Men Hate Your Wedges (Time To Change Everything)

Woman in wedge heels

Probably a lesbian.

Women may think they dress for themselves, but they should stop being so delusional (all that probiotic yogurt is clogging up the reasonable faculties).

Ladies: you’re all straight, you’re all pathologically insecure, and you all select shoes based on what straight men will think makes you more fuckable. Which is to say, put down the espadrilles, girl!

In a deeply useless survey conducted by CouponCodes4u–a real website conducting real surveys–non-scientists discovered that straight men hate your wedges. The site polled 2,103 American men aged 18 and over, “all of whom were currently in a relationship” (so they’re experts on how women should look?).


Respondents were initially asked if they ever noticed what type of shoes their partner wore, to which 79% said they did; while 12% admitted they only noticed ‘sometimes’.

When asked whether or not they would prefer to choose what type of shoes their partner wore outside of the house, 43% said they would, while the majority, 52%, said they wanted their partner to choose her own personal style. 5% admitted it depended on the event and situation. Furthermore, only 41% of men said that their partner had good taste when it came to personal shoe style, while 59% disagreed.

These men sound like dicks.

Anyway, when asked what styles they found least attractive, the following  Definitive List of Unfuckable Troll shoes emerged (and make sure to add “wearing any of these” to our list of Things Women Do That Cause Divorce):

1. Wedge shoes- 71%
2. Uggs- 67%
3. Crocs- 63%
4. Platforms- 58%
5. Flip flops- 55%
6. Moccasins- 49%
7. Mary Janes- 42%
8. Ballet shoes- 37%
9. Kitten heels- 34%
10. Sneakers- 25%

So, go into your closet, ladies, and burn… everything except stilettos? Sorry that you thought sneakers, ballet flats and moccasins were acceptable.

Burn them all. Burn them to the ground.

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    • Fabel

      One time I went out with my friend & her coworkers—older-than-us, thought-they-were-fancy guys—& they started checking out our shoes under the table (???). The one guy was aggressively complimenting my shoes (“Now THOSE are nice shoes!”) until he saw that they were actually wedges, not stilettos. I think I stopped wearing wedges after that for a while (I was like 20, okay?)

      Moral of the story: it’s only okay to base your style decisions on what men like when you’re 20, & too dumb to realize you’re being dumb. AKA this survey is dumb.

      • Joseph

        I hate wedges too but then the woman wears what she wants. However, the style I hate most are those “floozy shoes” the stiletto with the platform, I see the “ladies of the night” wear them and I hate those styles period. I like a nice 2 inch pump on a woman.

      • Feral N Hungry, Esq.

        I want to upvote this like a dozen times.

    • Candace

      I’d be curious if the poll showed pictures of the styles or names. Most guys I know wouldn’t know what a “wedge shoe” means, and it sounds like a salad.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I considered that, too–I know plenty of men who couldn’t pick a Mary Jane out of a line up.

      • cmichelle

        I would guess it was one of those surveys that arrives in the mail with several bulleted selections and instructions to choose up to three. Definitely leaves a lot up to the survey responders’ individual associations.

      • Tusconian

        Really. I feel like most guys I know understand exactly 3 types of women’s shoes: gym shoes (anything close-toed and practical that you could theoretically run in if chased by a lion), flip flops (all sandals), and stilettos (all shoes with a heel of any width more than a quarter inch high).

      • Scarlet

        Sounds like the men I know. And I like them that way. Of course, then there’s the over-the-top-gody hooker shoes. Most of the guys I know actually DON’T like those. And that’s a relief.

      • Feral N Hungry, Esq.

        There’s a time and a place for everything, and gaudy hooker shoes are like lingirie – they look great, but don’t really work to well for running from (or fending off) lions.

      • hanif

        yeah like most women probably wouldn’t know the differences between derby and oxford shoes, between boat shoes and driving shoes, between goodyearwelted construction and blake stitch construction shoes, or calfskin leather and shell cordovan leather shoes.

      • x_anima

        I know what all of those are.. but I don’t think I’m typical in that.

      • Joseph

        I’m a masculine man and I’m not at all ignorant on the styles of the woman. I still hate wedges and those ugly stilettos with platform they remind me of something that a floozy would wear……….

      • lastango

        Quite so. Platform stilettos are an abomination.

      • Amanda

        All I wear are 5 inch platform stilettos & I’ve been in a relationship with the same man for 5 years straight. Quite the floozy I am.

      • x_anima

        He said “reminds him of..”. Are you really going to say that the typical person wearing 5 inch stilettos isn’t a hooker or stripper? Just because you’re not one doesn’t mean when most people see a woman in 5 in stilettos they don’t think “stripper” (of the shoes, not of you), because they do, because 5in stilettos were made for.. strippers. If you can rock em, then kudos to you. but don’t take offense where none was given.

      • Feral N Hungry, Esq.

        I personally LIKE “floozy” fashion; especially a Marcel wave and one of those fringe dresses – really shows off the gams, and allows good range of motion if you need to whip out a tommy gun.

    • Sean

      Mary Janes made the list? What’s wrong with Mary Janes?!?!? They’re deliciously retro!

      • Lastango

        And deliciously, totally hot+naughty.

        Not every single style, natch — every once in a while a designer proves it’s possible to screw up even something so classically appealing as an MJ (like taking a bad photo of Sigourney Weaver, it CAN be done) — but most of the time a Mary Jane pulses with enticement.

      • Sean

        Well thank you ever so much Steve, now it just sounds pervy.

      • Lastango

        Tasteful, enduring style naturally seems to have something subtly erotic about it. I recall when a noted designer said that fashion “is about the body”. It’s there somewhere, adding to the allure. The classically-cut trench coat is an example; it’s just plain sexy.

      • Gaunt

        I have no idea what Mary Janes are, and I’m pretty sure most other men don’t either. It was probably just something other than uggs and crocs to put down (as the survey was likely a “pick three you like and three you don’t like” sort of format).

    • MammaSweetpea

      Are women ever subjected to stupid polls about men’s hair/clothing/bodies etc? This is why I avoid people holding clipboards: I can sense an poll-taking coming on.

      • hanif

        well women do it all the time. You said men who shaved are douchebags, men who lift weights are asshole, you critics our fashion all the time

      • MammaSweetpea

        Ummmm, I never said that, and I personally don’t think that. I think you’re aiming this at someone else.

      • hanif

        maybe you never said that, but other women said it all the time.

      • x_anima

        You seen to be leaving a lot of comments talking about all these ” women” who criticize men, etc while making completely strange assumptions.. are you sure it isn’t just you and the ” women” you’ve been with? Get a grip.

      • hanif

        and you think women dont leave a lot of comments about all these “men” ? Get a grip

      • JLH1986

        Other women say all sorts of crazy shit, hell Rihanna said “I think I’ll date the dbag that punched me in the face repeatedly”. That doesn’t mean that we all think that way. You seem to be overgeneralizing. Probably based on the women you know, find less superficial dingy women.

      • Feral N Hungry, Esq.

        JLH1986, I like the way you think.

      • Feral N Hungry, Esq.

        It’s more the black and white nature of what you say that’s setting them off, I think. It is true, as you said, that many women find speedos hilariously gross. But it is also true that there are some few (very few) women out there who go for them like nothing else; there’s a range. That’s part of why she commented on this poll; it is terrible science and tells you nothing useful.

    • cmichelle

      I guess I should just stop wearing shoes in general to avoid offending my poor husband’s sensibilities. Then I can get some awesome hobbit feet from walking barefoot everywhere, which will be super attractive. I will run the risk of not being provided service in businesses, but it’s a small price to pay.

      I want to know whether or not having a shoe that overlaps categories makes it more or less attractive. When I was in high school (late ’90s), those god-awful platform wedge flip flops made of foam were everywhere. I cringe when I see them in stores now.

      • Feral N Hungry, Esq.

        In all honesty, I suspect most guys have a few types they like and several they don’t, thus the wide range of types of hating.

    • Sally Strange

      I hate it when guys wear cargo shorts. Somebody needs to inform men of this important fact.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Reasonable people everywhere hate cargo shorts!

      • Lastango

        Can you be more specific please? Is it because they are often overdone, with camo pattern and waaay too many big pockets? Or because they are too long and you want to see some thigh?

        Be assured the men want to please you, but they need more info and direction.

      • Sean

        Lastango doesn’t speak for all of us. If I’m wearing cargo shorts I have something to do that will probably get me dirty and/or I’m camping. In neither of those situations am I looking to please anyone.

        Nothing personal Sally.

      • Joseph

        Then you have a personal problem, no one tells me what to wear or what not to wear. I dress to please myself…. if you like it that’s just icing on the cake but if not I’m not changing my attire because of your opinion.

      • feex3

        She was being sarcastic

      • Feral N Hungry, Esq.

        They are comfy and completely relaxed. Cargo shorts are the espadrilles of the pants world.

      • Gaunt

        As a guy I have to agree. But then, I hate wearing shorts or seeing shorts on other guys in general, not just cargo shorts…

      • Evie

        What would you rather see them in, jeans shorts? Athletic shorts? Or are you just one of those fogeys who thinks men shouldn’t wear shorts at all?

    • Eileen

      Wait, wedges beat crocs and uggs? Sneakers made the list because I’m not supposed to go to the gym or do anything athletic, and flip-flops because I’m not supposed to go to the beach or pool?

      I blame the people conducting the survey, though, because anyone who thinks women are really concerned with what men think of our shoes is the real bad guy.

      • hanif

        well women always tell us they dont like muscular guys, but us men dont go to gym for women. So both gender do it

      • x_anima

        If you’re going to the gym not to be healthy, fit, active, limber, and have stamina, for yourself, and only doing it to “look good to women” then maybe you should get your own life and priorities and stop revolving around women ( who have obviously told you what they want, and your doing the opposite?).

      • hanif

        well I said it before, I go to gym NOT to look good for women. I build my body for myself.

      • hanif

        and women said it all the time that men go to gym are douchebags because they want to show their body to women? Well fuck that

      • Michelle

        There’s nothing wrong with taking pride in your body and wanting to show it to women. Guys who work out have a bad reputation as being steroid pumped aggressive freaks, BUT it’s not right to judge any group by the actions of a few.

      • Eileen

        I don’t have a problem with the men who took part in this poll – sometimes it’s easier just to fill out a survey than to fend off telemarketers. I have a problem with a media that thinks that women (or men) want aggregated data about the kind of shoes that surveyed men (or women) prefer.

      • Georgette

        I was surprised there too!

        I can only imagine they took a bunch of guys into a lab, placed all of these shoes in front of them, and asked which ones they would play with.

      • cypresstex

        TRUE !!! i’m a very femine married woman – i like to dress in comfy outfits – cute flip flop/ sandals/ and sneakers to the gym/a walk around the blocks…i don’t live or goes by any fashion do/don’t lists. Very unrealistic – you go to Vegas for vacations – women dress different there and it’s GREAT – i love it , but when you get back to your normal daily life … decides for yourself

    • Samantha

      Since they’re not on the list, that makes my Vibrams Five Fingers total man-magnets, right?

      • Gaunt

        Totally. Perfect for a rock-climbing date.

    • Cee

      Fuck them! We hate when they give us fashion advice. When they can take on wearing heels, particularly the heels they want us to wear, then we will talk.

      • hanif

        fuck you too. We also hate when women give us fashion advice. Men knows more about men fashion than women

      • x_anima

        Same goes both ways. However, most guys base their opinion of a wardrobe based on sex and attractiveness, whereas women just usually prefer a bit of class. I’ve had plenty of men tell me they have no real clue how to dress themselves, but women are raised thinking about fashion and men are not, so it’s not really a fair comparison anyway.

      • Cee And shhhh

      • hanif

        Uh..yes. Men knows more about menswear then women.Suits, shirts, trousers, shoes, men dont need women advice about those, men knows better

      • Cee

        Where are the million of articles of what men should wear for women? Unless you are in a men’s magazine site, and even then it is rare, there are many sites telling a woman what she should wear or do to impress a man and polls of what men like on women. THAT is the problem. It is not what YOU know about suits. The fuck did that come from? The problem men constantly telling women what to do to get them to like them. Polls like these are stupid because men shouldn’t be telling women what to wear, particularly if its uncomfortable and should realize that we like what we like and that for the most part, we like comfort just as much as men.

        Buuut…I’m almost sure this is going in one ear and out the other. One eye, out the other? From the looks of this you are taking this post quite personal, dude. Relax! Its the weekend!

      • hanif

        Ummm there are million of articles written by women about how they hate seeing men wearing skinny jeans, shorts, and speedos. And do you think those women dont think men wear those to impress women? I know plenty of women who think like that. Big news, men who wear skinny jeans dont give a fuck if many women dont like it

      • Michelle

        Thanks, Mister Voice of an Entire Gender!

      • Feral N Hungry, Esq.

        The survey is about as lame as humanly possible. Wear what makes you feel the way you want to feel. If you feel sexy in a zombie costume, there is some (presumably very lonely) guy/girl/open-poly-family out there waiting for you to show up and knock their socks off.

    • LynnKell

      Please, most men only notice two types of shoes: heels and not heels depending on how tall we look and how fast we complain because our feet hurt.

      I’ve been complimented by men regarding my shoes, but for the love of Dior, none of them could tell the name of the style. This study is so stupid because is another way to make women feel insecure about ANOTHER thing with their looks.

      • Feral N Hungry, Esq.

        Seriously, you should write a fashion blog. “Chill, girls, he’ll get hot for YOU, not your clothes. He’s rather see you out of them anyway. Wear what makes you feel good. Now here’s what makes ME feel good..”

        I’d send every woman I know to it.

    • Lerie

      This is funny because this very topic came up recently at my work. I work in a women’s clothing boutique in the Netherlands and a woman was trying on a pair of summer wedges. Her boyfriend (husband?) said to in Dutch as I passed within earshot, “All men hate wedges.” I stopped and laughed and said, “Really??” and he said, “Yes, it’s true!” Haha

      Kitten heels should have been #1 though. *shudder*

    • Charmless

      I think Crocs, UGGs, and flip-flops are completely unacceptable footwear to have on in public for more than 15 minutes (i.e. you’re allowed to “run to the store” in them, but you are not allowed to go on a planned outing in them). They’re comfortable? I don’t care. So are a thousand other styles of shoes that don’t make me want to set your feet on fire. Also, I only recently learned how much UGG-brand UGGs actually cost. You’re paying triple digits for those abominations?

      But you’ll pry my mary jane wedges off of my cold, dead feet.

      Sidenote: my husband’s godawful UGGs were mentioned in my wedding vows. His excuses are that he’s a surfer and he got them in Australia LIKE OMG BEACH BUM CRED, but I know he really wears them to be more like Tom Brady.

      • Gaunt

        I actually kind of like Uggs, they’re like little furry Viking boots! If a girl is wearing Uggs and one of those shoulder jacket things with a furry collar or some shit I’ll imagine them swinging an axe and wearing a helmet and that’s just too cool.

    • Cori

      Just mentioned this to my husband and he responded with “Really? All I notice about them is you’re a lot happier and complain about your feet less when you wear them. Really? Other guys are paying attention to this?”. Now I have been complemented on my sexy shoes more than once by dudes, while wearing wedges. So, maybe it’s one of those things guys say ’cause “All men hate wedges.” (to quote Lerie), like all men go nuts over peroxide blonds with DDDs, but not really. I hope, but either way, judge your own damn shoes. I’m wearing them, don’t like it, tough. Never liked shallow dudes who were looking for a barbie to tote around anyway.

      • Feral N Hungry, Esq.

        I’m a screaming perv, and I find the over-made-up DDD/Peroxide thing fairly nasty. It takes all kinds.

    • Cori

      Also, that caption is killing me.

      • Feral N Hungry, Esq.

        It’s terrible, which is why it’s hilarious.

    • Luce Ciferre

      men only hate one thing when woman talk so dam much the rest is history,

      men who take time to check a woman “wedges” is a FAG

      • Ashley Cardiff

        There are SO MANY THINGS wrong with this comment!

      • Joseph

        You need to stop putting labels on men you don’t know. Since when not liking wedges make a man gay? You need to stop assuming so much……… one;s orientation has nothing to do with the subject matter………..

      • x_anima

        Maybe they just hate when YOU talk because you seem like a rude, hate filled person who thinks it’s OK to use slurs.

      • Michelle

        It’s not just men who dislike you for talking, and it’s not how much you say, it’s the stupid crap you say when you DO talk.
        There’s a charming guy who has been commenting on this article, his name is Hanif. I think you two should get together so you can stereotype and hate as a couple activity.

    • pixie21

      This survey is not really that accurate. That’s only 2,103 votes out of a billion men in the U.S.The rest of the male population don’t really give a damn so why should I care…I’m surprise that they know what wedge is and there are certain thing what I don’t like about what men wear but I don’t say anything. I prefer to wear wedges over crocs and uggs because they are hideous to me. They could look good on someone feet but they are not for me which is why I prefer to wear wedge because they look good to me. The way how a wedge is design depends on what the wedge looks like and not all of them look that good. Some are pretty and some are ugly. It just depends on how its design. I’m not here to please all men on how I should wear. I wear them because I want to and I make my own decision not some stupid survey. Who ask them to be the judge?

      • Brian Pittman

        Yeah, it can’t possibly be accurate. I’ve never in my life heard other guys say they don’t like wedges. I’m a man and I think many wedge shoes make women look sexy as hell. (I think these dudes who say they and other men hate wedges have no clue what wedges are lol>

      • x_anima

        I think wedges are ugly as sin and would never wear them.. but that’s why I just don’t wear them.. problem solved! lol #firstworldproblems huh?

      • Feral N Hungry, Esq.

        2000 votes is not the problem. A well-chosen sample can easily get really nice results with that sample size. the problems, which are many, involve NO choosing mechanism for the respondents, poorly worded questions, lumping all the respondents into one group, no error correction…the list goes on. suffice it to say she linked to it as a joke.

    • Montylovespink

      Am I the only one who found this totally obnoxious? I pick my shoes so some moron will have sex with me? I guess the author is trying to be funny…sigh

    • Joyf

      Does anyone believe these guys actually know what wedges ARE??

      Anyway, screw them … I’d die without mine.

    • Andrea

      The fact that kitten heels are number 9 confirms that men don’t know what any of these shoes actually look like

      • Feral N Hungry, Esq.

        I find them completely invisible; I googled them before I commented. I suspect it has a lot to do on an individual basis withyour personal associations; Kitten heels were everywhere when I was a kid, so I don’t notice them unless they are neon green or something.

    • Today Jr.

      I love my Uggs. In the winter my feet don’t freeze. If someone’s going to judge me over something as stupid as the shoes I’m wearing, then chances are I won’t care what they think about anything else. Same goes for people who get mad at the opposite sex for judging their footwear and then turn around and tear down members of their same sex the same way. Kthxbai.

    • Tovah

      I hate men in Birkenstocks.I don’t know why. lol. They just seem like someone I don’t want to know!

    • Amanda

      I had a pair of 5 inch wedges on the other day and my boyfriend actually complimented me on them, he said they paired nicely with my dress and they made my legs look good. Even if he doesn’t agree with what I’m wearing, if he knows it makes me happy then he doesn’t care one bit. I couldn’t care any less about what anyone, men or women, think about my fashion choices. I don’t dress for them, I dress for myself.

    • Scarlet

      Get real girls. Come on, any shoe that makes our feet look even bigger and clunkier, and our legs scrawny as a result is unattractive. Guys won’t dump you over your shoes, even if they are hideous, so it’s not that big a deal to them. And as for those of you who don’t like cargo shorts, I love them. My husband works out, has muscles and wears cargo shorts. As for His shoes, his boots are SEXY! And I Love when he smells like campfire smoke. He likes when I wear a pretty pair of Heels, and I Love the way I look in them. Still, I wear crocs a lot. He knows I can’t do housework, yard work and ride my bicycle in heels. And he doesn’t really care that much. I thought the survey was kind of fun to know. Not a big deal, so why get worked up over it?

    • Coma Tose

      The whole premise of your article is wrong. Women don’t dress for men, they dress for other women. If they dressed for men, every woman in the world would be wearing page 220 of the Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog.

    • Nancy

      I just don’t understand how crocs isn’t number 1? I mean, seriously have you LOOKED at those shoes? lol

    • Real Koko

      I won’t be clearing out my closet based on these results. The author pretty clearly states the laughable “science” and source in this survey, and, more importantly, I *love* my shoes.

    • stylewylde

      I do not, DO NOT believe that straight dudes (or gay ones for that matter) hate espadrilles more than they hate either crocs or uggs. This survey is made of lies

      • Feral N Hungry, Esq.

        I don’t think dudes hate the shoes themselves, but I think they associate the shoes with a certain type of woman, which apparently is not a popular type. I also associate espadrilles with a specific type of woman (bookish, artsy, opinionated), but I happen to like that type.

    • Tiffany

      What kind of wedges are we talking about? If it is the ones in this picture then yeah those are butt ugly but wedges being uglier than crocs or uggs is laughable and I would not take fashion advice from anyone who though so. Seriously I wouldn’t take fashion advice from any man that wore holy faded shirts with a picture of a wolf howling on them and simultaneously wearing socks with sandals. There should be a survey take of women and what they think is the least attractive on men because there is plenty of things I think men shouldn’t be wearing. Including shirts that say stupid stuff no one really wants to read your chest.

    • Makenzie Monette

      This article really pissed me off. Women should feel free to wear what ever they want. Our sole purpose on this earth isn’t to please men and we shouldn’t feel so pressured to do so. It’s disgusting how dictated females are by what men do and do not like.

    • Itswabbitseason

      Yes, that’s right ladies, nothing but do-me shoes or bare feet…knee high boots with a skirt is do-able too.
      While you’re at it Nix the bushido top knot on your head too.

    • Melanie Stayer

      I wear whatever I want (sneakers). My boyfriend wears whatever he wants (sneakers). We accept each other for who we are and we’re happy. The only shoes he has an opinion on are the ones for the bedroom! ;)

    • Melanie Stayer

      Oooh, you know what’s REALLY attractive?? Bunions. Hammer toe. Nerve damage. Ingrown toenails. Keep wearing those heels!

    • sab

      Yeah, men hate your shoes, but love the possy. Who cares what they love?

    • Anemone999

      I’m sorry, but I’ve never met a straight guy that cared that about shoes. If he finds you attractive, he’s not looking at your shoes, dear.

    • Cecee

      yea, socks plus dirty sandals gotta go too. Guys need to stop doing this.

    • Feral N Hungry, Esq.

      As Some Random Guy, I must of course insert my opinion on all subjects…

      Wedges look to me like “someone is going to be slow and wobbly and need to stop every 5 minutes to adjust her shoes. Don’t go anywhere involving walking.” I HAVE had that experience when out with a lady, but I do NOT remember what shoes she was wearing. Wedges just look like poor engineering to me; thus the association.

      I think Mary Janes are great little girl shoes – megahot if you’re into age play… umm, *cough* so I’ve heard. Probably still remind people of little girls if they’re NOT into age play, thus the negative reaction. In other words, YMMV, but if it does, be sure you know whether the message you want to send is the one they are receiving …

      Similar reaction to pointe shoes, which make ME think of long, lean sleekness and flexibility, but we’ve already established in this reply that I’m a psycho-perv, and I guess most guys presumably just just want sommat that won’t distract too much from the cleavage? Anyway, there’s more than one type of ballet shoes, and I’m just covering my bases.

      Conversely ballet FLATS put me in mind of a sporty artsy girl dressing down, which again Does It For Me, but I’m really not much of your standard beer-swillin’ football fan.

      Espadrilles basically strike me as ballet flats made for actual USE. More functional, but not as pretty.

      Uggs and crocs are indeed irredeemably ugly. Sorry.

      High quality flip-flops are like “I wanted to be barefoot, but there are obstacles,” and any time a lady wants more bare-ness, I’m down. Conversely, those crappy plastic disposable shower shoes scream “I don’t take care of myself; run away now.” Not sure which image is first in the standard beer-swillin’ opinion.

      The rest of them, on the list presented are basically invisible to me. I suspect the guys may have just wanted to look like they knew enough to have opinions, as most of those “We’re doing Real Science(tm); Tell me any incohate ramblings you can put together about cheese” types make you truly WANT to be helpful.

    • a man

      This sounds like bull. I have no opinion on wedges other than I’ve been told they are more comfortable than most high heeled shoes and that leads to fewer complaints when out with a girl in them, making me like them. Don’t let generalized statements about men dictate your footwear.

    • Wangie

      … Do the men that were surveyed even know what a wedge is? Doubtful. This is dumb.

    • P. Jackson

      How does admitting you’re spouse has poor fashion sense make you a dick?
      Not all wedges are equal but the majority are frumpy-girl. But Uggs/Crocs? Never.
      The platform trend is clunky/frankenstein.

    • Lori

      The person asked men what their least favourite type of shoe was and got an answer. Gasp. Men where asked their opinions and gave their opinion. How fucking dare they amiright.

      I’m so curious as to why they think men’s opinions of clothing is so
      important that it means they cannot wear it. The blokes in this article
      aren’t saying that if they see a woman wearing these clothes they’re
      going kill them or something. What’s the issue?

      Oh wait shoot I forgot that opinions are the cardinal sin of the internet my mistake.

    • Gaunt

      Good to see climbing shoes and work/combat boots aren’t on the list. I personally love a woman in boots. I’m not sure why the author assumed stilettos were the only option left (you know, beyond the fact that this survey is bull anyways, and most men don’t care what a woman wears as long as it’s not crocs).

    • Josie-Lee Harris

      Wedges are objectively ugly. Always. No exceptions. If you wear wedges I guarantee you’d look much better if you took them off and put on either flats or proper ‘big girl heels’. It’s about time someone broke the news.. These guys are modern day heroes. Down with wedges!!!

    • Evie_L

      I walk everywhere. If my husband wants me to wear stilettos for that, he can shove one up his ass.