How About Everybody Stops Fat Shaming Mama June, Mmkay? Mmmmmkay.

honey boo boo and mama june

Mother of Honey Boo Boo, and costar of her eponymous show, “Mama” June Shannon has been critiqued quite a bit about her parenting, but also about her weight. Recently, a photo of her jumping into a pool was sold to tabloids taken and published by another guest. A Crushable editor Jenni Maier frustratedly said to me while we discussed the issue, “The only reason it was news is because she made a big splash.”

Fortunately, it seems like she is fairly unaffected mindset-wise by the awful comments people have made about her weight, though she did lose approximately 115 pounds last year. In an interview with InTouch, she had this to say:

“Everybody has opinions, and everyone has haters. I think you have to be happy with yourself, even if you’re big. If you worry about trying to make other people happy, you won’t be happy yourself.

“I gain a couple of pounds back and then I lose them. But even if I gained the whole 100 pounds back, I’d be okay with it. A lot of larger people beat themselves up when they gain, but I’m really happy with myself.”

Okay, first of all: I wish I felt that okay with myself doing the yo-yo weight thing (yes, even when I eat healthily and consistently exercise, in the event I was about to receive unsolicited diet advice). It’s really, really healthy to not get angry with yourself when weight gain or loss occurs; otherwise, dangerous body ideas can set in.

It is ridiculous to criticize their family for somehow being the downfall of our society — and not, say, attacks on women’s reproductive rights, the fact that gay marriage is still not legal, the ever-present wage gap, the economy, disease, hunger, lack of funding for schools, shrimp…I could go on. And yet, people like Adam Levine do just that (for the record: it’s still not okay to be an asshole about a child).

I have no qualms with how Mama June raises her child (from what I have seen of the show, at least). Many people cite the little girl’s “a dolla makes me holla” quote as being the equivalent of child abuse evidence, but honestly, kids were saying some way weirder, more age inappropriate words when I was a kid, too. Kids just say weird shit; they’re kids.

In general, it comes down to the same ol’ issue of not judging people by their bodies. Basing your opinion on their actions? Just fine! If you truly believe they are awful based entirely on their behavior, public appearances and camouflage dresses, then yes, that is fine. But honestly, I do not believe that there would be quite as much of a cruel, outraged stir had the pair not been considered overweight.

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    • Cherylanne Farley

      My biggest issue with that show and I WILLNOT WATCH IT, is how horribly unhealthy Mama June is. Notice how she falls asleep sitting up, extra weight around her neck? Betcha she has sleep apnea and NO INSURANCE to cover the cost of the necessary CPAP/Bi-PAP equipment. Notice how she squints whenever she looks in the distance? She needs glasses as well. It makes me sad that the show producers can’t/won’t assist the family w/ their health issues. xxoocf

    • Jessieface

      Honestly, I think Mama June raises her girls to love themselves and love one another and that is so much healthier and wholesome than other things we see on family based ‘reality shows’. Sure they are overweight and live an ‘unhealthy’ lifestyle by societies standards, but thats their business. They aren’t shilling for pork rinds and mayonnaise, they aren’t force feeding anyone. People hate them with such venom bc they are a little uncooth and fat, but spin it as concern for the health of the family and the messages they could be sending out. However no one seems to be as up in arms about say, My big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, where teenager girls are taken out of school at 11 years old to live a life of cleaning and looking good until they are married off to a teenage boy they barely know to start popping out kids. The teenage boys are taken out of school just as early to start working and drinking. Everyone dresses provocatively and fighting is a socially accepted norm and a thing of honor within the community. But since everyone is thin and beautiful we look past all of that. Same thing with shows like the Bad Girls Club, Jersey Shore (pretty much all MTV reality Programming). Sure people make fun of it and take about what a shame it is, but nothing close to the extent of what June and family get. The only thing that bothers me is that Alanna is a child, and doesn’t know she is the butt of jokes adults are making. It really grinds my gears.

    • cc

      this entire family is gross, and not because of the weight thing. However – they are a thousand times better than the Kardashians who are gross for an entirely different reason

    • NinerNational

      “Recently, a photo of her jumping into a pool was sold to tabloids by another guest”

      Actually, it wasn’t sold to any tabloids. How do I know? Because I’m the person that posted the photo on reddit to begin with.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        Noted & corrected!

      • NinerNational

        Thanks! I was berated by many Reddit users for not selling the picture, but the thought to do so never crossed my mind.

        It wasn’t uploaded because she is fat. Hell there are thousands of photos of her being fat on the web. It was more that a photo of a quasi-celebrity was taken at the perfect moment with a really stupid expression on her face. Taken .1 seconds later and the photo does not go viral because there is nothing humorous about it. The fact that she is fat is merely coincidence, although I have no doubts that has played a huge role in the photos popularity.

        I’ve continued to be amazed at the amount of attention the photo has gotten. I expected it to get some response, but I never expected it to be #1 on reddit, receive thousands of shares and tweets, generate several news reports, and get reactions from those like Ms. Maier.