Red Carpet: Catherine Zeta-Jones Looked Insanely Moulin Rouge-Good Last Night

Catherine Zeta-Jones at Red 2 premiere.

Catherine Zeta-Jones is preternaturally lovely. Ever since I saw her as Charlie in High Fidelity, I have found her to be one of the epitomes of grace, style and talent in Hollywood. Plus, she has like, the sexiest voice; when I was younger, I tried to mimic her, but I wound up sounding like I was the heaviest smoker at a soap opera cast reunion. Basically, things didn’t work out. Now, I am totally obsessed with the look she had last night.

On the red carpet for Red 2‘s Los Angeles premiere, Zeta-Jones wore a Maria Lucia Hohan and it looked exceptional.

Catherine Zeta-Jones at Red 2 premiere.

I am admittedly obsessed.

Catherine Zeta-Jones at Red 2 premiere.

As much as my instincts usually tell me that dresses with this cut and bodice are always ridiculous looking, this proves there can be exceptions. Granted, I am nearly certain it would look like a Moulin Rouge Leg Avenue costume for a theater kid party on 90% of people, but still: it’s an overall gorgeous look. And check out how beautiful her makeup and hair were! Just the right amount of styling without competing with the dramatic nature of this dress.

Anybody else see the similarities, or is it just me? Either way, I’d say Zeta-Jones’ outfit is a huge hit and an excellent reminder of how she makes every red carpet better.

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    • Magda Nunez

      When I was younger, I used to dream about one day growing up to be her character in High Fidelity. And then I saw Entrapment, and my dream became to be a super stealthy art theif… minus the whole falling in love with an old guy thing…..