This Couple Had A Bacon-Themed Wedding

bacon-themed wedding

Because I am a grumpy love-hater, I do not like themed weddings. Well, I guess I don’t mind them (at least not nearly as much as I hate obnoxious proposals), but I am admittedly perplexed by some of the themes chosen. The ocean or another special place? Also sure. Fairytales? Sure, a little incongruous depending on the story, but sure! Your occupations? Sure, sure, sure. But a bacon-themed wedding? Just straight-up…meat?

Well, that appears to have been the theme for Adrienne Dunvan and Eddie Quinones who were wed in San Diego this weekend. They had won a contest to have a bacon-themed wedding — yes, this is apparently a popular enough dream that it has been made into a contest to attain — and therefore held their ceremony at the Big Bite Bacon Fest.

The pair walked to the alter on a bacon-printed carpet where local radio station Star 94.1 DJ Jesse Lozano officiated their ceremony. Naturally, Quinones wore a bacon boutonniere and Dunvan held a bouquet made of bacon roses, while guests tossed bacon bits (as opposed to rice). Their wedding cake was bacon-themed, there were maple-glazed doughnuts with bacon on them and, I can only assume, half the guests had to be carried away after their previously-healthy veins became spontaneously clogged like somebody shoved Crisco in a pipe.

On the bright side, at least they can finally stop using pesky bacon condoms. From what I hear, you can barely feel the meat with those on.

Photo: Roaring Jellyfish / Flickr

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    • Maggie

      That sounds awful. Sure, bacon is delicious and apparently very trendy, but when you win a wedding that’s already put together, you lose the chance to have an original, memorable wedding that is all your (and your fiances’) own. Have fun explaining those wedding pictures for the rest of your lives!

    • Eddie Q

      The wedding pictures have been posted on Yahoo, ABC, NBC, CBS, Huffington Post, the radio, local channels Maggie! We dont need to explain anything to anyone. How many people have seen your wedding pics Maggie? And by the way, this wedding was amazing, fun, classy and joyous for everyone involved. Our personal input in how this was going to play out was very involved. A traditional wedding in our eyes would have been boring, forgettable, and awful! Sorry, but we are all smiles and those who attended were treated to a very special and outstanding ceremony that wont be forgotten ever!

      • Maggie

        That’s awesome! All the power to you if you and your new wife for enjoying your big day. I truly didn’t mean to offend you, just stating my opinion.

        Congratulations! :)

    • Bambi Rood-Baker

      just what I want dead pig carcass all around me on my special day and the smell ugh