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Poll: Is The Side Braids Trend Awful Or Awesome?

cornrows side braids trend

When it comes to hating things, I admittedly tend to have fairly polarized views. For example, when I see somebody wearing an article of clothing with a peplum, I gag a little bit because I think they are horrible. On the other hand, when I witness a bright, well-fitted suit, I practically cry tears of joyous approval (not that anyone cares about my approval, but still — the thoughts/tears are there). Side cornrows/braids seem to have a similar effect on me as the peplums almost every time I see celebrities donning them for the red carpet.

Obviously, cornrows and side braids themselves have been around for ages, but now, apparently styling across one part of a person’s head is now a red carpet trend. As you can see above, celebrities like Khloe KardashianJennifer Aniston and Carmen Electra have been sporting this look at a range of events: a beauty line launch, the Spike Guys Choice Awards and Coachella, respectively.

I feel like side cornrows are some stars’ attempt of looking “edgy” without doing anything actually…interesting. A while back, Jen wrote a brief guide for Kim Kardashian‘s own decision to sport cornrows, and I think many of us agreed that they were simply not, uh, for her. Perhaps it’s the fact that HuffPo called the look “Skrillex-inspired” that triggered my acid reflux, as well, but I think I would dislike these styles regardless.

I don’t hate cornrows themselves whatsoever; I think it is the asymmetrical nature of these looks, and the way they’re always paired with flow-y locks on the other side, that reminds me so much of when kids in my elementary school would come home from cruises to the Bahamas and pretend they had an accent. It’s one of the few things I think fits well with, say, Ke$ha, but not so much for the rest of them. But as I’ve said many times, hey, I am only an authority on my own silly taste in stuff. Tell us what you think!

Are side braids/cornrows on celebrities awesome or awful?

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  • kj

    Whatevs. Shakira did it first in 2009, and rocked it. As far as I’m concerned, Shakira can do no wrong. (Even when it is clearly wrong, a la “She Wolf” video.