Illustrator Gives Fun Hipster Makeovers To DC Superheroines

hipsters10Have you ever wondered what Cat Woman would look like if she were an artsy young purrson trying to make it in the big city, or what Wonder Woman would look like if she shopped at Urban Outfitters? Conversely, have you wondered what you, a stylish young lady, would look like if you were secretly a superhero? Illustrator Elizabeth Beals did, so she drew a bunch of female superheroes from DC Comics as fashion-forward urbanites. (I refuse to put the word “hipster” in the body of a post.) But unlike most things with “hipster” in the name, it doesn’t seem borne out of some haterade-chugging desire to mock the creative class so much as something she did because makeovers are fun. Enjoy these drawings with a clear conscience that they are not part of the problem. And if one of them really catches your fancy, you can buy it in print form.

(Via Flavorwire)

Drawings: Elizabeth Beals

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    • Tusconian

      I kind of hate this trend. I feel like every beloved childhood character has been re-done like this, and it’s always “put something vaguely resembling the characters hair on Lena Dunham’s body and then add the ugliest clothes Urban Outfitters and Nasty Gal sell, and you have “hipster superheros” or “group up Rugrats” or whatever.” It’s not terribly creative and it’s about equally as bland and normalizing as the fact that all superheroines are super busty and wear leotards.

    • Daniella Sloane Alberts

      well…no one has ever done this kind of thing before. oh. wait. EVERYONE HAS DONE THIS TO EVERY CHARACTER, FIVE TIMES OVER.