.

    Sorry. This is very personal to me.

    • Amanda Chatel

      I feel the exact same way. I used to get “just think happy thoughts!” from people all the time. Yeah, sure… let me do that, and my depression will just miraculously disappear.

    • Daniela

      I second everything you just wrote. Also, have you seen Allie Brosh’s newest post?

      Her section about ‘just think positive’ is absolutely brilliant. http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2013/05/depression-part-two.html

    • Cassandra Moore

      I agree with you totally and back everything you just said. I have an aunt who used drugs and meth so much coupled with alcohol, she wound up in the hospital because she was trying so hard to drown her sorrows in those things. She lived only a few months after some extensive surgery on her insides that she wrecked herself. I hope Paris can get the help she needs. Mental illness and depression are NOTHING to joke about. I have my own form of Autism and depression. I still get ‘you’re just overreacting’ from my mom, or other people when I start ‘freaking out’ about something but at least my parents and friends are starting to understand what is going on more. I really hope and pray that Paris can overcome her challenges before succumbing again to whatever grief and depression or anger that she may be going through right now.

    • Ed

      Are you okay?

    • Charmless

      Most days, yes. Some days, not so much. Thank you for asking. :)

  • Cadi

    That sounds more like self harm than an attempt at suicide but a cry for help none-the-less. Neither of them are attention seeking.

    Possibly triggering content to follow…

    That second source is just, ew. No. I took a non-lethal overdose and ended up calling the emergency services when I panicked while puking my guts up and my limbs started cramping. It was like nothing I’d ever experienced and I was scared. Maybe the same happened with Paris? Besides, not everyone reacts to drugs and similar substances in the same way. What’s a non-lethal dose for one person is lethal to another, and maybe in that instance she realised that and thought “shit, I don’t want to die.”

  • Tania

    I’ve lost a cousin to suicide, and recently my younger sister just revealed she tried to kill herself multiple times, starting when she was 8. 8 years old! I almost cried. It’s not a cry for attention, and I find it sickening that anyone would ever say that. Have they ever lost someone to suicide? It’s the stupidest fucking thing to say, “Oh they just wanted attention.” Yeah, well, they’re fucking dead, so you’re right, I’m sure they really care about the attention now.

  • Amanda

    As someone who has struggled with self harm since 11 years old, I can definitely say for most people it’s NOT about the attention. I hid my cutting and bruising until I was 19 years old before I finally told someone and sought help for myself. You’re in so much pain that all you can think to do is take it out on yourself, or sometimes you’re just so numb you’re desperate to feel anything. Just because she called a hotline doesn’t mean it was for attention, it means she sought help, which is a big step. Even if it WERE for attention, this is exactly the kind of reaction it doesn’t need; clearly she has a problem and could be reachin out for help.

    Sorry, I just get so disgusted by how fucking ignorant people are about these types of things.

  • JennyWren

    I’ve never really understood…why is it such a horrible thing to want attention? Why is it such a personality defect to desire comfort, affection, or validation? Even if someone were hurting themselves “just for attention,” (and I’m not accepting for a minute that that’s why people harm themselves in this way…) isn’t the fact that they would be willing to hurt themselves to get it indicative of someone being in terrible pain or misery? And by dismissing their need for validation, aren’t you effectively just driving them back to that? Some people are just so lacking in compassion.

    • dsar

      You shouldn’t hurt yourself for attention just ask someone you know for attention or talk to them

    • Psych Student

      Thank you, that was very well said! People can’t always find the words to express the pain they are feelings. As another commenter stated, sometimes even if you find the words, no one listens. Sometimes it takes actions to get the help needed. Why is it wrong to give people attention who need help when they are suffering?

  • http://www.facebook.com/rachel.wellersdick Rachel Wellersdick

    Michael would be rolling in his grave; this is exactly why he wanted anonymity for his children. I sincerely hope Paris gets the help she needs and gets the love and attention she needs from her family.

    And the fucked up “attention” theory is such bullshit. I have a feeling attention is the last thing this child is desiring. Her family just needs to smother her with love and kindness and someone needs to be stable enough to make sure she follows through with all the psychiatric help that is required.

  • SocietyHater

    Now that the attempt was failed and people are saying that all she wanted was to get attention, I can’t help but make a grim wondering: What would have they said in the case that the girl was dead? My guess is the same jackasses would be mouthing stuff like “She could have seeked help” or “Thing could have been different if someone knows”. I hate it when the entire goddamned media clandestinely labels someone as attention-seeking while they are the real attention whores who are trying to get people to read their magazines or go to their websites or watch their channels. Hypocrites! We are a society of hypocrites!

  • God’s Real

    yeah well mine won’t be for attention… Mines because everyone around me treats me like I’m a child… I’m 29 yrs old… I’m done… and I’m leaving behind a motherless child.

    • Ran

      My, aren’t you selfish.

    • God’s Real

      you know… there’s a lot more wrong with me than you’d care to think about… I came back here to delete it but i guess they don’t allow that

    • Brian It-Guy

      I hope you’re OK?

  • Tikka

    “Wanting attention” is supposed to mean being spoiled or shallow. But,
    this is not “hey everybody, look at me!” Something deeply disturbing is
    happening and the person may not know how to engage it. If it has been
    an ongoing problem, those around them must seem inappropriate for help
    (there are many reasons for this). If “needing attention” was at the
    root of it, then, for the communicatively challenged, it means a
    need to connect, to feel less desperately and frighteningly alone. That feeling doesn’t just go away with a single conversation; this is not a temporary headache.
    I am equally disgusted by the insensitive and seriously ignorant
    comments directed at those who, often courageously, seek relief and ask
    for help rather than sitting quietly with the pain until it really is
    too late.

  • Charvi3

    She didn’t asks to come into this world…believe me as a lot of us didn’t asks to…but, the things that someone is saying about your father and your mother…do have a negative effect on a person…she cannot help being the daughter of a “druggie’…who was an entertainer…if the circumstances were different…that she had been born..in a real normal family…all this would not be happening…I feel sorry for any child born into such an enviroment…where the parents were on “drugs” and in the public eye.