Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Have Named Their Daughter Something Hilarious


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I know that we’ve been joking about whether or not Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s baby would be named Kimye, or if it would have a different name that started with a K. For instance, “Klassy.” Klassy Kardashian had a great ring to it.

Hahahaha, no.

No, it’s so much better than that.

They named their daughter “North.”

Which… some people love the arctic tundra. If Werner Herzog had a kid, I would not be in the least surprised to find that he’d named it “North.” However, this is fantastic in this particular situation, because it means that her full name, coupled with her father’s name, is North West.

I mean, this could have been slightly worse. According to Fox News:

In March, Kardashian denied rumors that North was a name option during an appearance on The Tonight Show.

“I like Easton. Easton West. I think that’s cute,” she said at the time.

Ugh, no, not cute, not really. Not cute because you don’t name your child as you would name a whimsical summer house. You don’t go around naming them Upson Downs or whatever else you call your vacation home.

I mean, to be fair, I was going to say that’s because the kid will get teased at school, but having Kanye and Kim as parents probably guarantees that North West will not get teased at school. Or they will, but it will be by weird kids with enormous glasses who will grow up to be bloggers, so it’ll be fine.

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    • Lauren

      Part of me wonders if they hadn’t thought of North until it was out in the media. Since the media is their golden idol I think they decided they had no other choice.

      “You’re not losing a daughter… you’re gaining a patio.”

    • Fabel

      Why is not spelled Knorth

    • Cee

      I like how they are saying that they are going to call her Nori to make it short…its ONE letter shorter! You can’t make it that much shorter because it is already short! The short name should be No…like “No you didn’t give me that stupid name!”

      • Nancy

        LOL!! Right? Nori is longer to speak because it’s two syllables! Krazy Kardashians

      • anna

        Everyone calls me Annie, which is technically longer than my name. Never understood it when my parents said Annie, Short for Anna

    • cec

      No one is going to tease a very rich, probably very attractive kid. Names don’t mean what they used to. This kid is going to have everything it wants, and it’s name will never impact her life. She’ll have amazing connections and any job she wants. Let’s stop teasing this poor baby and just be happy for the parents.

    • jacaline

      I actually totally love this name. I think I am alone.