Party Favors: Neither One Nor the Other

Mx. Justin Vivian Bond keeps moving forward. -Flavorwire

This 12-year-old faced down a pedophile and stayed cool as a damn cucumber.  -BUST

So The Pill won’t give you bigger breasts, just nausea and headaches. -The Frisky

The staggering, uniquely American cost of having a baby. -The Hairpin

BREAKING: Celebrities and their dogs are cute.  -ET Online

Star Wars and ten other movies to teach you a thing or two. – Tribeca

Want to look like your favorite duchess Kate Middleton?  -The Stir

How to keep your relationship in tact when you first move in together.  -YourTango

One woman’s story of being raised by a gay father in the 1970s. -Slate

Trying Chinese herbal sex medicines because…science? Science! -Double X

Brain zaps to simulate beer goggles? Will I also wind up zap-texting my ex? -Ladyish

Check out Rosario Dawson‘s baller new haircut. -Betty Confidential

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