Fashion Disasters: Sarah Palin Is Back, Dressed Worse Than Ever?

Sarah Palin and her husband outside of Fox News Studios

Sarah Palin is back–er, kind of, whatever that means, she’s being photographed again, that is. She and bungling man child husband Todd Palin were spotted outside Fox Studios earlier this week.

Anyway, the much-maligned former governor/common woman cosplayer showed up to Fox in one of the more impressively bad outfits she’s worn in recent years–and this is from a woman who frequently looks like she pulls clothes from the rubble of collapsed malls, and adds $1200 shoes.

…This week she flings together several remarkably disparate pieces to make one incoherent look. Let’s parse!

  • First off, the circa-2001 Paris Hilton sunglasses. Ugly, giant, mirrored, ostentatious–the kind people wear solely to broadcast how much they can spend on sunglasses. Perfect.
  • The inexplicably pink, circa-1998 peasant top
  • The perforated black skirt
  • The awe-inspiringly ugly snakeskin/studded pumps–jury’s still out on whether they’re Louboutins or Valentinos

We’re a bit surprised at the absence of a big handbag covered in designer logos; it appears she’s just carrying the case for her comically hideous Paris Hilton shades. Other than that, this look is all Palin and her big folksy smile–but we do hope she brought a couple of fleece jackets–it gets chilly in those Fox studios!

Excellent posture, though:

Sarah Palin and her husband outside of Fox News Studios(Photos via Wenn)


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    • anna

      OK, I’m sorry. But she defintley got a boob job, right? I noticed that in the thumbnail. Has this been commented on/confirmed?

      • E. D.

        That was my first thought once my initial horror wore off.

      • AKRNC

        Nope, just an extremely overpadded bra. She wears that one when she wants something, according to her autobiography. What she really needs is a personal shopper because this woman can’t put an outfit together on her own that doesn’t look like she got dressed in the dark.

      • gary4205

        Why is it democrats have to lie every time they open their yaps? Having read every book Sarah Palin has written, as well many great books about her, I know for a fact they she has never said, or written that.

        You people are pathetic. And stupid.

      • gary4205

        She’s always been rather well endowed, you moron. They look larger because she’s an incredible petite woman. She runs 5 miles a day to stay lean and mean.

      • KatieAnnieOakley

        Really? Palin – “always well-endowed”? Uh – that’s a great, big NO:

      • gary4205

        Yeah idiot, that’s why she was sporting THIS t-shit in college:

      • Jay

        hey she was super cute! too bad we can’t see her tits because she’s pulling out the shirt :(

      • gary4205

        Here ya go hate filled idiot. Here’s COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF Sarah Palin, in KUWAIT in 2007:

        Here’s another:

        Same trip, different t-shirt, different look:

        Of course no photo collection of Governor Palin in Kuwait is complete without this one:

        This is COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF Sarah Palin back in Alaska in utilities. This is from 2009, and she looks flat chested! Because that’s how utilities fit you:

        All you democrats have is hate and lies, lies and hate. You are pathetic excuses for human beings. Stupidity seems to be your only trait!

      • anna

        No one says she’s not lean and mean, just that her breasts look a whole lot larger and perkier than I’ve ever seen them before. In fact, I’ve never seen them look that way on any human woman naturally.

      • gary4205

        I assume by your screen name you are a woman. I can only assume you are either ignorant, are so incredible filled with hate, your brain quit working.

        I’m no expert on the female breast, but have seen a variety of shapes, sizes and so forth, and I see absolutely nothing wrong with the Governor’s. She’s an attractive woman. Todd is a very lucky guy, for many,many reasons.

        BTW, a “human woman” you really had to be that vile and nasty in you idiotic comment?

        Below are series of photos of Palin I posted in response to the other, well know, Palin hating troll. The first were taken in Kuwait in 2007. The last was in 2009 with the Alaska National Guard. You can see she was the same size boob wise, as she is now. Of course the utilities she was wearing in 2009 make her look flat chested. It’s the clothes.

        Governor Palin wore a lot of business suits when she was in office, and while there are a ton of photos of her working the commercial fishing business, the waders she wore hide everything!

        What’s really sad, and pathetic, is for all the hate I see here, which is typical for liberals, not one of you cares to talk about Palin’s exceptional career as Alaska’s best Mayor, top oil and gas regulator, America’s best Governor, NY Times best selling author-twice, TV producer, or political powerhouse.

        God forbid any of you actually talk policy, or the fact that she’s been right about every mistake Obama has made, and has called him out usually months, or in the case of quantitative easing, years, before the rest of the bunch realized Obama was screwing up!

        Maybe if you democrats would spend less effort hating, and more effort paying attention to what matters, you’d realize that Sarah Palin is our best hope to save this country.

        You could start here by learning just how good she is, and what she accomplished as Governor:

      • anna

        No one’s insulting her. Just saying her boobs are perkier.

      • gary4205

        Yeah filthy hate filled democrat you were as insulting as it gets calling her a “human woman”

        Evidently you are one of those hairy-legged, hairy arm-pitted hippy democrats that bathe once a week and never wear a bra. You’re either flat chested or they hand towards the floor. You OBVIOUSLY have no idea how bras work, and how different bras do different things. Hell I’m a guy and no more about boobs than you do!

        I wouldn’t exactly call Palin’s “perky” more well rounded, as a mature mother would have.

        Again, there are tons of photos of her going back the 1970s. Not much difference.

        Face it, like all liberals you are so full of hate, your mind no longer functions.

      • sabrina

        Wait, so she is a human or not a human? I’m confused by your points as I’m a woman
        Human boobs or not human?

      • mike

        Hmm, I like to think I’m a boob connoisseur, but Ms. Palin’s look more lovely lately. Much fuller and juicier. I think she just switched to a push up bra. She looks like a C now, as opposed to a B before, most woman wouldn’t go up just a cup size if going under the knife.

    • Maria

      This is the epitome of tackyness. I also noticed the weird boob situation, but that might just be one of these epically padded bras that feel like you’re strapping another set of breasts to your chest.

      • gary4205

        She’s a mother of five moron, the boobs get quite a work out during 5 pregnancies. God, all you liberals know is hate.

      • Bootsy

        Yeah – a mother of 4 – Trig isn’t hers – that’s why she had to strap on those fake titties – her real ones get tucked in her skirt. Even a conservative can see that! DUH!

      • gary4205

        Oh look, an other idiot Trig Truther. Stupid is thy name!

        You hate filled democrats are so diseased your minds have gone dead.

        BTW, few children with Downs Syndrome are born to healthy 18 year olds. Children with Downs are almost exclusively born to older mothers, like Sarah Palin.

        I know democrats are anti-science, and certainly allergic to facts, but you might try it out some times.

        Stupid, ignorant, and democrat is no way to go through life.

      • Patrick – Politicalgates

        That absolutely true, Trig isn’t her child. Which actually is a well-know fact in Alaska.

    • EnigMaa

      cheap floozy in her kMart gear!

    • KarenJ

      Don’t you wonder what Sarah and the guy next to her are looking at? Whatever it is — a hot dog dropped on the sidewalk, a homeless guy, her husband Todd — it’s got Sarah drooling with her tongue hanging out.

    • drpatois

      Those are neither Louboutin or Valentino. Like $arah, they are rip-offs.

    • disqusux

      She looked so funny walking on her toes.

    • gary4205

      Yawn …. another hate spewing liberal who is jealous of Sarah Palin. I bet Ashley has a mustache! You losers are so predicable, and so tedious.

    • KatieAnnieOakley

      You gonna believe what Palin said, or your lyin’ eyes? Palin faked her last pregnancy!

      • gary4205

        You Trig truther idiots are stupider than the Hillary Clinton supporter who started the whole “Obama was born in Kenya” nonsense. Phillip Berg one of Clinton’s big supporters started the entire Obama birth certificate lunacy.

        BTW moron, if Trig is really Bristol’s how do you count for the fact that she had HER OWN son Tripp just a few months after Trig was born? Do we need to explain basic science to you? Don’t answer, you’re a democrat, so you hate science anyway.

        You idiotic democrat, Bristol would have almost had to have gotten pregnant with Tripp in the DELIVERY ROOM while giving birth to Trig, if your moronic nonsense was true!

        I know democrats are ignorant, and well, stupid to the point of criminality, but haw stupid can you loons really get?

        Oh, and the “media” hates Palin almost as much as freaks like you do. IF there was any thing to your idiotic notion, they would have found it out.

        Now go away stupid hate filled democrat.

      • Bootsy

        You must be an old man and a republican! You’re her target audience! Keep drinking her Wasilla-made kool-aid you old hillbilly!

      • gary4205

        I’m a man and proud of it. I’m also an independent. Sarah Palin’s target audience is America.

        BTW, have followed Governor Palin’s career since long before she was chosen to run for VP. Unlike you, I’m an informed human being. You are nothing but an incredibly ignorant, hate filled democrat.

        Enjoy wallowing in the sewer.

      • Sarah

        Yeah, people need to do the math on that one. Makes no sense to say Trig is her grandchild, the math doesn’t. add up.- a democrat who can count

      • Eileen

        It’s not a medical impossibility. Every pregnancy is a little different. I’ve seen women look completely not pregnant up until a month before they deliver ten-pound babies.

      • KatieAnnieOakley

        Yes, it is.

        If she had actually done what she says, she would have been a case for the medical journals; scientists from all over the world would have flown to Alaska to study this anomaly of pregnancy, Here, this explains better:

    • RM

      So, I hate to say this, because 1. I can’t stand Sarah Palin and 2. her clothing IS tacky but: you just also ran (or linked to?) a piece complaining that all anyone focused on about Michelle Obama was her hair. I feel like we are doing the same for Palin here. I mean, we certainly have enough to make fun of in her political statements, right Actually I think this could make for a very worthy discussion–we get up in arms when it’s someone we like, but someone we disagree with is fair game to focus on her fashion?

    • Silversurfer

      your spewing a lot of hate here Ashley

    • KatieAnnieOakley

      You gonna believe Palin – or your lyin’ eyes?

    • CalVet

      She looks and thinks better than all you liberal skanks.