Lady Gaga Looked Like An Incredibly Normal Bridesmaid At Her Friend’s Wedding

lady gaga bridesmaid wedding dress

Musician and ridiculous human being Lady Gaga has worn a lot of strange, strange outfits, so when I heard she was in her friend’s wedding, I wondered what she could have possibly worn. A functioning chandelier with armholes? Her own wedding dress? An actual cake that people can eat off of her as she smokes a blunt and shotguns every guest? The answers were all “no,” however, as Gaga wound up looking…totally normal. Seriously.

lady gaga bridesmaid wedding dress

Naturally, the slight smirk had to stay.

The wedding took place in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and the bride was Bo, an old friend of Gaga’s from Sacred Heart, her Upper East Side private school. While I can’t tell you much else about the wedding (because I don’t know it, not because I am keeping some super secret thing from you), I can tell you that Bo looked beautiful, and not at all upstaged by her very famous guest.

lady gaga bridesmaid wedding dress


As much as I love seeing all of the crazy outfits Lady Gaga and her team of stylists put together, it is admittedly cool to see her looking so…normal. She looks awesome being her bizarre, over-the-top self, but it is always snazzy to see somebody so famous for a specific type of look to go in a totally different direction.

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    • Carrie Murphy

      Aw, I love this!

    • Tusconian

      Why is she sneering in disdain when all the other bridemaids are smiling though?

      • Evenaar

        maybe she was just about to sneeze?