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Marilyn Manson Mimed Wrist-Cutting In Paris Jackson Tribute

 Marilyn Manson performing at the Gibson Ampitheatre. Paris Jackson

Dita von Teese‘s ex-husband Marilyn Manson might have been trying to be nice by dedicating a song to Paris Jackson at his concert Thursday night, but then he decided that would be a good time to pretend to slit his wrists on stage.

“This song is for Paris Jackson,” Manson told the crowd at L.A.’s Gibson Amphitheatre before beginning his 2001 song “Disposable Teens,” about an angry teenager.

The song dedication was supposedly intended to be a tribute to Jackson, who was hospitalized earlier this week after she tried to commit suicide, reportedly by taking too many Motrin and then cutting her wrists with a meat cleaver. But then Manson turned the gesture ugly by getting down on his knees and pretending to cut his wrists with a very large knife. Ughhh.

The faux-suicide performance has been criticized as tone-deaf and insensitive at best, and many of the concertgoers were reported to be very upset about it. Suicide prevention activists were similarly pissed off about the form Manson’s tribute took.

“Everyone in the suicide prevention field agrees that graphic depiction of self-harm is a provocative act that does impact people who are in distress in a manner that is very counter-productive and harmful,” said Alan Ross, executive director of suicide prevention charity Samaritans New York, in an interview with The Daily Mail. “Even in creative environments there should be some sense of social responsibility that is aware of the impact of actions and messages.”

Lack of awareness of the impact of actions and messages seems like a likely culprit in this case. Jackson is a big fan of Manson’s music and was said to have wanted to go to the concert that night. Before the show, he Tweeted a message to her and said he hoped she was feeling better and that she could be on his guest list whenever she wanted, so it seems like he probably wasn’t trying to be tacky and exploitative and awful about a 15-year-old girl’s suicide attempt. But it sure came off that way.

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  • anna

    i always felt like he was an asshole. especially since paris supposedly attempted after being told she couldn’t go to a manson concert.
    I never understood how he got dita von teese AND evan rachel wood. both amazing women in their own way. think less of him now