Photoshop Of Horrors: Plus-Sized Models Get Photoshopped To Oblivion, Too

Shop Tasneen photoshop of horrors

We’d never heard of Shop Tasneen until this morning, though it appears to be one of those sites offering “clubwear,” the skintight tube dresses, flouncy ruffled tops and scarves for shirts that JWOWW might prefer.

Anyway, Tasneen also appears to offer plus-sized clubwear (good on ‘em), including the above Nothing to Hide Backless Club Top.

Unfortunately, the model did have something to hide–her many pores, hair follicles, creases and the other distinguishing characteristics of human skin, all of which have been scrubbed into oblivion.

Still–it’s only $35.97.

(via PSDisasters)

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    • Fabel

      Ooh god, that description is a SEO horror.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Were you referring to the description of the Backless Club Top?

      • Person

        Agreed. Some SEO professionals need to sit through a creative writing 101 class before putting any words on a page ever again.

      • Katie

        Just imagine the image tags. “Club Top No Back” “Sexy Backless Club Top” “How to Get Noticed at a Club”

    • Cordia

      Is no one going to mention her missing boobs??

      • MammaSweetpea

        Cordia, I thought I was the only one who noticed that!!

    • Shop Tasneen

      Whoa there! Wow, what a way to build up women’s self
      esteem and support female entrepreneurship at the same time. We are a small
      outfit and don’t use super models for our clothing. The model you see is not heavily
      endowed in that region. We did use Photoshop but, as you can see in our
      response, it did not add or subtract from her bust line.

      • Liz

        If you think she is a beautiful, real woman, then why did you feel the need to edit her at all? I understand editing to make the picture brighter and the contrast better. but why the dramatic change in her face, abdomen, hips and hair?