18 Pros And Cons Of Shopping At H&M


Like many young women who enjoy wearing cute clothes but don’t have a ton of cash to burn, I have a total love/hate relationship with H&M. I was reminded of this the other day when, finding myself in Manhattan for an event, I decided to get my subway fare’s worth and pick up some summer staples at the mega-chain’s Soho location. I arrived in a pretty good mood, having just stalked, and met, Bret Michaels at Petsmart. (Don’t ask.) Two hours later, I left feeling grumpy and raw, but with a bag of spoils raised triumphantly over my head. I had obtained clothes! But at what cost? In this slideshow, I will explore the pros and cons of shopping at the Swedish fast fashion leviathan, from the patently frivolous to the sorta important.

Photo: H&M

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    • Fabel

      “‘Your size’ means something quite different at H&M than it does in most places.”

      Oh god, yes. Even the underwear has wonky sizing (& by “wonky”, I mean my normal size can only fit on one of my legs)

    • Joyf

      That black dress is almost identical to one available in Target. Identical price too.

      On a side note – I never do NOT shop in stores where I can’t find five things for $100. I know this a problem, because yes, these clothes tend not to be so classy after a couple of seasons. My question is – where do you find clothes that are equally fashion-forward and/or edgy, but are better quality (and pricier)? My experience seems to be that the more expensive the shop, the blander the duds … (thinking BR here) …

      Speaking as a former poor who’d like to upscale her closet …