Reasons Women Must Be Kept Out Of Various Sports


There was an insane article in The New York Times about why a Bocce Ball court needs to remain a “men’s only” space. The main reasons were:

I want to be able to scratch myself, curse and play like the barbarian I am. Give me one court and leave me alone…

You can’t put women with advanced players. It takes away the competition. That’s what I play for, the competition and the camaraderie.

I’m not saying women are inferior, but they’re inferior players… Also, men inherently use blue language. It happens. With women you have to mind your p’s and q’s, which is hard to do in the heat of a game. So I discriminate. Sue me.

Women, Mr. Cohen said, do not have the strength or stamina and “play for the sake of playing the game; they don’t play strategically.”

I am going to assume this is completely, objectively true, and also, that there are some other sports women should not be playing. For instance:

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    • Sean

      I find it incredibly amusing that the sport the writer wants to play while swearing, scratching himself, and generally exuding testosterone all over the place, is LAWN BOWLING. Hemingway would be so confused.

    • Brianna

      The strength or stamina to play bocce? That makes no sense.

      • kate

        This was my exact first thought. I had to google it to make sure I remembered correctly that it was … lawn bowling.

    • nicole

      WOMEN ARE THE SUPERIOR RACE YOU ASSHOLES. I want to see one man who can carry a human for nine months then birth it AND deal with all the BS from media sites like this constantly telling them theyre not good enough. FFS women CAN and SHOULD participate in every sport.

      • nicole

        woops..just read the slides. hahahahe. pardon my rage.

    • JLH1986

      I’d bet money my curse words are way more creative than his…

    • Samantha

      “Real women don’t even have arms, just look at the Venus de Milo”

      That made me laugh even more than the idea that you need strength and stamina to play bocce.

    • Ashley Cardiff

      Let’s not forgot race car driving! Danica Patrick has COMPLETELY RUINED that sport:

      • Sean

        I remember sitting in a bar one time when it was announced she was moving to NASCAR. Guy at the table across from me said he’d love to see her win just so they’d spray her with champagne at the podium. It was such a perfectly absurd comment I think I went catatonic for a minute or two.

    • MammaSweetpea

      I have just about enough of hearing what women cannot/should not be doing.

    • Tammy

      So what if they want to play without woman? Are you so insecure as a woman that you feel threatened because a man wants to do something without including women? Seriously, if they want to play by themselves let them. Just because men do something and don’t include women, doesn’t mean your individuality and worth as a woman is in any way diminished.
      If your self-esteem and self-worth is derived solely on forcing yourself into places and situations were you aren’t wanted because you enjoy being the loudest, whiniest, bratty voice then I suggest you are not a person the overwhelming majority of people want to associate with and I pity you.

    • Emily

      I have yet to see my 84 year old grandmother lose at bocce.