Absurdly Expensive Items Of Clothing I Will Be Making And Selling

ysl jacket

In the past few days, we’ve seen some absurdly expensive items of clothing. Like a $68,000 jacket that was made out of wool. And… had lapels. And shoes made out of gold, because people love walking around in things that are really heavy. Up until this point, I thought I would have to work hard, like Pierpont Morgan, to amass a fortune, but, actually, all I have to do it make one single item of clothing and sell it. These are some ideas. You can let me know which one you would like to buy.

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    • Sean

      I can’t believe you made a joke about wearing one glove, without any obvious reference to Michael Jackson. The man PERFECTED the jewel-encrusted comically expensive single glove, and he made that shit work!

      • Jennifer Wright

        I will attach a plastic glove with it, just for you.

      • Sean

        That would be lovely. Phlegm-yellow please.