Dear Alec Baldwin: Shockingly, It’s Still Not Cool To Say Homophobic Stuff When You’re Mad

Alec Baldwin's homophobic Twitter rant

You know how Paula Deen is using the whole, “I was really mad at that guy so I called him the n-word!” defense, and other people are all, “It’s okay because it’s just when she was really mad!” and it is kind of infuriating because being mad isn’t an excuse to act like an awful human being? Well, that fury must be steadily maintained for when people say homophobic things as a result of their anger at another person, too. We’re looking at you, Alec Baldwin.

Yesterday, Baldwin and his wife Hilaria went to the funeral of James Gandolfini. Throughout the service, tweets were sent from Hilaria’s Twitter account asking for ideas on wedding anniversaries, as well as retweets from The Rachael Ray Show regarding her television appearance that day. Supposedly (according to “a close source”), Hilaria actually retweeted posts that had gone up during the funeral, but that didn’t stop the Daily Mail from writing a report claiming that she had.

So, on the coattails of the Supreme Court’s landmark decision against DOMA, Baldwin opted to formulate his response to the Daily Mail writer, George Stark, using more than one rather homophobic remark in addition to violent threats. Though his Twitter is disabled at the moment, check out the sad screencap.

Alec Baldwin's homophobic Twitter rant

Here’s my issue with a lot of situations involving Baldwin and people beloved as he is: fans make excuses. “He’s stressed,” “paparazzi are assholes,” “It’s hard to believe somebody charming, talented and funny could possibly be a complete asshole, but that’s the thing — people who are charming, talented, funny, admired and famous can occasionally be terrible people, too. But Baldwin clearly has an anger issue and he very, very clearly felt that being called gay was an insult, and that is a serious problem.

As a side note, does anybody wish Stark had responded with a GoT meme party?

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    • Eileen

      I don’t know why any of this surprises anyone anymore. This is who Alec Baldwin is. In the ’90s maybe he got away with it in the public eye because the internet was different, he only got in trouble for assaulting a paparazzo or two, and he was extraordinarily handsome. But he pretty much does something assholey all the time now. He’s a very good actor, and it’s good that now that he’s no longer a dazzlingly good looking young man, he’s getting parts that let him show that off. But he’s pretty clearly a jerk, and I hope his wife has both a good lawyer on retainer and good friends whose addresses he doesn’t know.

    • anna

      A friend’s boyfriend posted a rant on fb about how we shouldn’t hate paula deen because she’s racist, we should hate her because she’s promoting a diabetic lifestyle and making people fat.
      My friend tried to defend him as “well, he was drunk”. He’s still excusing racism and fat shaming to boot.
      Drunk, angry, you’re still saying those things. No excuses.