Taylor Swift Fans Thirsty For Blood Over (Another) Anti-Taylor Shirt

EDM-themed brand Bad Kids clothing releases tank top featuring the names of Taylor Swift's many ex-boyfriends.

Remember when Abercrombie got itself in trouble last month with that Taylor Swift-mocking (also maybe slut-shaming?) t-shirt? Sure, the most offensive thing about it was the superfluous hashtag, but Taylor Swift fans (#Swifties) were worked into a blood frenzy that prompted Abercrombie to pull the shirt from store shelves and amend their default customer service voicemail.

Anyway, this week EDM-and-life-celebrating fashion line Bad Kids Clothing has jumped on that sweet, sweet Swift-related controversy bandwagon and released a shirt in a similar vein (above)–which cites the surnames of some of Swift’s past loves.

For their part, the company claims the shirt isn’t shameless Swiftie bait–apparently they made the shirt for a friend attending one of the singer’s concerts. After putting a photo of the resulting tanks on Facebook, however, the backlash gained momentum. Per Bad Kids:

Late last night I was about to go to sleep and my phone rang. I saw it was a random number and let it go.  Suddenly, 3 more calls right in a row.  I thought to myself that this was odd, so I checked my email.  The subject of the emails were “FUCK YOU” and “OFFENSIVE TAYLOR SWIFT SHIRT – TAKE IT DOWN!”.  Suddenly I realized what was happening:

I was being attacked…by SWIFTIES.

Now if you don’t know, Taylor Swift fans calls themselves “Swifties”, and they’re pretty much a full on gang of kids who will call you and text you and tweet you and email you until you do whatever the hell they want.  In this case, they wanted us to “take down” our “extremely offensive” Taylor Swift shirt or they would make our lives “a living hell.”

I woke up this morning to 70+ emails, 20+ calls, 12 texts and about 9 BILLION tweets, all from Swifties threatening to burn Bad Kids to the ground if we did not comply with their wishes.

Unfortunately for the Swifties, Bad Kids isn’t some enormous corporate entity desperate not to offend its prime consumers–it’s an indie label that will only benefit from a controversy like this one.

Sidenote: while we assume Swifties are roughly aged 10-14, did you ever love a famous person so much you’d defend them like this? Ever?

(Bad Kids Clothing)

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    • Holly

      Do these “&..&..&” shirts come from something? I only saw them for the first time a couple of months ago when looking at Firefly shirts on Redbubble and while I understand that they’re a list of related things, I don’t understand where the actual format came from. I’m never current. *sniff* Anyhow, I loved me some New Kids on The Block but the internet wasn’t around so I never had an opportunity like this. So, I’m not sure how I would have reacted. I probably would have written them a pen pal letter on cat stationary and let them know that I was there for them and I was different from all of those other immature fans and invite them to my family’s cookout. Much more sane.

      • Cee

        I know! I don’t get the “&” craze . I saw the Game of Thrones one and just shook my head. But, they’re making bank with these list shirts, more power to them, I guess

      • Sean

        I believe it started out as a way to prove the strength of perception in marketing with the “Paul&Ringo&George&John” t-shirt. It’s just a series of names, but it’s immediately recognized as the Beatles and it becomes a new (and instantly popular) “Beatles t-shirt”.

        It moved from there to include any other group of people (or things) defined by their association with one another.

      • Charmless

        If the Beatles one started it, it’s kind of cheating to use a band with a member with a unique name. Does anybody associate the name Ringo with another person?

      • Breezy

        I want to say it started with the “bacon strips & bacon strips” shirt, but I could be wrong. That and a “bears & beets & battlestar gallactica” one are the first I remember seeing.

      • Char

        My strongly worded letter would have been most certainly been written on Lisa Frank stationary that I kept in my Trapper Keeper if someone had besmirched the good name of NKOTB.

    • Cee

      I don’t know…I loved the Backstreet Boys and the Spice Girls and I once got whited out to erase my cousin’s “Spice Girls Suck” sticker, I guess I think I’d do something passive aggressive like that. Like say Bad Kids are bad kids, but these kids and their threats…sheesh! I wonder how hard they’ll cringe when they get older.

    • Samantha_Escobar


      • Sean

        Go home Sam, you’re drunk. :)

      • Char

        Or get laid. But *GASP* then that would make them a big ol’ SLUT according to T-Swift’s songs.

    • chineseromeo

      this is more effing epic. but they should had added an infinite sign right after an extra & just so ppl kno that there will be more to come

    • Isla

      Swifties sound like little assholes. Where are their parents?

    • The K

      Honestly, I feel like they’re congratulating her. Where on the shirt does it say shes a whore? Where on the shirt does it say shes a slut? Swifties are overreacting. Taylor has dated some really hot guys and if I was her.. I would wear the shirt. Seems to me like some of the Swifties just wanted reason to lash out and say “Oh yeah, I totally protected Taylor. Shes like my idol and I like totally want that shirt to be taken down because it like really projects bullying and Taylor is like the best singer ever and she’s a person too” Let me also remind you that the shirt could just be a shirt listing the names of hot famous guys.. BKC never said the shirt was aimed at Ms.Swift, so how in the hell did Swifties know the shirt was aimed at Taylor?