Crowdsourcing: Are Rompers Acceptable To Wear To Work?

Can you wear rompers to work?

As you may have guessed, I work in an office. I also live in New York which, in the summer, maintains approximately the same conditions as Hades’ “last resort” bathroom. It’s humid, disgusting and despite showering with a plethora of clean water and lovely products, I arrive every day to work looking like I’ve just stepped out of a Nelly video (except in hurr, I cannot take off all my clothes).

As a serious fan of rompers, I’ve been thinking about starting to wear them to work since they keep me cooler than pants, leggings or tights but are, in my opinion, prettier than plain shorts. Except…I don’t think they’re actually all that appropriate, which is odd, since they actually contain more fabric and less potential to show your crotch than, say, a medium-length flow-y dress. I try to avoid wearing those, as they wind up blowing up if a car drives by, if I turn too fast or if I accidentally walk over a subway grate, all of which I’d rather not have to constantly be conscious of.

II realize this depends considerably on the dress code of your work, but ours is fairly relaxed. While we don’t put on in banana costumes made of jersey material or bounce around in Moon Shoes (sad face), we generally wear what you might find appropriate for a casual lunch date with your coworkers: nothing ripped, nothing crazy-short, no sweat pant-type of stuff. There are plenty of people at this office who are absurdly fashionable — for the record, I am not one of them, and I am sorry — but the vibe isn’t all judgmental or pretentious. Then again, I’ve been working from home or on film sets for a long time, and nobody has ever really cared what I wear, so I guess I’m probably a bit clueless.

I wear shorts to work and those are just fine, but I am a bit concerned about rompers and playsuits even though they are essentially just a top and bottom sewn together (or cut from one piece). So, are they appropriate to wear to work? I mean, obviously I wouldn’t be running around in this type of deal, and I would ensure the length and material were office-appropriate, but I suppose I thought it best to ask a crowd before trying it out.

Oh, and the “you’re too old to wear a romper” thing has no point, in case any of those comments were going to crop up; I will remain wearing them until I do not like them, whether or not I choose to take my potentially childish style to work.

Are rompers appropriate to wear at the office?

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    • Carrie Murphy

      My knee-jerk reaction is that rompers at work are an obvious NO, but you actually make a somewhat ok case for them, although I personally would never (ever) wear one to work anywhere. I’ve only worn like…one (?) past my infancy, in fact. I just don’t feel comfortable in them and they’re sliiiiiiightly too juvenile for my tastes.

    • Brianna

      I’ve seen many rompers that are super cute, but I’ve yet to see one that looks work appropriate even in the most relaxed of offices. I work in an office with extremely lax dress code and I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing a romper.

    • Sean

      What does everyone else wear to your office?

    • Samantha

      If it would work as separates, why not? The more structured rompers, like the one in the Zooey Daschanel photo in your link would probably be office appropriate with the right shoes or a jacket or sweater.

      I’ve been trying to find one that I could wear somewhere other than the beach, but my butt is very obtrusive, so shorts of any sort and I don’t get along.

      • anna

        I’m a bit scared I know this but that’s not Zooey Deschanel, it’s Katy Perry.

      • Samantha

        Not in the last link to “How Old is Too Old to Wear a Romper?” It’s Zooey Daschanel. Katy Perry is in the first link.

      • anna

        ah, right you are. I still don’t know why the difference between the two is taking up space in my brain. Surely I could fit something better in the space for celebrity gossip!

      • Samantha

        Possibly, but why sweat it? By that logic, you could also fit something worse. Celebrity gossip could be holding down the fort against some great mental evil, which is downright heroic. (This is just as much justification for my own celebrity gossip headspace…)

      • anna

        Yeah, I normally just think this about anything regarding Avril Lavingne. I don’t need any of her in my brain. I don’t know why she’s up there

    • Eileen

      It would really depend on the romper. I have never seen one that looked work-appropriate for anyone other than a model who is being told to model a romper, but I don’t really like them myself so I’ve never done serious looking. I voted the “nicer” no, but it could always be I just haven’t found a professional enough looking one. Generally, though, I do think it’s a mistake to be the most casually dressed person at the office unless you are also the highest-ranking.

    • MR

      It’s why during the summer, you don’t live there if you can avoid it.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        Alas, I have a job here and I live here.

      • MR

        I mean you have a summer house and go there on the weekends, and also for a couple of full weeks during the summer.

    • anna

      I say yes, of course, but it’s over 100 degrees where I live and I work with small children. So rompers are the easiest way not to have anyone saying I SEE MISS ANNIE’S UNDERWEARS or to die of heat stroke.
      But I would say yes, and I am always the most overdressed person, everywhere. Always. I wore wedding dresses to high school because they were “pretty”.
      I digress. Stick to the romper

    • Alyssa

      It really depends on the romper…I can never find a romper that fits me though…I’m too tall :P

    • lauren

      I say yes because I could never pull off wearing one myself, so I think you should spread the confidence vibe you probably generate when you’re walking the streets of New York wearing your romper.

    • Maria

      The one in the right picture looks office appropriate, maybe in another color though… As a general rule, nothing JLo wears is office (or age) appropriate, so stay away from that look.

    • Elizabeth Licata

      If you can wear shorts, it seems like rompers should be OK.

      But really you should just come join me at the banana costume moon shoe dance party.

    • annabell111

      Rompers are gross. Lena Dunham proved that to us a while ago. GROSS.

    • RM

      Maybe if we start calling them something besides rompers, they will seem less juvenile?

    • RM

      Also, a good rule of thumb I try to follow in these situations is, if I have to ask if something is appropriate, the safest answer is probably no.