Tom Ford’s Newest Project Is Especially For The Guys (And It’s Not Clothes!)

Tom Ford for men

Recently, we reported on the rising custom of men wearing makeup and using beauty products. An area of grooming that used to be taboo for the male crowd is now a-okay, which is excellent for gender equality and, naturally, excellent for those who create cosmetic products, as well. So, which key players are buying into the game? Well, one of the first big names is Tom Ford – an excellent figure to get the trend rolling faster.

This fall, Ford will be releasing a line especially for male customers who wish to receive similar care as females have had readily available for years. Tom Ford for Men will reportedly be comprised of concealer, eye treatment, purifying mud mask, face cleanser, moisturizer, fragrances and bronzing gel. Sounds snazzy, right?

While I think that unisex beauty products make sense (personally, for me, as I am really only an authority on my own taste in stuff), I also fully realize that many people feel instinctually opposed to items that may be more marketed toward other genders. For example, even though I know I don’t like all women’s perfumes, and I do enjoy many men’s colognes, I automatically walk to the women’s section of fragrances and sniff all of those rather than investigating the men’s right away.

In the future, hopefully more men will feel like the products they’ve (perhaps) wanted to use for a long time are now more “acceptable,” or at least more available, and will not deter themselves as unquestioningly.

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    • Sean

      Ok, as a guy who constantly reads a women’s fashion and lifestyle e-zine, I’m sure it’ll come as a huge shock that I already use this stuff. However, my key contribution is my discovery that the “for men” lines (such as the one by Clinique) is pretty much just a gimmick. They’re the same basic formulations in a manly, dark grey bottle. Lord knows we would never buy anything in a lime green bottle, it’s got to be in a gunmetal grey bottle.

      Anyways, my original point – Tom Ford missed this ship when it set sail last year from Dovetown and Clinique village.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        Haha, I am glad you like Clinique! I have always had such good luck with them and my skin.

      • Sean

        Their dark spot corrector is wonderful. I tend to bruise easily from breakouts, and it keeps me from scarring. Used very sparingly, it also makes a great moisturizer.

        I also keep their under eye roller in my desk for mornings when I don’t want people in the office to know I left the pub like 5 hours ago.