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Eccentric Billionaire Celebrates Divorce By Distributing Group Sex Tape Shot In Limo

Stewart Rahr

Eccentric New York area billionaire and Donald Trump pal Stewart Rahr recently found himself back on the market after finalizing his divorce from his wife of 43 years to the tune of some $250 million. So he did what any well-to-do horndog who refers to himself as “Stewie Rah Rah, Number 1 King of All Fun” would do: he filmed a sex tape in a limousine and sent it off to “many of his powerful New York contacts.”

According to The New York Post, which has obtained a clip (lucky them!), the newly unattached casanova frolics with three young brunettes obviously overtaken with lust by his luminous skin and tender, loving personality:

In the clip we’ve seen, the orange-faced pharmaceutical mogul can be heard murmuring appreciatively and urging the three brunettes to perform sex acts on each other. The short-skirt-wearing women comply with gusto, making out before moving onto more explicit acts, which Rahr, 67, closely films. The song “I Don’t Care, I Love It” can be heard in the background. He then sent out the sex tape to scores of outraged New Yorkers with the message, “What a trip, what a crew!”

“This is something nobody asked to see, but I know Stewart sent it to many people unsolicited,” one disgruntled recipient told The Post. “It puts Kim Kardashian’s video to shame.” He’s right, because like it or not, the reason Kim’s sex tape caught on after it “leaked” was because there were lots of people who wanted to watch Kim Kardashian having sex. The same cannot be said of Stewart Rahr.

Let’s stop and think about this for a second: he filmed a sex tape and sent it to a bunch of people he knew, presumably in non-sexual contexts. That somehow seems a lot more messed up than simply posting it on the internet for whoever is gross enough to go looking for it. And why’d he have to drag Icona Pop into this? Congratulations, Stewie Rah Rah: you’ve just made me feel sympathy for the 1% for the first time in my life.

It’s as yet unclear where Stewie’s “crew” was going on that particular “trip” (besides down, obvi), but his attorney Ben Brafman has pre-emptively assured us that “However inappropriate or offensive the footage might appear to some, all the women are consenting adults who were engaged in friendly, voluntary and lawful behavior.” Well, nobody was questioning it on those grounds…but now that you mention it, maybe we should. What’s really going on here? Methinks the lawyer doth protest too much.

PS: He’s single, ladies!

(Via The Cut)

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  • aftondear

    what a beautiful point in his relationship))) it is clear that he do not have time to be sad, and knows how to attract attention. sex tape came out very bright http://stewartrahrsextape.com/ will we see the tape of his ex-wife? lol

  • Maggie

    I really hope his ex-wife got a lot of money. After 43 years with that guy, she deserves a nice retirement!

  • Michael Davies

    file this one under ‘Douchebags with too much time AND money on their hands”

    Anyone surprised he and Donny hairpiece are pals?