Emma Roberts’ Arrest Reminds Everyone That Pretty, Rich White Girls Can Be Abusive, Too

Emma Roberts arrested for domestic violence.

Earlier, I wrote about how 22-year-old Emma Roberts was reportedly arrested for domestic violence. If you don’t feel like reading the previous article, here’s a brief summation: Roberts was arrested in Montreal after police were called to the hotel room she was sharing with boyfriend and fellow actor Evan Peters. He declined to press charges, she was released, and the whole incident was kept under wraps until yesterday when TMZ broke the story.

When we posted the article on our Facebook page, we received a few comments that I feel should be addressed.

Emma Roberts arrested for domestic violence.

Okay, first of all, Julia Roberts chased down people who were following her for photos near a school. That is completely different than, say, punching your boyfriend in the face. As for the idea that her father Eric Roberts (re: the “apple falling far from the tree” comment) — arrested in 1987 for assaulting a police officer — somehow contributed to Roberts’ alleged propensity for violence, I find it dismissive to credit anybody’s parents for their child’s choices.

Second, it does not take two to tango. It takes one person who lets rage dictate their actions. I have read and heard so many accounts of domestic violence victims being told by partners, friends and police that they must have done something to incite the aggression, that they are somehow at fault, that it “takes two to tango.” This is just victim-blaming nonsense. It takes one person and one punch.

But here is the primary purpose of this post: the first commenter has a serious point. A good point. One that I am conflicted writing about, because I simultaneously agree wholeheartedly with and am profoundly against it.

Chris Brown is an awful human being. Like, truly awful. He is the kind of person who, when confronted with negativity regarding his past actions by somebody, says he wants to shit in her retinas. He not only brutally beat his girlfriend, he showed virtually zero remorse about the incident for ages after (considering he got less of a penalty than most people would for possessing weed, it’s no wonder he thinks he’s golden).

This is not the same because we know what happened with him and Rihanna. We have seen the police report. We know he tried to push her out of a car, shoved her head against a window and punched her over and over until blood spattered all over the fucking vehicle. And he has continued to be violent. He has learned nothing. While he has inexplicably been allowed to have a career again, with awards shows and huge magazines glossing over his “bad boy antics,” many of us have not forgotten — primarily because he makes it impossible to forget.

As of right now, we do not know exactly what happened between Emma Roberts and Evan Peters. She’s been spotted with bruises on her legs, though, so there’s a possibility that she was (A) defending herself or (B) involved in a mutually violent altercation. While an argument involving violence between two partners is by no means all right, it is still a very different situation than one partner beating the other one.

However, the commenter does touch on a huge issue: people are less inclined to believe women can be abusive to men, as most (yes, most) relationship violence occurs with men attacking women. That fact doesn’t change the terrible abuse perpetrated by many women against their partners, of course, but it certainly makes the public’s image of the problem tending to involve a female and male victimizer. The image is rarely of a beautiful, 5’3″ actress.

Due to the idea that women are inherently weaker than men, there are so many people out there who do not find it possible for a woman to abuse a man. But psychological and verbal abuse don’t require physical strength, and guns do not require big muscles — women can still be cruel, manipulative and harmful to their partners. But as our wonderful reader Cee pointed out on the original post, the stigma of being a man abused by a woman can result in the incident being brushed off, going unreported or unpunished.

And then there’s the race thing. We do not live in some magical world where racism doesn’t exist; it does and, generally speaking, it benefits white people. Honestly, I have heard a lot of rape and domestic violence jokes in my day (pro-tip: they are always awful when the butt of the humor is the victim, so please don’t tell me any), and many of them involve racial stereotypes regarding people of color. There is still this idea that black men abuse women more than white men do; this is obviously untrue and deeply offensive. Not that my experiences are by any means indicative of statistics overall, but I have been exclusively hit by white men. This gross fallacy definitely carries over to female abusers. It’s deplorable, but people are generally not going to look at a cute white 22-year-old woman and think, “I bet she hits her boyfriend.”

People have also long held the incredibly mistaken notion that beautiful, successful people cannot be abusive. This is wrong. Time and time again, this has shown to be wrong. You can be wealthy and famous and remarkably talented and also beat your wife with a baseball bat. Those preceding qualities do not change the fact that you beat your wife with a baseball bat.

If Emma Roberts did, indeed, harm her boyfriend and this was not a two-way street that involved both parties attacking one another, then there is no reason to treat her any differently than we do Chris Brown. If she physically abused her boyfriend, she deserves to be arrested, to go to jail, to have her career take a massive dive. Granted, that’s not really what happened to Chris “I Wanna Shit In Your Retinas” Brown, but it’s what should have happened. It’s what should always happen in cases of domestic violence — even (perhaps especially) ones involving attractive, talented celebrities.

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    • adamfox

      Amazing article. I was still seething about the “takes two to tango” comment by the time I was finished. I agree with what you say and just want to draw attention to something I find very fascinating about this all. Seeing the comments to the original article and how you critique them and draw new conclusions, well it really made me think about just how much value there is to the work done on this website. Specifically talking about celebrity culture, a subject which is often decried as shallow and superficial. But it really occurred to me here that celebrities offer universally relatable problems in a helpfully exaggerated way and in context of a more thorough character dissection. This allows for a more focused debate and analysis of social issues such as domestic abuse. What’s important is not necessarily how it impacts the celebrity (although you rightly suggest that as role models, their punishments should never be more relaxed), but how the issue itself changes or enforces our long held beliefs about controversial topics.

      So kudos for the fantastic work and keeping celebrity discussion relevant and vital!

      • Amber

        Adam, thank you for stating my thoughts so well.

      • quinker

        There’s a LOT of verbal diarrhea going on in that post, adamfox.
        Many words but little said…

      • adamfox

        See Amber.

      • flashwins

        you got owned.

      • shockgamers

        this dude is a moron

    • DeistBrawler

      I’m a 6’4″ 250+ lb guy and tend to get in relationships with women of a small stature. I’ve had three separate girlfriends who would routinely punch me in the face when they were angry or upset because, “You can take it.”

      Thanks for addressing the issue that abuse is abuse no matter what side of the coin it’s on.

      • Eve

        That’s terrible. No one should do that, and certainly no one should be expected to take it.

      • Abbi Orenstein

        yeah you don’t need that man. No one deserves or should have to take abuse.

      • gothicgaelicgirl

        good christ, I am so sorry to hear that. I’m not an uber-feminist, but I’ve always maintained a basic theory- If you do not want someone to hit you back ,do not hit them!
        I see from a man’s point of view, if you DO retaliate or even defend yourself, seems you’re automatically the bad guy.
        My fella is a BIG lad, 6 foot 6 covered in tattoos and a big biker beard. I am tiny, 5 foot 3. I once got a broken nose from slipping in the bath (I’m a complete clutz) and bashing it off the edge.

        The AMOUNT of stink eye my partner got in the hospital waiting room was terrible, even the nurse kept pulling me to one side asking did I want to make a statement.
        I lost my temper and said yeah, tell my landlord to install anti-slip rounds in my feckin’ bathtub.

        I firmly believe it was because of his size and appearance, when really he’s a pussycat.

        It’s sick how people think because of your size you “can handle it”.
        I’ve thumped my fella in jest before (not beating or anything, a soft punch on the shoulder) and he’s done the same.
        But I bet if we both said we had been punched, he’d be the bad guy.

    • rham

      Violence should never be condoned

      • coop

        That’s ridiculous. What about self defense? Fighting an unjust regime?

    • M

      I think you gloss over the race factor more than you should. The fact that she isn’t held accountable has more to do with her whiteness than her being a woman. If you don’t believe me, look at every other white male celeb who’s beaten/assaulted women in their career and gotten away with it.

      • whiteroses

        And Chris Brown’s essentially gotten away with it too- so there’s that.

      • rubyredd

        Okey dokey…so Chris Brown gets away with it, it makes it okay for a white person, etc? Playing tit for tat, well lets just fuck up a bunch of whites amounting up to all the slaves that died during slavery, then…kinda like you owe us….now that’s sounds just as dumb as what you just said…LOCK UP ABUSERS WHITE OR BLACK…

      • Ageof Doublespeak

        The slave card has expired.

      • rubyredd

        Dude I read this and obviously your in deep fucking denial…I don’t get any statistics from Al, Jessie or any other civil rights leader..I get them from the fucking bachelors degree I have in Social SCIENCE AND YEARS OF VOLUNTEERING IN DISENFRANCHISED AND MARGINALIZED COMMUNITIES..So please allowing your emotions to speak against facts..facts that have been gathered by statistics, longitudinal studies from the center of disease control and others. The SLAVE CARD really? Who the fuck says that??? Millions of people dying in the middle passage? Millions of people seperated from their hoimeland in slaved killed raped abused, and with no compensation or illustration of remorse leaving the last hanging of a black american in the 1980′s…you guys are always crying and getting angry when we express a necessary frustration…It would serve you better to just shut up rather than you project your racist hate by being in denial…and calling the inhumane actions of slavery as a trump spade to be forgotten

      • shockgamers

        You are a moron,,,go back to school please because that degree you claim to have is not working at all for you. turn that shit back in or burn the ink you printed it with because that school robbed you

      • flashwins

        right. just because you say so.

      • whiteroses

        Pretty sure I never said that Chris Brown got a free pass because he’s black. I find him a despicable human being who should be in jail. But if Chris Brown’s gotten away with it, I don’t see why everyone’s so outraged over this.

        Not that it matters, but I’m a white woman.

      • shockgamers

        So why shoudl rihanna not be in jail for beating him with things which she did…Soooo because he is a guy he should be in jail and rihanna should be touring?

      • whiteroses

        Nope. If she abused him then she should also face the full consequences of the law. But the thing is- at some point, one of them should have walked the hell away. Beating someone worse is not a wise course of action.
        I don’t respect Rihanna either. By any means. But that doesn’t mean Chris Brown gets a free pass.

      • babydoll

        How did he get away with assaulting Rihanna? He was never in trouble with the law nor did he ever abuse another woman before or after her. He committed one offense and pleaded guilty and because it was his first offense and he pleaded guilty he got probation.

        Why do you find him a despicable human being, when Rihanna openly admitted in her police statement, she assaulted Chris before that night? Shouldn’t she have been arrested for assaulting him? What about the court documents that sites did not publish about her ATTACKING him in the car first with her shoe?

        What you and others don’t know about Rihanna is she has a lengthy history of being violent to others. She hit a fan over the head with a microphone, she shoved 3 other fans, she shoved 2 paparazzi’s and verbally abused one of them by calling him fat, she also abused Chris, she abused her brothers and even smashed a glass bottle in her brother Rorrey’s face. She has tore up hotel rooms and has had violent outburst before.

        Why is she getting a free pass? I find her to be despicable and I hope one day she has that criminal record. Also, a tiny bit of information her reported injuries were fabricated and the picture that TMZ released was doctored, also she had no swelling in the MTO picture which was taken the same day. Now go and bring up both pictures and put them side by side and you will see the difference between the pictures. How are you beat in the car when the main injury is to the right side and not your left? How is she beat in a car and possessed no swelling but a “welt”? How much do you want to beat she self-inflicted those injuries?

      • whiteroses

        I find Chris Brown a despicable human being because, based on everything I’ve seen on Twitter and in entertainment websites, he’s been violent and threatening toward more women than just Rihanna. He’s assaulted other women, threatened to kill them, and trashed other people’s private property. It’s beyond me why he’s still relevant in the entertainment industry.
        I don’t respect Rihanna as a person either. But beating someone up as a response to a beating you received? There’s not a lot of logic there. Nobody gets a free pass. And he should have done jail time for beating her up, the same way she should have done jail time for beating him up if she did, in fact, do it.

      • babydoll

        If Chris is a despicable human, what are your thoughts on Sean Penn who beats women, Charlie Sheen who has beaten and tried to kill women, Eminem, Terrence Howard, Tyrese, Jay-Z, list goes on. Why are those man who have never went to jail except Jay for stabbing someone and drugs? Why was Charlie allowed to maintain his career after trying to kill 2 women?

      • whiteroses

        Good question. And that’s why I don’t support the careers of the actors you’ve mentioned and more besides.

      • wgaf

        Oh Christ, here we go…

      • shockgamers

        Youre a fucking absolute idiot, How many whites you think died when they was slaves? especially since white men was the original slaves in the first place and was sold into slavery in european countries..fucking idiot know your facts before you try to act smart or atleast read a book

      • Tim Leonard

        You’re so wrong it’s laughable — and pathetic at the same time. You say the reason she’s not held accountable is more because she’s white than a woman. And then you immediately compare her with men, basically proving the opposite point you’re claiming is true. Jackass. Your racism is showing, M.

      • Ryan

        As far as abusive men go, most people hate them – black or white. Where you may be right is that a man who tends to support abusive men is likely to be a bigot who does not like other races. Being abusive and ignorant are highly correlated. What this means is that while most abusive men just incur the wrath of all honest ,decent people, abusive black men incur the wrath of honest, decent people and white abusive men. So you are probably right, you just don’t quite know the mechanism for your being right.

      • Megapril

        That has to be the biggest load of crap I’ve heard in a long time… You obviously can’t even comprehend the “mechanism” of how ridiculous you sound.

      • Ryan

        The world is obviously moving too fast for you. I’m sorry for your difficulty. What exactly are you arguing? That abusive people are not likely to be ignorant? That abusive men are not likely to also be bigots? If you want to hear a bigger load of crap, just shake your head around and you’ll hear it swishing around in your head.

    • ChrisIsNotAMonster

      Don’t claim to know what happened in the Chris Brown incident, and don’t let your hate for a talented young black man cloud your judgement.
      Chris apologized and accepted his fault from the beginning, which is why he chose to go to DV class and finished it in record time too (unlike the other celebs who keep postponing). Chris has worked hard to get back his career to where it is today, it did not come easy to him. Considering he has haters like you still vilifying him for what happened years ago, he hasn’t achieved much support so the road was steep.
      Chris also chose to protect Rihanna and did not tell his side of the story in public, so kudos to him for that. If you knew him well and from other reports from his bodyguard etc, Rihanna has smashed an ashtray on his head and hit him in the face with her heels. How can you say that whatever he did wasn’t in self defense? Has he ever interfered with another girl after that? And if idiots like you keep condemning him, is he supposed to sit quiet and accept the shit you throw at him, or is he allowed to vent once in a while as a normal human should?

      • Julia Sonenshein


      • Kim


        apparently he has interfered with another girl, on top of driving on a suspended license and causing a car accident recently.

      • traceytlw

        And let’s not forget that lovely tattoo of a badly beaten woman he recently put on his body. Class act, that guy.

      • Idiots

        You do realize the tattoo is a sugar skull you moron. Not a battered woman, only a sick and deranged woman or man would even think nor assume its a battered woman. You have a twisted and ignorant mind you believe what TMZ made up. Shows the lack of intellects you have and how gullible and naive you are to believe and allow yourself to believe those stories. I guess you don’t know what a sugar skull is? Here i’ll insert the picture and which TMZ refused to retract their made up report. The following picture is from the MAC Collection and he Revamped ithttp://www.eonline.com/eol_images/Entire_Site/2012811/reg_1024.cbrown.tat.mh.091112.jpg

        Now shut the hell up you racist and ignorant low life overweight bitch.

      • whiteroses

        I’m not sure if you’re being sarcastic or serious. If you’re being sarcastic, then I bow down before you and you win all the Internets.

        If you’re being serious- saying that sure, he did it, but who gives two craps?- then I sincerely hope you don’t have a daughter. And if you do, I hope she never gets beaten up by a partner.

      • Lacey_Johnson

        @Whiteroses but why does Rihanna continue to go back to the guy she attacks any and everybody who said that she should stay away from him even her own fans I stop following her on twitter when she called one of her own fans ugly because her fan told her she could do better than Chris Rihanna’s parents even said that they encourage her going it seems like she is the one who needs some sort of help as well

      • whiteroses

        Nobody can help you if you’re not willing to help yourself.
        She has to believe she’s worth something. He obviously doesn’t.

      • Sabrina

        Domestic violence is a brutal cycle, and one that is very hard to break. I used to work at a domestic violence and sexual assault center, and continuing to get back together with your abuser is one of the most common and hardest parts of the cycle to break. Oftentimes in abusive relationships, the abuser isolates their partner to the point where they feel like they would have no life without them and truly don’t know how to exist without them. Domestic violence survivors do need help; they need advocates who are there to listen to them without judgement, to call when they need to talk, and to help them safety plan for themselves and/or their children. They need people in their lives who don’t judge them for returning to their abuser, no matter how hard it might be to watch. They need strong people they can rely on to help them break the cycle.

      • Amber

        Rihanna is just as abusive. That’s why she keeps going back.

      • crankyreader

        oh, she is? that must be why we keep seeing chris brown with a bloody face. AMBER, WHOEVER YOU ARE, GET A GRIP; perhaps try reading something about the psychology of people who get sucked into abusive relationships and find it difficult to leave.

      • babydoll

        Well you might want to research Rihanna’s complex magazine interview 2007, where she openly admits to beating her brothers up and smashing a glass bottle in the older ones face (Rorrey). You may also, want to read her statement where she says she slapped Chris in Europe prior to that incident. You also might want to know that her dancer at that time openly admitted to her abusing Chris. Just because you didn’t see his bloody face, doesn’t mean shit. Just like you don’t know his side because he’s protecting her and the incident. You also might want to get court documents where she publicly admits in it that she attacked him first in the car with her shoe. You may also, want to replay the video of her hitting her fan with a microphone. You may also, want to go and look up pictures of her shoving people.

        Your an ignorant woman and your a racist. I don’t hear you bringing up the countless women Charlie Sheen has beaten and tried to kill and got away with it. But he’s white so he gets a pass?

      • babydoll

        Well don’t you also have boys too? What if your son was the abuser or the abused? What would you say? What would you say if your daughter was beating her boyfriend/husband?

        Because Rihanna is a violent woman and only ignorant fuckers like you, say what if it was your daughter crap. You don’t only give birth to women you moron, quit being a right wing ignorant fool.

      • whiteroses

        “Ignorant fucker”, huh? Well, first of all, I can at least make my points without calling people fuckers. Rational arguments don’t require name calling.
        Secondly, you don’t know my politics, so try again. And more to the point, I’m not sure how my personal politics are relevant.
        Thirdly, if my son was being abused my first reaction wouldn’t be to encourage him to beat the crap out of his abuser. My first reaction would be to tell him to walk away. If my daughter was abusing ANYONE, I’d try to get her psychological help, and I’d encourage whoever was with her to get the hell out of there. But if he beat the crap out of her in response to that abuse I wouldn’t have a lot of sympathy.

      • guest 2

        “We know he tried to push her out of a car, shoved her head against a window and punched her over and over until blood spattered all over the fucking vehicle. And he has continued to be violent. ”

        You call this “venting like a normal human being”. That’s not normal.

        Read more: http://www.thegloss.com/2013/07/17/sex-and-dating/emma-roberts-arrested-pretty-young-white-girls-can-be-abusive/#ixzz2bo9SV7FA

    • http://www.facebook.com/valerisexton.jones Valeri Jones

      I was interested in the police report from Chris Brown’s assault on Rihanna, so I followed the link. And got linked again and again.

      THIS is the link you want if you wanna look at the full report without having to go through a half-dozen other articles.

      • babydoll

        I know I’m late on the post, just found this blog post.

        You do realize the report was indeed fabricated, because she never had 2 black eyes, no bloody nose, was never put in a headlock, did not have two 1in contusions as in the TMZ picture (which was doctored). She also had bruises on her forehead but had no swelling, so how did he slam her head into the window if she doesn’t have a bump/swelling? She had a bruise under her left eye that again was not swollen. She split her lip with her own teeth. She had a “black eye” on her right eye (no real swelling), which most of the injuries were on her right and that contradicts being hit in the car. Reason is as a passenger your left side faces the drivers side and if you look at the driver your more likely to get hit on the left than the right. Now Chris Brown had a ring on, so you will be 10x’s more likely to have swelling, since it is a “blunt object”, but miraculously she had not one ounce of swelling?

        Now tell me how is one put in a headlock if they have their seat belt on? How does one get beat and have no swelling, but only superficial bruises like you self-inflicted the injuries? She lied on 20/20 and has lied in almost every interview. When she admitted to slapping him in Europe before that night, then it is clear she’s not a victim.

    • Philbediah

      This blog is the worst sort of race – sex – class -baiting I have seen in a while. Summary: “I don’t know what happened and neither do you. Therefore I am going to rant about white people for racism, white men for abuse, then white women for being white. Finally, I shall mix in a little Chris Brown bashing to show I’m ‘fair’, and use some profanity to show I’m ‘cool’ and finish with some more of the race-baiting.” You are an idiot, writer. You can deny that you are, but its silly. Just a raw irrational, foolish, emotional reaction. And people listen! That’s what is so incredible, but unsurprising about this blog. Logic is something that people have crawled out of the slime of history using, and you use very little of it. Sadly, the only thing you or your silly supporters can do is call me names, call me a “troll,” and speak out generally like maniacs. I will say now, but I’m sure some readers will not be able to, or won’t read…Watch the responses to my post. They will be precisely as predicted.

      • Megapril

        Awesome… I’m glad I am not the only one who recognized this tripe for what it is. I got about halfway through and then scrolled back up to the top and found, Duh, that this was written by a woman. Most likely another dumb “progressive” liberal, no doubt…

      • shockgamers

        truth is spoken here

    • Karen

      Everyone is allowed to make thier own judgement on who they support but to say that a celebrities should lose thier career because of a crime (including Domestic Violence) is ridiculous. If you choose to not support soneone becauae of thier personal life than thats on you but I don’t think you can/should be mad at people who choose otherwise.

      • Ryan

        I don’t think the law should legally take away his career. I don’t on the other hand understand why anyone who is not themselves an abusive person would support him. The same rationale goes for Ted Nuggent and Sinead O’Connor.

      • guest

        Why should anyone support Rihanna when she’s abusive? She abuses her fans by calling them names, hitting and shoving them and yet its acceptable? Why should she get away with her abuse and be deemed a victim, when she has abused her fans, her brothers, Chris and paparazzi’s?

      • crankyreader

        why is it ridiculous to say that a celebrity should lose their career because of a crime? are they owed a career and fame? no. there are plenty of other people out there who are amazingly talented dancers and singers who DON”T beat the crap out of their girlfriends-I’d rather they get a chance and a grammy, thanks.

      • Idiots

        What about Charlie Sheen? After attempting to KILL his now Ex-wife Brooke, he got a 100% raise on 2 and a Half Men. Not only did he try to kill his wife, but he than tried to KILL the escort. Oh but he is rewarded with a raise for doing that, than only got fired for threatening to beat the producer, creator or writer of 2 & Half Men, not only those but he then had a successful comedy tour. Oh but he is allowed a 20+ year history of beating and attempting to murder his wives, girlfriends and escorts and not go to jail? I’m sure you must be aware how Charlie SHOT KELLY PRESTON in the 90′s, right? Oh wait, I am sure you are aware about how Sean Penn beat the shit out of Madonna, tied her up to a chair and beat her with a baseball bat and left her tied up to the chair?

        Well I’m sure all of this is acceptable to you, because their white and their victims were not famous/high profiled celebritiess huh?

        Also, question why are your pluralizing girlfriends? He hit Rihanna one time, only once you moron. You keep proving how ignorant and racist you are.


      First, I do not think it’s your place to call someone else an “awful human being. Like, truly awful.” His various actions that you have detailed have not impacted you personally. There is something about fame, money and power at a young age that only those who experience it can really understand. And the average person is so quick to judge and condemn it. I am not a fan of his, but I just get tired of the rhetoric. She forgave him. That’s their business.
      Second, there are MANY MANY instances of domestic violence in “Hollywood” and the men are not treated as poorly as CB. The reason is that we saw the pictures and he beat her a$$ up. Other instances are usually decribed as pushing and shoving, biting. Things that are not as severe as the way he beat her. Without the visual, it’s easier to forget.
      Finally, there is a double standard. There are women who beat their man habtually, because they know he won’t hit back. That’s wrong. Yet, women get a pass in this culture. And all of the punishments you propose will never happen to Ms.Roberts.

      • Ryan

        Osama Bin Laden’s actions did not impact me personally. I didn’t know a single person in the Trade Center. I do, on the other hand, have the capacity to emphasize with other innocent human beings and therefore consider Bin Laden one of the worst villains in history. I don’t know any of the people that Brown has beaten or abused. He’s still an awful human being. Period.

      • crankyreader

        Sorry, but you lost me at “And if she hit him first, then she has to accept the consequences of her actions.” You know what I’m tired of? Victim blaming.

      • babydoll

        Nobody should hit anyone. If a man can’t hit a woman, than a woman can’t hit a man. If you get hit you have every right to defend yourself. The law does not recognize gender, but you ignorant fool does?

      • whiteroses

        And if a woman can’t hit a man, then a man can’t hit her back. That’s what us “ignorant fools” call an abuse cycle.

    • Beenthere

      I am by no means defending an abuser and if she is that, she deserves the consequences, but I also want to say that I am a domestic violence survivor. I was one of the lucky ones who escaped… after 10 years I have not been in another violent relationship, yet my ex has gone on to beat up two more wives and a stepfather. These kind of people do not stop no matter the legal interventions. (Just like Chris Brown)

      I once had the unfortunate experience of being labeled “aggressor” on a police report because I was too scared to speak up at the time (the officers took the report RIGHT in FRONT of my ex husband…big no no). I think sometimes battered women can end up looking like the aggressor because of defending themselves or if police officers don’t look at the big picture fully. However, the part that catches my attention is that he was bloody in the face… my ex NEVER had marks on him because I was simply too scared and he was too big. It’s so sad that anyone stays in these relationships (although I understand the psychology of it) when we could just live separately without the violence.

      I guess it is not our place to judge until the facts come out, but certainly sad. I wish domestic violence could be eradicated.

      • babydoll

        How is Chris violent? He has never abused another woman physically before or after Rihanna. Your point is biased and ignorant. I’m sorry you were a victim, but Rihanna is not you, your a real victim. She is not, she is and will always be an aggressor. Don’t sit there and act like Rihanna is not violent.

    • nfmomof3

      It has nothing to do with her being white. It is because sshe is a women and women “can’t beat men”. We all know that is not true. Women can be just as abusive. But society does not give a crap about men abusing women either. Violence against women is at a all time high it seems. FANS need to stand up and refuse to pay these people. Don’t by DVD’s Don’t go to their movies. The only impact we can make is to STOP paying them. IF we know a women who beats a man we need to stop and say something

    • SweetGeekGoddess

      Excellent article and excellent point! This gets even more complicated when you add alternative sexuality to the mix. We need to toss the stereotypes out the window.

      • Megapril

        Nice try with the shout out to “alternative sexuality” but no one cares…

    • DANNY

      The little bitch should learn how to duck a punch!

      • ChelseaClintonfromthebronx

        LOL!!! Not funny at all….well I wish it wasnt funny. My grandma always said “if you dont wanna be hit back than dont touch nobody”. Bobbing and weaving.

    • jessica

      I’m sorry, but was she arrested or convicted? I believe there is a difference.

    • Ibillit

      O stop the racist comment about rich, white girl. Go find a rich black girl, Im sure you can do better!!!! sick country!!!!

    • Ibillit

      I wont be reading this paper again your a racist !

    • Brent B

      I’m sorry, but there is a huge difference between Emma Roberts and Chris Brown. Even if she was the only aggressor, it isn’t the same and doesn’t deserve to be treated the same merely as some token to equality–where there is not in fact equality. Her boyfriend was probably not fearful at any point that Emma Roberts would lose control and beat him to death with her fists. In most male/female relationships, most of the time, that is a one way street. Obviously that is not universal, but it was the case with Chris Brown and Emma Roberts. Emma Roberts almost certainly did not, and could not, give that kind of beating without weapons. We shouldn’t pretend that her screaming and swinging her arms around is the same thing as Chris Brown mercilessly beating Rhianna. That doesn’t make her behavior acceptable or anything, but this is one of those situations where men should usually have a higher responsibility to control themselves out of an aknowledgement that they are not in an equal position. Chris Brown was leveraging his superious strength and size to intimidate and terrorize, I doubt the same could be said about Emma Roberts.

      • Ryan

        I agree and disagree. Emma Roberts is better than Chris Brown. But the characterization that she was “swinging her arms around” is a pitiful euphemism for assaulting someone. Let me ask it another way. Suppose a woman is hitting a man, what is the physically appropriate response? If we cannot answer that question in a realistic way that doesn’t assume the man is Jesus and should turn the other cheek, we have a problem.

      • Brent B

        Fair enough, but the article is equating that type of assault with a real beating. There was no reason from the article to think that she actually hurt him. I think it is a false equivilancy to compare her to Chris Brown. And there is already a clear answer to your question. At least legally. You are allowed to respond with as much force as is reasonably necessary to defend yourself. Which means, in the case of someone you aren’t reasonably afriad is going to really hurt you, not much. You can restrain them, but you can’t escalate. If you get angry and escalate then you are also commiting assault.
        But the point I was really making was about the false equivilancy. You have have two things that are the same type of thing (both assaults), but one can be worse–much worse–than the other. One person can be more culpable than the other. In the majority of relationships that means that a man who beats his wife is going to be much more reprehensible than a woman who merely tries to do so.

      • Ryan

        Fair enough as well. We are clearly not arguing about Chris Brown. Both agree that he is the worse of the two. But the statement that if you get angry and escalate then you are committing assault is exactly the problem. If you have ever been punched squarely in the face, you know that getting angry is highly probable. Angry people don’t always think rationally. Therefore, that act of a woman hitting a man creates that potential for an argument to turn into a serious physical assault. Legality is for the courtroom. Reality is always much different. I see your points. I just think they are a bit emotionally detached from what actually happens during domestic altercations. No man will ever get a prize for physically restraining himself from retaliating, but it actually is a very difficult and emotionally disciplined thing to do.

      • Brent B

        Well, that is the standard for all situations, not just domestic violence. The same applies if some drunk in a bar punches you in the face. If he doesn’t pose an actual continued threat (say he then tries to stand up and falls over) you aren’t justified to use force in retaliation. Sure it requires restraint, but you hit the nail on the head with your word choice in your last sentance. There is a difference between self-defense and retaliation. It can be difficult not to retaliate out of anger, but it can also take a lot of self control not to turn to violence in the first place.

      • Ryan

        Agreed. The only point I was trying to make is that overreacting to a story like the Roberts’ one is better than under-reacting. From my perspective, thinking what she did is as bad as Brown (which I don’t believe) is better than thinking what she did is no big deal, since she was unlikely to seriously hurt someone. The consequence of thinking the latter is much greater.

      • Brent B

        I’m not sure I follow that. It seems the bigger problem is violence against women.

      • Ryan

        Not sure what there is not to follow. No sense in pretending that violence against women happens in a bubble. Irrational violent behavior begets more irrational violent behavior.

      • Idiots

        So Rihanna can beat people up and abuse them, but when someone attacks her back their they aggressor? Ryan and you are the biggest morons aside from that Cranky girl or w/e her name is.

        The 3 of you morons approve of Rihanna hitting a fan with a microphone- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMX1M46MQAI?

        You approve of her beating, abusing and using her brothers face to break bottles over? http://www.complex.com/music/2013/06/50-things-you-didnt-know-about-rihanna/hit-younger-brother-in-face Notice the scar he has on his forehead, courtesy of her.

        You guys approve of her saying “if you push me, your gonna get pushed back” Which is an indicator she’s not just going to sit and get hit or shoved without delivering blows. http://thatgrapejuice.net/2012/09/rihanna-fights-crazy-fans-paris/

        You must also approve of her shouting out people and calling people names, shading people and being verbally abusive and humiliating people? Which there is all proof of her angry and belligerent behavior. This is all acceptable?

        Now to you @rbingert:disqus your comment about how what Emma did was not as bad as what Chris did. What about what Chris did is not as bad as the countless women Charlie Sheen abused and attempted to kill? Why is he never mentioned nor condemned for what he has done to women? Yet Chris makes one mistake owns up to it and he gets condemned based on a one sided story and media lies and fabrications?

      • Idiots

        Emma almost broke her boyfriends nose and bit him.

      • crankyreader

        While these two situations do not seem completely equivalent, I don’t really agree in general, because women can inflict physical damage on men in all sorts of ways that don’t involve using their fists; I knew someone who hit her boyfriend with a frying pan while he was asleep. Scary. Then there are guns and knives. And if you are a person who has never acted violently, a confrontation with someone who does so regularly and without remorse leaves you at a disadvantage, regardless of your relative sizes.

      • Brent B

        Right, and if there was any evidence that she used a weapon like that, that would make it more like the Chris Brown incident. But there isn’t, so saying we should treat them both the same seems crazy.

      • crankyreader

        but the author isn’t saying we should treat these two incidents the same way, they’re saying that we shouldn’t downplay an assault because it’s committed by a woman.

      • Brent B

        If Emma Roberts did, indeed, harm her boyfriend and this was not a two-way street that involved both parties attacking one another, then there is no reason to treat her any differently than we do Chris Brown. If she physically abused her boyfriend, she deserves to be arrested, to go to jail, to have her career take a massive dive.

      • Brent B

        Not treating her any differently means treating her exactly the same.

      • crankyreader


      • Brent B

        You said:

        but the author isn’t saying we should treat these two incidents the same way

        The author said:

        there is no reason to treat her any differently than we do Chris Brown

        The author was very clearly saying that we should treat these two incidents the same way. That is the the only thing I was objecting to.

      • babydoll

        You are aware about the violent actions of Rihanna right? You know she beat her brothers and smashed a glass bottle in her brothers face right? You do know Rihanna assaulted Chris and admitted it in her police statement? You do realize she hit Chris with her shoe that night, court documents mentioned it and before Chris hit her? You do realize she’s hit Chris with many objects, and even if he tried to walk away Rihanna would still attack him. She just hit some fan with a microphone. Why isn’t this a topic to show she’s violent as well? Because she’s Rihanna she can abuse people on twitter, ig, in concerts and out in public? Its okay when she lied in her police report and in her 20/20 interview?

        Also, you imbeciles don’t know both sides of the story. You have a convoluted police report and 1 doctored picture of her injuries and 1 from the hospital that shows the TMZ picture was doctored. It is also convoluted by the lies and contradiction by Rihanna. Never once has Chris told his side and to this day he’s still protecting her and taking all the blame.

        But why is he condemned and Charlie Sheen who tried to kill 6 women not?

    • avbdeo

      “There is still this idea that black men abuse women more than white men do; this is obviously untrue and deeply offensive. Not that my experiences are by any means indicative of statistics overall, but I have been exclusively hit by white men.”

      Not only are the author’s experiences not indicative of the statistics overall, but they are actually rather the exception. Although white men abuse more by sheer numbers, statistically, black men are more likely to be abusers, particularly if their significant other is white. When discussing issues that are so sensitive and hurtful for so many people, it would be helpful if the author would actually do some research before making statements that she is passing off as factual. Please check the FBI website and the National Library of Medicine’s National Institute of Health.

      Please do not go off on me for being racist- the facts are only your enemy if you need them to go a particular way to support your view of the world. Let’s look at the truth and use it to change the wrongs, not beat each other up. I do believe that racism is an issue in America, but ignoring the truth does everyone a disservice and does little to eradicate hatred.

      • rubyredd

        Thanks for sharing that…also, more deeply I think that Chris may not have been struck out by law or by fans because its an overall assumption that it’s “okay” for black men to be abusive when it comes to black woman..i.e. the racist lyrics in music, and or media. We’re the ONLY culture where the men openly attack their women according to race, as Bitches, Hoes and other forms of verbal domestic abuse. Although, the stats “might” be up with black on white women abuse…abuse towards black women is commercialized and marketed…also, the “allowance” towards abuse for white woman is suspended as black men MOSTLY receive a double portion of jail times than white men do regarding abuse….except with the upset with OJ Simpson case, OJ Simpson is the sickest human being ever to represent black culture.., rest in peace Jessica

      • Ageof Doublespeak

        Black men receive “double”, is that sharpton’s version of the truth, or actual facts?

        Sharpton lies for profit and is responsible for inciting a riot that resulted in the deaths of three young men. By definition of law he is an accessory to murder and for this coming voting season is rolling out some freakishly incredible lies.

      • Tim Leonard

        Who is Jessica?

      • Megapril


      • blueturtles

        Actually, when socioeconomic factors are taken into account, white men are every bit as likely to commit violent crimes as black men. The difference is poverty.

        Men who live in poverty are more likely to commit violent crimes. Race is not the issue – it’s just that more black people are poorer than white people, statistically.

    • homesower

      Of course women can be abusive, but, by physiology and physics, their actions are less likely to result in serious physical injuries. I also suspect that the male victims are somewhat less fearful and scarred than a female victim.

      This doesn’t make it right, but it does place it in some context.

      • guest

        Fuck off. They’re just as likely to result in serious injuries. If you don’t believe it, how about I scratch you across the face with long fingernails, or punch you in the ribs. Just because most women might be weaker than most men does *not* mean that they can’t cause serious, serious harm to men. Go fuck yourself, and everyone who thinks like you do. Sack of fucking shit.

      • Idiots

        I understand your point, but what if women inflict their own injuries to persecute their boyfriend/husband? What about women who lie constantly about abuse? This is an epidemic which is why people don’t take it seriously too many people lie and that prevents real abused women from coming forward. Same scenario applies to rape, molestation and child abuse.

    • Shay

      Giving no credit to bad parenting is also dismissive.

      • Megapril

        Exactly. The author of this piece is an idiot…

    • KnightTime

      “I find it dismissive to credit anybody’s parents for their child’s choices.”

      Perhaps the author needs to read up on some of the latest developments with the now-deceased James DiMaggio. Like father, like son, it appears…

    • Carlene

      I think people need to become more aware of the fact that “abuse” and “violence” are two different things. According to a pamphlet from county counselors, abuse is when one person deliberately and systematically uses physical or verbal aggression to instill fear and maintain control over another. According to the same pamphlet, acting out aggressively due to not having the coping skills to deal with someone else who has been bullying or deliberately intimidating and trying to control you does not fit the definition of “abuse”. Unfortunately, the law is blind to these difference and because of this, laws that were meant to protect real victims of abuse are now being used to punish the real victims. How many people in their twenties are wise and learned enough to avoid physically striking back (smack on the cheek) the partner who has been bullying them and deliberately making them unable to feel comfortable in their own home and in their own skin for months. When I was a young teen, I was bullied to the point that I was afraid to walk down the hall with my head up. A crowd of bullies (the popular kids) surrounded me and deliberately taunted me and ridiculed and threatened me. They would not relent. I punched the girl who was screaming in my face (and scaring the hell out of me). She just smiled and then beat the living crap out of me. Because of “the rules”, there was no differentiation between their abuse and bullying and my defensive act which was done out of self preservation. As adults, this happens to. Same thing. Women goes to jail and all of the men’s rights activists just love it…even if she is the one who is truly abused!! There are women who beat the shit out of and really abuse their partners to maintain control in an insensitive and calculating way. But quite frankly, they are much more few and far in between than the male abusers who find weak women with little in the way of self esteem and coping skills and their actions are truly abusive. I can also attest to the fact that when one is abused by peers during their formative years it harms their development and makes them ripe for abusers who want to take advantage of them in adulthood.

      • bugs

        Women goes to jail? Not in the pacific NW. I have unfortunately observed on multiple instances where neighbors were in a domestic dispute, with the man yelling, the woman yelling and beating him as hard as she could. Every time the cops came to the house, the man was arrested without ever lifting a finger towards her. I have never hit anyone in my life, and never will, but I ame 100% certain that if the cops were ever called to my house, I would be the one going to jail. IT ALMOST NEVER FAILS. I completely disagree with your statement of “they are much more few and far between”. Men just CANNOT let anyone know they are being abused, for any reason. In general, women well say “well, he must have deserved it” or “he must be the abuser, and she retaliated”, and men, like Victor above will say “no real man can be abused by a woman”. The cops will just say “you are under arrest”. So, is it really any wonder you almost never hear about men being abused? Hell no.

    • Ageof Doublespeak

      You have almost exclusively been hit by white men? Good lord, where do you meet this kind of person?

      I had a friend for several years who, because of the obvious violence perpetrated against her made me hate her husband. I saw him rarely, she work where I did at the time. She was a sweet, funny and vivacious person. She also had serious ambition which I did not recognize at first. By ambition, I mean she was unwilling to get away from her abuser and support herself. She was using him, as she did her first husband to get away from her self described: “ridge runner” roots, (Appalachian poor). She ran around on the husband I found out later when she felt comfortable enough to call me to pick her up the morning after one-night stands. (I did not do this, you make seriously bad choices, you don’t learn if you don’t pay for it). I finally saw them in their full misbehavior glory and sometimes it does INDEED take two, she was baiting the heck out of him, and likely to establish a custody, monetary advantage. The behavior and things she said to him made me want to hit her. I realized I’d been duped.

      She spent all her full time mom time working out so she could move up the girls ladder of success. She moved on to some House of Representatives schmuck who she probably runs around on now looking for her next step up that ladder.

      Her ambition is not the kind most have probably. My point is, you can’t paint this situation with such a broad brush. AND Just stop with the race baiting. I realize its almost time to vote again, but that being said you are being a schmuck for the rich who gain by the ridiculous tenor this race conversation has taken lately.

    • Yvonne

      Boys are taught to never hit a girl. Girls know this. I have witnessed so many girls flying off the handle, smacking their guy around and all he can do is block it or maybe grab her hands. It is pathetic. Females should be held accountable for their actions. If a girl hits a guy she should expect retaliation and persecution. As a mother, I have taught my son to never hit a girl and my daughters to never hit a guy by ultimately teaching them to never hit anyone UNLESS in self-defense.

      • Ryan

        I agree with this. On two occasions, during a verbal/non-violent altercation with another man, a woman has jumped in and hit me. Neither time did any damage. I don’t think a man needs to hit a woman, but I definitely think if a woman hits a man, the man should put the fear of God in her that she is about to be hit back. Basically, no adult should ever walk around with the idea in their head that if they attack someone else, they will not pay a severe price – man or woman, black or white, gay or straight.

      • G G

        “…but I definitely think if a woman hits a man, the man should put the fear of God in her that she is about to be hit back.” WHAT??? Just how do you propose a man do this??? By physically threatening and terrorizing the woman?? I can’t believe what I’m reading…. An abused man should do what an abused woman should do – defend (if you’re trapped and you must), run for help, call 911, and file charges! Sheesh!

      • Ryan

        No one, man or woman, has a right to put their hands on you. And if you choose not to hit back, that is fine. But if you choose to, the person that gets hit is not a victim or “terrorized”. Other than a small child or mentally challenged adult, keep your hands to yourself or suffer the consequences.

      • G G

        ….or a woman! If you are a man (as your name suggests) then you know very well how much stronger you are than a woman. A physical fight with her, (and obviously, even more so with a child), is an unmatched physical fight. Get the police involved and press charges. That’s how civilized people behave, and it’s the rule of law. Unless your life is in danger and you are trapped and must apply serious force to stop the attack, you are morally obligated to avoid physical altercations with those far less equipped than you to fight – even if you are pissed that they slapped/hit you! Don’t take the law and punishment into your own hands. Call the police! They’ll get what’s coming to them through the legal system.

      • Ryan

        Thanks for spelling out the legal process for me. There are also “crime of passion” defenses, which the law can sort out. As for moral obligation, my moral obligation to remain peaceful ends the moment someone violently attacks me. Am I stronger than most women? Yes. But there are more than a handful of women in America who are 300 lbs and can behave very violently (and one of the two times that I have been hit by a woman was a woman very much like that; the other time I grabbed a man who was beating his girlfriend and pinned him to the ground and the girl started hitting me). To me, if that woman strikes me, it is no different from a man striking me. I have walked away from men who have hit me as well as women. The point is, don’t expect it. If I walk away, consider yourself lucky.

      • G G

        So should a grown man.

      • shockgamers

        G.G. IS an absolute idiot, you want to be equal you get treated equal. I have seen STRONG women break a guys knows and ribs and etc. If she puts her hands on someone she should know it is legal to defend yourself and hit some one back…..even a female..stop thinking you get special fucking rights because your small and fragile,,,,if you think a man should not hit a woman because she is weaker then maybe the woman should realise that she is weaker and not hit a man..im not going to go into the woods and attack a fucking grizzly bear you know why ? BECAUSE I KNOW BETTER….get some brains and stop being sexist

      • shockgamers

        that is the dumbest shit I ever read and that is not the law. the law is you have a right to defend yourself if you are in a violent situation such as being attacked by anything or anyone…god you have no idea what you are speaking about

      • gothicgaelicgirl

        this is bull.
        Tit for tat, no?
        I’m sorry, if a woman came up and assaulted my partner, I’d fully expect him to defend himself and if that meant backhanding her, then yes, do it.
        Wonder how you’d like it if some woman was abusing your son?

      • G G

        “If a girl hits a guy she should expect retaliation and persecution.” Are you serious??? And you are raising boys?? I fear for the women of the world if many moms are raising boys with those values. Saying that and then saying you only teach your sons to hit (a girl) “in self-defense” is frighteningly manipulative and disingenuous.
        Girls are weaker. That’s a physical fact. There are exceptions of course, but that’s what they are… exceptions. Some women can be brutal, no doubt, but I’m certain these are exceptions too and not the rule in domestic abuse situations. When it does occur, and I know that it does, these women should be (and would be) prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law if the men they abuse would press charges. There lies the problem. Men should be taught to defend only as it pertains to putting up their hands in defense as they RUN and CALL 911. Any restraining/defending they must do (and if they are trapped, then they must) should be limited to just that. A physical assault from a man bears little resemblance to one from a woman. Let’s not pretend men are in an equal battle (physically) against women. Teach your boys to choose their mates wisely instead of teaching them to fight back. Any woman who raises their hand to them ONCE should be dropped as a mate. Period.

      • This shit is not okay

        Are you fucking serious? You act like a woman could do no damage to a man, whatsoever. Women can still kick, women can still punch, and women can still grab and pull hair. Women can also scratch, and with their long nails, you can bet that they’re doing 5x the damage as any man could do. If a human being, man or woman, attacks another human being, man or woman, then they should expect to get hit back. It’s as simple as that. No exceptions. Get over yourself, and get over your gender. You get zero leniency just for having a vagina.

      • shockgamers

        Yep it is decided you are a fucking stupid moron

      • Chuck


      • blueturtles

        1 in 7 women are battered every year by the men they love.

        You may have seen some odd examples because of the people you associate with – I don’t see this. I’ve never seen this. I’ve actually never seen a woman hit a man, but I have witnessed men hitting women. I’ve also gone to the hospital to visit women who were put there by their husbands.

        I don’t think 1 in 7 men are battered by women every year, or 37% of the men who are hospitalized after assault were assaulted by their domestic partners.

      • shockgamers

        You do realise the reason you can not go by numbers is because most men don’t report abuse by there wives because they are mean and it is supposed to be shameful? if you are going ot state false facts and statistics atleast put it all out there and not just the ones to make yuor cause sound more correct?

      • blueturtles

        I have counseled male victims as well as female victims. It happens, but it’s not the number one cause of hospitalization for men, and male murder victims are not most likely to have been killed by the women they love.

      • shockgamers

        Thats untrue aswell. Men get killed by women at high numbers aswell. It is no one way street just because your a women I am sorry to say. I admit domestic violence is an issue but for both parties not just ones with breasts.

      • blueturtles

        Of course it happens that women kill their partners sometimes. But women are 3 TIMES more likely to be killed by their partners than men are. Look it up.

      • Aaliah

        Considering the fact that men usually are stronger, thus hit women harder, it is very likely that assaults by women do not end lethally a lot more often than assaults by men.. So just because there’s less deaths on the male side, there is no evidence that there is less violence.

    • Jack

      “Okay, first of all, Julia Roberts chased down people who were following her for photos near a school. That is completely different than, say, punching your boyfriend in the face. As for the idea that her father Eric Roberts (re: the “apple falling far from the tree” comment) — arrested in 1987 for assaulting a police officer”
      They’re brother and sister, not father and daughter. Way to research your article.

      • Ren

        Eric Roberts is Emma Roberts’s father. Way to comprehend.

    • robert bankins

      Like father like daughter because her father Eric was also a bad man around women and didn’t treat them right

      • Idiots

        Charlie sheen is a bad man around women, but nobody condemns him or mentions his 20+ year history of abusing women and attempting to kill them. Yet you want to condemn others like Chris for one mistake and fabrication and doctored photos and a convoluted one sided story?

    • Dukebdc

      Thank you for addressing this often-overlooked side of domestic violence. A male relative of mine just left a relationship during which he was regularly assaulted by his wife. She taunted him with knives, strangled him with a dog leash, and punched and kicked him regularly. Again and again she told him not to bother calling the cops, because she would say HE was beating HER, and no one would believe him. And to my disbelief, after one episode where my relative fled his home, his own father prohibited him from calling the police, also saying a male abuse victim would not be believed and he would probably be arrested instead. Violence in a relationship is NOT OK, regardless of your chromosomal arrangement.

    • Jim

      Eric Roberts is her brother…ouch that must have hurt:-)

    • KillerButtons

      If you think that black men abuse women more then white men, just watch cops. 9/10 It’s white trash in a trailer park.

      PS. I’m white and just confused why everyone thinks we all have racist thoughts. Racism is really, really, really stupid and pointless, but just because Paula Deen said the N word 30 years ago or because Zimmerman got off don’t keep saying things like “Racism is still ruining America” because from my stand point and among my generation (I’m 23) It hardly even exists. Just my opinion.

      • Brian BigMac McGehee

        Come to Atlanta. The south will prove you wrong.

      • DAVEUSA

        Stats prove that niggers do more crime than rednecks.

    • xve298@yahoo.com

      it is a human and mammalian trait. 90% needs to be dropped. The real problem id degree. ( Watch the Korean film Punch Lady). Any American film or tv (1930-1970)had women slapping men with impunity. No yelling for a cop if a guy copped a feel a quick slap was instant punishment and the laughter of everybody around.

    • Victor Torigoe

      How can a 90lb girl beat up a man, unless the man is no man at all?

      • bugs

        If you have to ask that, you are too stupid to be in this conversation!

    • chris_peers

      There is a big difference in sizes between men and women (usually). Just like there are some women serial killers, there are some women abusers. It is absolutely not in the same class. If men make the argument that it is okay because women are abusing, then nothing will be done about domestic abuse, the issue will stagnate.

    • denhunter

      Who is she?

    • Duncan_Jones

      This is a very poorly-written, rambling article. If the objective of the article is to convince the audience that abusers can be hot young white chicks, then Exhibit A should be a detailed account of the the alleged behavior of one Emma Roberts. (I understand that the article refers to the previous “article,” which is itself very short on concrete details of the alleged assailant’s actions.) Then, to bolster the (alleged) point, that allegation should have been followed by concrete examples of other hot young white chicks being abusive. So, why the extended Chris Brown digression? Is he a hot young white chick? Is there any serious debate as to whether he is, in fact, abusive? Or whether hot young *males* can be abusive?

    • Hibernia86

      Congratulations on this article! It is so nice to see people pointing out that violence is wrong regardless of gender. Too often people forget this and make excuses for violence from women.

    • Lilly

      The bigger issue her is: How is this person allowed to write for a media outlet that actually gets hits once in while. Did she take ONE journalism course in high school? (I am presuming she never darkened the door of a reputable university given the third grade writing skills she demonstrates. REALLY! I am so sick of people who have not the smallest command of the English language putting together shoddily researched gossipy articles and acting as if they are actually performing a service. GIVE US ALL A BREAK! Learn how to write!! Even low life sites like the one you write for should have SOME standards. JEEEESSSSHHHH!

    • patrickhenry13

      not sure who wrote this piece of argumentitive,insulting,opinion, but your try to inject class warfare and racism, is on par with the scummy socialists running this country,do you people have no shame, or is it win at all costs,including destroying the human race!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • kip

      I am a guy who is 230 pounds of muscle and I was abused by my wife. It can most certainly happen. I was raised that you never hit a woman and it stuck. My wife used that to her advantage. I eventually divorces her when it got to be too much, but to this day she plays the victim card to her family. Makes me sick to my stomach.

    • Bob Ottaviano

      Who is Emma Roberts? The kid from Harry Potter?

    • Alfred Bundy

      Headline is racist! CALL THE HEAD RACIST SHARPTON TO PROTEST! Wear her clothes in protest! White women in dresses are not to be feared! RACIST!!!!!

    • Dude

      Who are Emma Roberts and Evan Peters?

    • Evan Grantham-Brown

      I would just add that while women are, *on average*, smaller and weaker than men, it’s quite possible for an individual woman to be bigger and stronger than an individual man.

      • Idiots

        I wonder how people would feel if the girl was a MMA, Boxer or UFC fighter.

    • shockgamers

      I dont thinks he addressed any issue, the first thing i read was “you dont know what happened” of course you are going to assume roberts had a reason for it because you are a female and while you claim you want equality you still want special treatment. you want equal things at what you want equal things at then to be treated like a delicate little flower at other things, I say fuck that she busted his nose she should of been in jail if she was a regular person she would of got arrested no matter what because she assaulted someone but another case of a female and a celebrity getting away with things

      • Evan Grantham-Brown

        That was the first thing you read? You had to go down to the seventh paragraph to reach that sentence. What you’re saying is “I ignored everything you said to focus on the one thing I could take out of context to justify my existing beliefs.”

    • shockgamers

      you know why/ becase whoever wrote this article is an idiot and assumes a man does it out of violence and a woman does it from self defense. rihanna is a trouble maker herself and has been know to be violent. But we know a woman wrote this article