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How To Dress Like Teen Assassins Violet & Daisy (Of Violet & Daisy, Naturally)

violet and daisy

Excited for the upcoming release of Violet & Daisy in several US cities? We are! The film revolves around two teenage assassins, portrayed by Jaden Smith & Justin Bieber. No, no, we’re just kidding, this is an actual good movie, so it’s going to star the very talented and very fantastic Alexis Bledel and Saoirse Ronan as Violet and Daisy, respectively. They’re a team — and a damn good one, at that — who complete missions together, though they eventually encounter obstacles they never expected.

As much as we are admittedly not exactly pro-assassins, we certainly love (A) that there’s not one, but two strong, young female protagonists and (B) they both have fantastic style that doesn’t contrast so much as compliment their talents. Right down to their haircuts, the film is full of snazzy combinations and coordinations of fashion and function. Wanna dress similarly? Check out our shopping guide to see how!

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  • Sean

    Oh Rory, you stole one boat, and ten years later, you’re a hired gun.

    What would your grandparents say?

  • Trish

    In the thumbnail, I thought the two actresses were Emily Blunt and Chloe Sevigny and this was a movie they did together like ten years ago.