Heroin Chic Is Back!

"Heroin chic" Saint Laurent resort campaign starring Sasha P

Hedi Slimane never met a tired idea he didn’t like–sure, we were surprised when he changed YSL’s name to Saint Laurent Paris–but he’s yet to send a single new concept down the Saint Laurent runway. Goth boho? Grunge? The campaigns have been similarly reliant on the appeal of other people (“cool, alt musicians”). Last of all, he’s taken to pricing things with a goddamn roulette wheel.

Naturally, the fashion world salivates over his every move.

Seeing as how Hedi’s whole direction for Saint Laurent is “very thin people in very expensive clothes, shot in black and white; some of them were in bands” it should come as no surprise he’s decided to revive heroin chic.

Yes, the man who (allegedly!) lived off baby food because he “didn’t like to do a lot of digesting” shot Sasha Pivovarova for the Resort ’14 collection in the style of Calvin Klein‘s iconic “heroin kids” ads.

Stringy, dirty hair and all:

"Heroin chic" Saint Laurent resort campaign starring Sasha PCareful–there’s some fashion nipple down below.

"Heroin chic" Saint Laurent resort campaign starring Sasha PGreat. No one missed it but it’s all going to come back round again.

…We are, however, psyched to see Sasha P return after having that baby.

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    • Tania

      It is photoshop that makes her hips look almost as narrow as her head, or does she really have hips that narrow? I can’t even tell any longer.

      • Landry

        as someone who has her body type, and very narrow, basically non-existent hips, it might not be photoshop

      • Tania

        It’s kind of sad that you can’t really be sure anymore, though. Women come in all sizes, but Photoshop has made it so that you can’t even tell who’s real and who isn’t.

    • http://www.facebook.com/daniella.sloane Daniella Sloane Alberts

      no thanks.
      been there, done that. yawn.
      health & fitness is the new drugs & rock’n'roll.


      looking like junkie is so 2000.

    • Evil Stepmom

      It went away?