Florida Twentysomething Films Her Own Bigoted Rant In Dunkin’ Donuts [UPDATED]

Taylor Chapman racist dunkin donuts video

When Taylor Chapman, 27, posted a video of herself screaming at a Florida Dunkin’ Donuts employee over a missing receipt on the Internet, she clearly thought the world would take her side. I mean, what other reasonable explanation could somebody have for an adult human being taking an 8-minute video on their phone, repeatedly saying, “I can’t wait ’til this hits”? It seems she believed that there would be an incredible backlash, an overwhelming wave of support against her struggle — that she, Taylor Chapman, would come out of the awful ordeal triumphantly, ceremoniously, heroically.

The only problem: she is the worst customer ever, and possibly the worst person. Behold:

Basically, Chapman says she was at this specific Dunkin’ Donuts the night before and the employee she dealt with allegedly turned into a “dumb bitch.” So, on Saturday, the morning after this supposed incident, Chapman showed back up at this Dunkin’ Donuts and began to film her exchange (i.e. verbal harassment) regarding the matter with a different employee, who has the patience of a saint and deserves a fucking gold medal for… everything. Ever.

“This is all being under video surveillance,” Chapman insists, undoubtedly spitting flecks of gross lividity all over the cash register.

The video itself is very, very frustrating to watch, so here are some highlights:

  • On her loyal customer service: “I literally thought this was the best [Dunkin' Donuts] in the city, and I gave you guys so many good, like, remarks online because I have a business degree and, like, I really did until that bitch just completely pissed me off.”
  • She attempts to engage other customers. They absolutely do not give a shit. It would be sad if she were a person, but instead it’s satisfying.
  • On the supposed deal struck: “She told me, ‘OK, you can get your order free next time.’ So you know what I told her? I want the whole fuckin’ menu, bitch. Twice.”
  • She turns the camera on herself, pondering why life is so hard that she must make videos to get free fucking Coolattas.
  • She really wants everyone else to be feel sorry for her, and really doesn’t seem to care for her boyfriend: “Even if they hock a loogie and shit in it I don’t even care. ‘Cause one time they pissed in my fries…literally I could smell the piss in it…That’s why I’m not eating this food, I’m giving it to my boyfriend.”
  • When she spots the employee who supposedly wronged her: “Well, guess what? This shit’s about to go live, bitch. Right on Facebook. ‘Cause I already posted what your dumb ass did last night. So I hope you’re happy with your little sand (n-word) self. Cause I’m about to nuke your whole fucking planet from Mars. You think ya’ll are tough big fat Arabs bombin’ the Trade Center? I’ll show you tough.”
  • To another customer, she says, “‘I just want my bacon crispy and my people nice, you know?”

According to The Smoking Gun, Chapman has appeared in several videos where she actually advertises for businesses (rather than attempting to verbally destroy their employees). Her acting is remarkable, as well as the soundtrack behind her Shakespearean poetry.


Thanks to Google, we’re pretty sure she won’t be doing a whole lot of marketing and PR in the near future. But then, she has a business degree, guys! And a shockingly annoying Instagram account.

When I worked in food service, I recall getting quite a few eye rolls, grunts, sighs and the occasional rudeness, but honestly, never anything remotely close to this. The amount of entitlement that goes into creating a video like this is astounding, and the fact that she is essentially proud to be not even eating the food is upsetting in a dozen different ways, not the least of which is that it’s incredibly disrespectful (not to mention wasteful). She clearly believes it’s the principle of the matter; she deserves free food, and she wants it no matter where it will end up, whether it’s her stomach or a trash can — though, let’s be honest, girl looks like a highway litterer.

The employee she is berating stays so calm the entire time, it’s incredible. While it’s possible that he refuses to argue back due to customer policy, there was definitely a point here at which most of us would have likely lost our shit.

Being in food service can suck. Being in fast food service can suck even more, as you don’t get tips and loads of people still shit on you because they believe working in fast food makes you somehow lower on the respect scale than themselves. So, please, if there’s anything we can all take from this video besides the obvious “don’t be a racist jerk,” it’s this: be respectful and be kind, or the Internet will proverbially, justifiably crucify you.

Now, that was awful. Here are a few things to restore your faith in humanity, at least a little bit:

UPDATE: Taylor Chapman allegedly just wants you assholes to know she was, like, totally exposing the injustices in the world. And that she was telepathically communicating your thoughts on a situation you had no thoughts about until she started screaming your thoughts on camera before you even had them. It was all an elaborate ruse!

taylor chapman lol

UPDATE 2: Though we received a few tips that said it was her new Facebook, that is most likely not her new one. However, in a much more awesome update, the Dunkin’ Donuts employee who put up with Chapman’s awful behavior so calmly is to be honored by the company. 18-year-old Abid Adar: congratulations on having an incredible amount of composure. We salute you.

[The Smoking Gun]

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    • Sean

      All this because they didn’t give her a receipt for her doughnut? What is so incredibly important that this self-important putz needs proof of purchase? As the late Mitch Hedberg once said, “it’s just a doughnut. I give you money, you give me a doughnut. There is no need to bring pen and paper into this. I can’t imagine the situation where I would need to provide proof that I bought a doughnut. Don’t believe I bought a doughnut? Well I got proof in the file right here. Under D. For doughnut.”

      It’s a sad world where that joke comes to fruition. Or doughnution.

      • kj

        You have won today by mentioning Mitch Hedberg :)

      • Eileen

        A Dunkin’ Donut costs 94 cents, plus tax. Even if she were eating it for work and wanted to expense it, is she really going to miss a dollar?

        I guess, however, that we’ve found the person who actually says, “Yes” when the people at Starbucks ask if she wants a receipt.

      • Frosty72

        Well, hang on there.
        Starbucks costs more than gas.
        A receipt is warranted.

      • Vash

        Let’s be fair here about those who ask for a receipt. I ask for a receipt for everything, but I don’t go bat-shit crazy over a receipt. Of course, I have terrible memory so a receipt actually helps track spending. It’s helped me prove my former bank wrong on more than one occasion.

      • Sandi Couch Mcinnish

        The bigger question is what employer in their right mind would hire that looney tunes?

      • jyladvik

        The sorry truth is that many employers screen for workers who have aggressive traits and lack empathy – they actually want these types working for them. They even administer personality tests now to find these types of people. Sad but true. Employers, are you listening?

      • jack_sprat2

        Birds of a feather. CEOs also like their juniors to be tall.

      • jyladvik

        There is nothing wrong with asking for a receipt. I once purchased $200 in gift cards from Starbuck’s, and they snottily refused to give me a receipt, with the comment “its such a small purchase”. Yeah, $200 is a small purchase; whatever. I nicely told them I would have to cancel the sale and they would need to give me a refund. They then agreed to give me a receipt. Although customers are often rude, some service people can be arrogant jerks.

      • anon

        There’s nothing wrong with asking for a receipt for a doughnut. The problem is the verbal abuse (and her audacity in filming it and thinking that people would side with her).

      • Larry

        That is what happens when someone that most likely has been spoiled and treated like a little angel princess for her young adult life so now she thinks she can do and say anything. Spoiled little bitch is all she is. She has no respect whatsoever and her vulgarness shows it.

      • jack_sprat2

        There are so many like her in that respect these days.

      • JLH1986

        I keep my receipts because 2x in the past I’ve been double charged (by accident). So I keep receipts from everything for a few months. So I don’t think it’s too weird she asked for her receipt. The total disrespect, verbal abuse and bigotry I don’t get anywhere, at all, ever.

      • knottymelody

        I KNEW something sounded familiar about this situation.

      • brokennails
      • Rac NA
      • tastygroove

        Like a lot of places they most likely have a ” get a receipt or your order is free.” Policy. This should put the video in context for you. She called them out before tendering her order. Since she didn’t pay yet, she was in the wrong AAnD a mega bitch about it.

      • JimmyPete

        Who gives a crap, so she didn’t get a receipt which was store policy, bf’nD, she goes off on the poor kid , abuses him [he wasn't even the worker the night before] uses ethnic and racist slurs, she’s so dumb she posts this online, so the whole world can see, she must be a young Republican living in a bubble

      • Vash

        Let’s be fair about this. She’s probably a young bad Republican OR a young bad Democrat. There are some good ones out there (you just have to know where to look, and they typically don’t even run for any office unfortunately).

      • http://www.sunbeltryders.com/ Toasty

        Definitely Republican, due to sense of entitlement, hostility toward Arabs and belief that anyone working minimum wage are sap sucking scum. She’s going back home to watch FoxNews after this and bark at the TV.

      • Vash

        You don’t have to be Republican to have a sense of entitlement and a hostility toward Arabs. Doesn’t matter what party, religion, or nationality. There’s at least one for each possible combination. To continue insisting it’s only the Republicans is purely bigotry.

      • db22

        Republican and sense of entitlement? That would be a democrat! Hand outs….hand outs….hand outs!

      • Paul

        Actually she has a boyfriend on parole. That screams Democrat

      • http://www.facebook.com/jgirmesjr James E Grimes Jr

        How was she acting that allowed the cashier to forget to give her a receipt to begin with? It seems her actions are those of an entitled little brat. And those teeth seem to be fake. She is a “daddy’s little girl” type.

      • Katy Hearne

        Can we hang out?

    • Kristine

      Somewhere Rebecca Martinson is breathing a sigh of relief.

    • jmr

      Wow. Is this person insane? Who does this? Over a receipt at Dunkin’ Donuts. Just… wow.

    • alexWPB

      what a stupid bitch

    • msenesac

      What a moron

    • Tekoa S. Smith

      This is just incredible that she actually thinks people are going to take her side because she’s a bully. WTF? It’s Dunkin’ Donuts. I’ve NEVER felt disrespected at DD and if I did that would be some feelings I need to evaluate within myself because it’s effin DUNKIN’ DONUTS!! C’mon on! This girl is a lunatic and the fact that we even have to talk about her idiocy blows me away. But I guess we do need to talk about how behavior like this is unacceptable and warrants no type of response or solution. Just sad.

    • dilucy

      Taylor Chapman and Rebecca Martinson (crazy ass sorority email girl) should be locked in a room together…. for eternity.

    • DL

      My dream is for this woman to go to Amy’s Baking Company and film whatever happens.

      • kmd0113

        Yes! That would be amazing!

      • Ikhanic

        You … are a MOTHER LOVING GENIUS! I would give my left kidney to see that exchange…

      • Vash

        Let’s see, Police and Fire departments, as well as paramedics will show up on scene. That would be the end result cause neither side will want to budge and it will turn into a death match. lol

      • Ella

        They really would be nuking each other from Mars. Like that Itchy and Scratchy cartoon where they keep pulling out bigger and bigger guns.

    • Jessica

      Where’s the law enforcement? She harassing them, threatening them and thanks to her she has video evidence uploaded. Her words were probably offensive to everyone there. She’s probably also on drugs.

      • LSB

        YES, I agree where is the police when you need them? And the DD employees gave her everything and more that she wanted and she is still berating and going on and on .It’s nut cases like this that we have to watch out for.

      • lolwut

        You would think they would be right there. I mean, Dunkin’ Donuts, HELLOOOOOOO?

      • LSB

        lol yeah right!

      • BrianIUP

        someone on drugs wouldn’t be wasting their time doing this they would be off somewhere enjoying themselves

      • guest

        She is definitely on drugs!! It’s obvious this is her pathetic way of “enjoying herself”

    • R

      She is a horrible person.

    • Ed

      So, the really unfortunate thing is that this young woman, Tracy, seems to be suffering from mental illness and is probably still undiagnosed. We can criticize her, berate her, and make fun of her online, but some of her speech patterns, behaviors, and deficiencies in reasoning lead me to suspect that she may be schizophrenic. This is not to say that her actions are acceptable, but she does not seem well and I think that her problems are significantly more severe than just being a jerk.

      • Steve Locke

        Is calling someone a “sand ni**er” evidence of mental illness now? Honestly. The person SUFFERING is the person being berated by this woman. I’ll save my sympathies for the Dunkin’ Donuts employee, who, I’m certain, does not get paid anywhere NEAR enough money to put up with this kind of arrogant malice.

      • http://strategyfocussuccess.com/ William Peregoy

        No, I think its the “I have a one-way ticket to Mars” and the “once I get to Mars, I’m nuking your whole planet” remarks that show she may be a bit off her rocker…

      • L

        Or she’s just a spoiled, self-entitled narcissist. My sibling is schizophrenic and she certainly doesn’t act or talk like Lady Douche here. The only thing I hear in this little girl’s (no way does she deserve to be called a woman) speech, besides incredible racism, belligerence, and douchery, is a failed attempt at intelligence.

      • Ella

        You’re going to be laughing on the other side of your face if you find out she is actually from Mars and they do have nukes. I, for one, welcome our new racist, donut-scoffing Martian overlords!

      • Tusconian

        While she may be mentally ill, and if she is it would be nice if she got help, for her sake and more importantly everyone else’s, can we PLEASE stop excusing the abuse of people of color by white women with “but she has a mental illness!” especially when the only diagnosis is coming from some armchair psychologist based on a youtube video? It’s becoming somewhat of a trope to watch vicious, sometimes violent, racism carried out by white women and then go “OH, the poor dear needs therapy/didn’t take her meds, we can’t get mad at her!” A white man probably wouldn’t be able to get away with it, and NO person of color would in any circumstance. In fact, a person of color being “crazy” or “mentally ill” would be taken as a threat to the general public, the police would definitely have been called (and Florida police might have beaten them up before they could open their moths anyway), and there would be calls for imprisonment and forced sterilization and jokes at the expense of the mentally ill, or just claims that it was “ghetto” behavior or “the culture of Islam” or something like that. And most importantly, we don’t know what’s going on in the lives of the employees. Let’s not forget, nonwhite people can be mentally ill too. The people she cursed out could have depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, PTSD, OCD, everything under the sun for all you know, and even if they don’t, I doubt very seriously that this is the first time in their nearly 2 decades that they’ve had someone they couldn’t (or felt they couldn’t) confront has said something to these innocent kids about 9/11 or being “sand n***rs.” She’s probably just been the first one to get so loud about it and make it a youtube video. Add in the fact that they’re service industry workers, and teenagers, and I still feel sympathy for them completely.

        Plus, I think this just gives people an excuse to pretend racism isn’t an issue. If she IS schizophrenic (probably unlikely due to her age, but maybe), then people will jump to say racism isn’t an issue. “Oh, but the only people who say things like that are CRAZY, you can’t hold them accountable, and you certainly can’t hold society accountable!” Schizophrenia does not make you racist. I have met people who’s schizophrenia was so severe they couldn’t function in society, and they didn’t go about shrieking racial slurs, so I’ll say even if she’s mentally ill, the racism is all her.

      • Tania

        Agreed. My cousin has schizophrenia, and I hate that people are going around diagnosing people with it who are capable of functioning in society on some level. And also, my cousin never turns into a racist asshole when he’s off his meds. There’s no excuse for her behaviour.

      • Laura

        …do you know the symptoms of schizophrenia?No.. It seems like she has a combination of Narcissistic PD and anxiety ORRRR she literally is just a spoiled, belligerent pathetic little girl who is used to having her way, and thinks she deserves the world for her stupid degree. and she seems like she’s on opiates. she’s got a temper.

      • Sandi Couch Mcinnish

        It’s not schizophrenia their world is full of paranoia, her only afflication is being eaten up with a bad case of stuipd and Billy Bad Azz wannabe….they do have a cure…..it’s called knocking those big yellow horse teeth down her throat.
        Schizophrenics hear voices, the only thing she and everyone else hears her pie hole writing checks that her azz can’t cash.
        Narcissits have a sense of grandure and spend their time talking about how great they are, not about how imperfect everyone else is.

      • Allison

        Or you know, she is on meth.

      • Ella

        I actually don’t think she’s mentally ill. Not every racist jerk on the planet warrants a diagnosis, and we’re not qualified to make one. I think we can continue to criticize her, berate her, and make fun of her online. I intend to.

    • Amanda Chatel

      It’s all her “going to Mars” talk that really throws me for a loop — she even says at one point that she has a one-way ticket. So, like, go girl, and quit harassing the Earth dwellers whom you consider so far beneath you.

      • NeverEclipsed81

        If she wants to be the test human we send out to Mars I’m sure NASA can arrange that.

      • Manbo

        Nobody will be able to hear her scream in space.

      • Cosmic Spark

        NASA isn’t the one running the Mars thing, it is a private company called “Mars One”, just google mars one if you want.

      • Penny

        I don’t believe she has a ticket. I demand to see a receipt.

    • Suzanne Hooper

      Lady, you ARE AN IDIOT!!!! You just brought yourself to a brand new level of stupid. I hope that the poor kid you berated sues you for harassment….. and YOU have a Business Degree??? In WHAT ~ Public Douchery ?? Wow…..

    • Michele

      She’s horrid. I think her boyfriend should RUN AWAY FAST

      • dwygy

        The whole boyfriend probably doesn’t even exist…maybe only in her mind…

    • anna

      i went to Einstein bros bagels today, where a huge sign was plastered by the register-”if you don’t get a receipt your next meal is free!”
      i didn’t get a receipt and thought about saying something, but really, do i need to get a free bagel? Not really, and the guy was so nice, and at least in his 50′s. It can’t be that fun to be working at these places. So I didn’t say anything. I try not to be morally superior but i feel really good now that I’ve read this.

      • Kevin

        That nice guy in his 50′s just scammed Einsteins. Those signs exist because if you don’t get a receipt it means the sale wasn’t rung up on the register (or it was and then voided) and the cashier may have pocketed the cash. The free meal is a small price for the owner to pay to avoid employee theft.

      • Brad

        Or, you know, he could’ve just forgotten to give her the receipt. Not everything is a conspiracy Kevin; your tinfoil hat is showing.

      • Van

        That is technically why the policy was put in place though. True not everyone is sketchy like that but it prevents such a scenario from even happening.

      • Bob Cobb

        Well….they probably don’t pay that much….

      • painfully obvious

        doesn’t mean it isn’t theft

      • Hannah

        that’s not how cash registers work. Some registers don’t automatically print the customer’s receipt.

      • Aaron

        The ones in stores with that policy definitely would though.

      • anna

        well, i paid by card and watched him print a receipt and then when i didn’t ask for it throw it away. so i think we’re good on that $2.24.

      • squeeg

        Dumb ass. The POS where I work asks if I want to print the receipt. You’re misinformed.

    • http://strategyfocussuccess.com/ William Peregoy

      The sad thing I’ve actually seen stuff just like this happen in Dunkin Donuts. Actually, I’ve seen worse in DD.

      Dunkin Donuts must bring out some bad clientele. But, their staff handles it well. Congrats to both of the staff in the video staying cool and calm and going about their day and handling business.

      • Paul

        In the morning time DD brings in the people that are just getting some donuts for work or the crackheads that have been up all night and are hungry and delusional.

    • ascholarsparrot

      *double-checks* yep, Florida. Sigh. My state just can’t catch a break….

    • chut marike

      yeah show the sand niggers how tough you are….just like you uncle bush did in afghanistan for 10 years.

    • NeverEclipsed81

      hahaha her instagram is gone now in addition to her facebook. bye bye.

    • NeverEclipsed81

      It’s sad that she has a business degree since she obviously can’t function as a human being. But i’ve seen how people like that finish college, they show up to class twice, fail every test, and treat their professors exactly like she treated this employee, and then they find a stupid loophole to pass with a C.

    • Julia

      Did she say cumin in her coffee?

      • Last Titan

        There is a party in her mouth and everyone is cumming.

    • xflowahsx

      Wow comments here are pretty mellow in comparison to the rest of the internet. Interesting

    • Alicia

      I wish I was the guy that she kept pointing the camera at who really didn’t give a shit, I would of busted that bitch right in the puss with her own camera, don’t point that shit at me and shut your face up you no good for nothing! There! Hows that Wench!

    • Rachel

      Whaaaat? How much free time does she have?

      • Last Titan

        All kinds now.

    • Katherine Conner

      crazy,crazy, crazy dot com

    • lordofexcess

      For some the internet and camera phones have been a wonder and been used as tools to accomplish cool things. However I cannot help but see this as just another case of the internet, camera phones on 24/7 and too much reality TV. All this stuff has diluted many of our lives and really degraded our society on the whole. The apocalypse has already begun. Idiocracy is upon us.

    • jackie miller

      What a dumb bitch!

    • Penny Brown

      I would leave said nut job, opps my bad customer standing there screaming. I would reprint receipt with the words that say good for replacement, and tell her to get out of the store, with herself.

    • Fake

      Scroll down on her page. Now see where it says the fake account was created only 13 hours ago. Good job.

    • SomethingThatKillsPeople

      This stupid cunt clearly smokes meth.

    • jonsinns

      “Gold metal” I think you meant medal.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        You are correct, sir/ma’am; thanks for pointing that out. Fixed it! I wish I could claim my brain was contaminated by watching her stupidity, but I think I just made a stupid error.

    • Lauren

      “Don’t even act like I didn’t get that doughnut! I got the documentation right here…oh, wait it’s at home…in the file…under “D”, for “doughnut.” – Mitch Hedberg

    • blkdoggy421

      Love the way she kept stating I am video taping this and posting it on Facebook, would of had me shaking in my boots. What a sad life she must lead to make such a big deal over a receipt and getting a sandwich and a drink for free.

    • Skean Thu

      What is video surveillance if the surveyed is aware? None, it is called video recording or something they should have taught her in business school. Damn those weaklings!!!

    • rtghjk

      She shouldnt apologize, she clearly dosent know what she did wrong.

    • Sean O

      I’m a chef myself. I think it should be mandatory for all citizens to work in the service industry for at least 6 months, if nothing else to just create some humility and take pieces of shit (like Taylor) of their pretentious pedestals and see how the other half lives- you know the other half that doesn’t have their parents pay for their “Business degree”. What happend to empathy for other people? When did the entitlement of receiving a receipt trump the potential possibility that the cashier might have been busy and forgot? Or maybe the cashier just watched her mother die in a car accident and really wasn’t digging that shift at work. Jesus Christ!

      • Vash

        I worked as a web chat representative for a cell phone company. I had one customer that kept lying to me. First he said his phone was missing, so I offered to suspend (but not terminate the service) the line for him so no one could use his phone that would turn out to be an outrageous bill later on, but if he found the phone we could turn the line back on all for free because it would have been considered stolen until the phone was found and the customer called or chatted back in. Then he changed his story and said a friend was using it and he wanted to track his phone and make sure his friend was ok. After that, my supervisor took over cause I was getting upset that this guy wasn’t being straight with his story. Don’t know the end result for the account though, I was told to go home because it was the end of my shift and I wasn’t very happy with the customer, though I did refrain from saying anything I would regret in the chat. I freakin’ hate Call Centers.

      • Ella

        Even if she had REALLY bad service, like the worst of the worst, there’s no excuse for calling her a “sand n******” and dragging September 11 into it. I don’t even think the expletives are appropriate. It’s DONUTS.

    • nutterned

      Anyone who uses the term bigot is automatically a fem twat loser. Man up or get a beating. You probably speak with a lisp.

    • Danny Mac

      this bitch is so fucking retarded i want to punch myself.

      • Last Titan

        Do it,then post it!!!

    • Gezzer50

      You get your entire order free if you don’t get a receipt? Is that like a major problem for people in the States? Wow, good deal. But anyway.
      What I take away from the posted video is of course that she’s an entitled b@tch. More importantly she (like a lot of others) doesn’t understand that when your wronged by another party and then enter into conflict because of being the injured party you don’t start off at level 10. In this case was she supposed to get the order that she didn’t get the receipt for free, or her next order? Did the manager have to okay the free order? She didn’t take into account that there might of been things beyond her initial servers control due to company/manager policy. Was her problem solved when she returned the next day? Then why the massive hostility?
      I think her sense of moral outrage and personal injury is way out of proportion to the damage she’s suffered. I’ve worked in the service industry for years and I wish I could say this was an isolated case, but it isn’t. Way too many people see service industry workers as a low caste, that deserves the lack of respect and ill treatment just because of the work they do.
      I’ve always wondered when “the customer is always right” became “the customer can be a rude abusive @sshole/b@tch, and the server has to take it or lose their job”? What a F@cked up world we live in.

      • Tusconian

        A lot of places to it to avoid lazy or dishonest cashiers not giving customers proof of their purchase (like, once I was double charged on accident at Burger King, but didn’t realize it until I checked my online bank statement days later because I often don’t get receipts; luckily, I had a friend who worked at that location so no one needed to argue or get in trouble, I just got the extra burger next time I was hungry). And she likely didn’t get her free meal immediately because there wasn’t a manager present, according to other sources. If that’s true, her main complaint should have been “why are a couple of 18 year old cashiers working the store themselves with no manager present?” and the two employees should be wondering that too.

        But yeah, “customer is always right” is abused too much. It’s an attitude meant to imply “don’t be an asshole to the customer for no apparent reason, and cater to their request if it is reasonably possible to accommodate.” The customer is “right” when they want seven lemon wedges with one glass of water, even though that is stupid and a mild inconvenience. The customer is not right when they start screaming, cursing, insulting, throwing things, harassing, or demanding something unreasonable.

      • Gezzer50

        True, then if it was more of a lack of manager on duty problem that should of been one of her main issues. More importantly I think if she had gone in there with a level 1 “Excuse me, I didn’t get my receipt last night, and more importantly my order wasn’t refunded for some reason.” Then the manager apologizes, states the company policy, and corrects the problem. No muss, no fuss. But I think the fuss was what this drama queen wanted. Too bad, so sad, for her that nobody fell for her “big moment” youtube rant, and saw her for who she really is.

    • Jusice
    • Timothy jops

      What a Mormon

      • Jeff

        She’s a mormon? What does religion have to do with this?

    • lovedunkindonuts!

      maybe she is poor and needs the extra food that badly.. jk.. she is just a pathetic piece of trash that gives our country a bad name.

    • jordan

      that girl can go to hell

    • KatieDancer

      Someone ‘pissed’ in her fries? Jeez, what a surprise! Hopefully, she’s about to get a slander lawsuit slap against her, by Nini. What a hateful, hateful, woman. And all of this over a slip of paper she didn’t get in what she called a timely manner — from a doughnut shop. Honey you aren’t buying a luxury car, for god’s sake. The sad thing is, she thinks people will be on her side. Hopefully, this person with a “business degree” (yea, sure) will be fired for her despicable behavior and NEVER get another job in any business sector that receives customers.

      Does anyone have her Fb link? I think she must have taken it down.

    • Sator

      being not american, what the hell crispy bacon has in common with a donut? Don’t tell me you’re… oh GOD, please no, not donuts with bacon.



    • Westley

      Perfect karma: she loses her job because of this video and has to work at that Dunkin’ Donuts

      • Alexa F

        Or it should be her community service if they charge her with terroristic threats. Not getting paid would be better.

    • J.Marie

      She is a bigot and racist. Hope she never works again. If anyone treated me like that at my place of work, I wouldn’t put up with it AT ALL. Those DD employees were much nicer than they should have been to that bitch.

      • Last Titan


    • Anon

      Went about 1/3rd into the video and I already want her dead.

    • Viktoria Michaelis

      There is a certain cake shop recently in the news where her style of advertizing would fit in just perfectly. I don’t think she’ll be working anywhere else anytime soon!

    • http://www.triplepundit.com Nick Aster

      Why in the world would anyone want a receipt anyway? Silly waste of paper … wait.. I’m thinking way too hard here.

    • Bree

      She is obviously an attention whore and wants any kind of attention she can get whether it is negative or positive. And she got it. I bet she is actually quite proud of herself because she is now living her 15 minutes of internet fame.

    • Are you for real

      She may need her lawyer now. To call one before she went on her rant was uh shall I say not necessary. What lawyer would care anyway?

    • SurpriseCarl

      That guy waiting for his order should have been like “STFU BITCH!!!” and then popped her in the face.

      • Last Titan

        And then everyone be hating on him.

      • Alexa F

        He was afraid of her, and he should have been. She’s a ticking time bomb, and clearly coming down from something, with a criminal for a fiancee.

    • sdx76

      Lets counterract some of this negativity. Those guys kept it absolutely cool and composed, when 95% of us would have beaned her with a French cruller or a powdered donut, if we were that angry. Abid states he wants to be a doctor (he’s got the composure for it), lets help jumpstart his education. I started an Indiegogo fundraising campaign here : http://igg.me/at/dunkindonutsracism/x/3609459 Donate 3, 5, 10, or a random act of kindness…please share it on twitter.

    • Brandon Maxwell

      This bitch needs to kill herself.

      • Last Titan

        You need to kill yourself if you think that way about people,fuck man I agree she is a cunt but seriously kill herself?

      • Brandon Maxwell

        Obviously, suicide is rather extreme for being an idiot. I was being facetious.

    • Corwin

      The facebook you have is definitely not the same account she had 2 days ago.

      I would know. I leaked it.

      This was her original extention: facebook.com/taylor.chapman1?fref=ts

      She didn’t have her facebook set to private and people were starting to make comments on her pictures. One of them was on a picture of her and her boyfriend and it said “Oh, do you call him awful names like sand (n-word) too?”, which had 120 likes in an hour after it was commented.

      Also, people were actually paying the dollar fee to send her messages about how awful a person she was.

      The facebook you have is the extension: https://www.facebook.com/taylor.chapman.7796 which is clearly different from the first.

    • Ken

      I did see her old facebook, and obviously she has some real mental issues. Her rationality is as solid as Amanda Bynes’s. Hopefully this public shaming will encourage her friends and family convince her to seek professional help….

      That employee deserves some recognition on not throwing a scalding cup of coffee on the crazy bitch, though

    • dave

      shes a cunt

    • TH

      “I’m going to Mars. It’s a one way ticket”. There is hope. Someone PLEASE get her to the front of the line for that trip!

    • Brendan

      I’d hit it

      • Last Titan

        ……..With a short bus.

    • Talk-about-first-world-probs

      This person is a vapid cunt and I sincerely hope she dies a horrible death and I mean every last word.

    • Warren Albee

      I would pay cash money …ala pay per view for MMA….to see a video of this clearly psychotic female walking into and ordering from Amys Bakery in Scottsdale. The Clash of the Titans, pure Epic Epicness…..it would instantly result in a critical mass of raging hormones and disconnected neurons. Ahhhh. The sights and sounds…A guy can dream, can’t he ?

      • Last Titan

        Your not married are you?

    • Murg

      Hold on, exposing racism?

      I must have missed that part, because all I saw was an extremely convincing case for enforced sterilization.

    • Frosty72

      Yes, exposing racism and raising awareness indeed. Obviously the way to do that most effectively is to call someone a sandnigger. Clearly.

      • Tusconian

        I am now aware that this random chick in Florida has exposed herself as a racist! Baby steps!

    • Chai Tea

      Too bad that there is no make-up to fix ugly on the inside.

    • Capn Obvious

      Heroin is a dangerous drug

      • guest

        My thoughts exactly!

    • Jake

      Lol, who is she friends with on facebook that would even care?

    • Larry

      What a loser and nasty bitch. That’s right I said BITCH! Ugly witch as well.

    • Melissa Odom

      Well done, Mr Adar! You did a wonderful job putting up with that absolutely psycho witch. What’s sad is I hope that she is mentally disturbed or high in that video because the alternative is that there are really people like her in the world who walk around believing they are justified behaving so badly. If she is sick, I hope she gets help. Does anyone know where her parents live? I’d love to send them a copy of her video!

    • Larry


    • Stacy Maddox

      Can you imagine the tirade if she didn’t climax?

    • Ehab the Arab

      What a fucking bitch. Somebody send this stupid whore back to the kitchen where she belongs.

      • Vash

        You would trust her in the kitchen? You are a brave, brave soul.

    • Ohyeah

      This is what happens when you teach your daughter she’s a perfect little princess.

    • metropolitannyc

      principle, not principal.

      just aayin’

    • Duckman33

      Yes, please you stupid cunt. Blow your worthless brains out.

    • N. Bid

      Funniest thing out of all this: the trolls stealing her identity/video to revel in her publicity (and make her look even more of a fool) while she goes dark and into hiding.

    • Marcia Webb

      Aw man, I love crazy chicks that curse at people over fast food. Get a life. No reason to ever talk to anyone that way.

    • SnappyD

      “There are no take-backs in life” — No kidding, you ignorant princess. Congratulations on painting yourself a complete joke for the entire world to see. Enjoy the benefits of THAT for the rest of your life. Hope that iced coffee with extra cream and sugar, and a side of berating another human, all while “under video surveillance” was worth it!

    • Roxane

      She did not want a receipt, she just wanted her food for free. No receipt then your food is free…that is all she was looking for. So sad that she acts like she does. Kudos to Abid Adar for not punching her in the face. I don’t think I could have handled it so professionally.

    • Dee

      This is so crazy, I can’t even wrap my mind around it! Dunkin Donuts didn’t give her a receipt!? So…people make mistakes? WOAH, HOLD UP. That is uncalled for and I would have done the same thing as this twat. In fact, I’d probably make a call to the White House, I mean COME ON, this dumb slut has BUSINESS DEGREE, probably from the finest of all late-night tv commercially advertised colleges, so you know she’s legit and knows about receipts. Plus racial slurs and telling people you’re going to nuke them is the best way to handle a conflict.

    • The BETTER Dave K

      Another super-sized toddler throws a public tantrum and expects kudos for it.

    • RealOnigokko

      This is a fundraiser for the employees she was screaming at.

    • Danny Vee

      Kudos to the employees. You gave her service and did not retaliate. Taylor was clearly out of line. As for Taylor calling Nidhi a dumb Arab and using misconstrued 911 rantings, “Nidhi” is an Indian name with Hindu relational origin. I know most people can’t tell the difference, but yeah… there is one. Please take note that the Indian and Hindu population will not start rioting simply because they’ve gone through tougher dilemmas than handing over a receipt.

      By the way, if someone is going to piss on or in your food, they would have to do it in the back away from sight unless they have a cup of urine ready.

      • Shamooo

        lol thats what I was thinking watching this video.. neither of them look Arab and Nidhi is a clearly Indian name… you can’t expect someone of her caliber to know that though

    • Chad

      She just told me to “fuck off” and called me a “punjab” on facebook. Then proceeded to say she is “one white girl I don’t want to fuck with”. lol

    • Christopher watson

      some one said her work posted something about firing her….any one have the link to the site

    • Ella

      I’ve never even heard the term “sand (n-word).” What a reprehensible woman. Nothing excuses this kind of obscenity-laden rant.

    • Pamela

      Thank you for publicizing this. That woman is an embarrassment. She is filled with hate. The employee is an angel. Really, it is so sad that there are people like this in the world. However, the backlash against her gives me hope that there are nice people around.

    • notdatkindacoke

      I’m sure others have asked the same question – ‘Was it worth it?’ All of that for a free food item? I wonder if she needs mental help.

    • http://blacklionsprofit.com/ The Black Lion

      Damn, I have seen some crazy people during my times but she just takes the biscuit!

    • Alexandra Waters

      Everyone is congratulating the male employee, and yes, he deserves it. But what about that poor girl? The one she was SO horrid to in the last minutes? The one she called a sand ******?!? I REALLY hope they show her some sort of support too.

    • cklowds

      This woman is obviously mentally ill and there really is nothing else more to say.

    • db22

      What a horrible person! She mentioned a boyfriend….who would date her?????

    • Katy Hearne

      She is clearly on Xanax, right? What did she say about a one way ticket to Mars & blowing her world to Mars? I used to have a neighbor that did xanax & she talked about space quite often.
      But my favorite part is that she has a business degree. All announcing that for like… no fucking reason.

    • Lucy Lee

      Taylor Chapman, how lonely is it on your side of the F’n line? What an ignorant, racist, moron you are. I hope you live a very long and lonely life. You’re so deserving of it.

    • Jonah

      What a obnoxious person. She really needs to get a real life.

    • sha_g

      ughhhhh more white trash videos

    • kj

      However, in a much more awesome update, the Dunkin’ Donuts employee who put up with Chapman’s awful behavior so calmly is to be honored by the company. 18-year-old Abid Adar: congratulations on having an incredible amount of composure. We salute you.

      This actually makes me really, really happy. I’m glad Dunkin’ Donuts is recognizing him :)

    • Rachel Warila

      I despise people like her. Nobody wants to hear her awful cursing rant. She sounds like trash, not someone with a degree. What a waste of a life!

    • http://www.photo-fix.com/ Kelly Basden

      I looked up ‘cunt’ in the American Heritage dictionary and it said “See
      Taylor Chapman.” It said nothing else. This ‘woman’ is obviously
      a troll at businesses. Looking for ways to complain any way she can,
      then post it to YouTube or Vimeo and hopefully be seen as a vigilante
      in some manner. What a supreme twit. Her language shot her in the
      foot from the beginning.

    • Sloot-Shamer

      What a slut. Seriously, what a straight up whore. Certain things can be called perverse and this is one of them.

    • Bailey

      I bet she feels foolish now.. hopefully she can learn to be a better person… life is too short to get so upset over something so trival specially when the employee was fixing the error. Maybe we can all learn something from this and be more patience and understanding and kind???

    • Michael Jordan

      What she bought is a ticket to a miserable life. I hope she got a receipt.

    • Unknown

      she screwed herself big time. Search more on the subject and you will see she now was terminated from her job and has closed her facebook etc. Is engaged to some loser with a long criminal records list and can be found on mugshots. Pay backs a bitch!

    • JT

      I think you guys are not understanding what really happened… I think the cashier FORGOT to give the receipt, and she just wants something for FREE. Judging by her character she no doubt was a rude btch and pssed the cashier off.

    • Laura

      This girl is a total idiot, she should never be allowed back into a dunkin doughnuts again, stupid girl

    • Carlos

      Is she related to mark david chapman the guy who killed John Lennon, she certainly looks that disturbed to me

    • jack_sprat2

      Listen up, parents and parents-to-be: Say ‘No!’ to your children, lest this happen.

    • Danielle Judith

      you dumbaszbich! i wish i was there as a customer to put you in check! how dare you go to somone else’s job to show your asz! where do you work so that i can do you the same way! then you had a freudian slip of the tongue and called them a sand nigger? what’s next, the “i’m not predjudice,” speech? best thing you should do is cut off all your hair so that you are unrecognizable.bet you want to get rid of facebook now huh?

    • john

      this chick is a total douche bag. i think the employee should have jizzed on her free doughnuts.