Dear HuffPo: Kate Upton Looks The Same Now As She Did At 18 Because She’s 21

Guys, oh my god. GOOD NEWS: We have found the secret to not aging — to looking the same now as you did at 18! Oh, oh, oh dear friends, we shall bottle this secret up and take it with us to the grave. No, wait, Huffington Post is exposing it via Kate Upton‘s seemingly bottomless fountain of youth!

young kate upton age

It’s called “being born in 1992 and therefore turning 21 earlier this week.”

Huffington Post found this to be a big enough story that they wrote a whole piece on how similar she looks now! Part of it reads:

Kate looks pretty much unchanged since the days of this test shot, which is dated June 2010 (just a year before her recently repurposed Victoria’s Secret snaps) and bears an “IMG” scribble, likely referring to the modeling agency that took Upton in.

With her signature pout and long blonde locks, the baby-faced Sports Illustrated stunner looks unmistakable.

Yeah, she looks “pretty much unchanged” because she has pretty much not changed. Shockingly, people’s faces do not actually change that much in a span of three years unless meth is involved. Of course she is unmistakable as being Kate Upton; if you couldn’t tell it was Kate Upton, there would be some serious witchcraft afoot. Or just plastic surgery. Or, again, meth.

Moral of this story: do not ever age past 21 and you will look approximately 18 forever.

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    • Tusconian

      People have weird ideas about what makes someone look like an adult, without considering that in a society where Kate Upton will probably live to be 90, if not 100 or more, there are different staged of being an adult. 21 year olds do not generally pack on baby weight, get wrinkles, have harsh facial features, or mimic harsh facial features with severe makeup the way older women do, or the way younger women did in past eras when 21 year olds were married and having kids and tanning/severe makeup was trendy. And despite expecting 21 year olds to look like they’re 35, people also expect 18 year olds to look and behave like children. I think people were literally expecting Kate Upton to age 20 years in 3.