Rihanna Hops On The Granny Hair Bandwagon, Poses Topless In new Perfume Ad

rihanna debuts grey hair on instagram

This week, Rihanna joined the (at this point innumerable) ranks of actresses, models and It Girls who’ve gone grey prematurely: count her beside Tavi, Pink, Mary-Kate Olsen, Kelly Osbourne, Kate Moss, Lady Gaga, Nicole Richie, Pixie Geldoff and every personal style blogger ever on Tumblr.

Yesterday, she took to Instagram with a selfie announcing the change (above), along with the caption “New color ice grey ish, call it #Brrr.” Right after that came another. And another (wherein she declared “grey is the new black”). And then another. Soon, she’d totaled 5 selfies in 24 hours. This is (roughly) the billionth hairstyle Rihanna has tried.

Sidenote: grey hair looks awesome, right? Or has blogging about famous people dying their hair grey just normalized it? We can’t tell. But we kind of want to do it.

In other Rihanna news, she’s topless in her new perfume ad for Rogue by Rihanna:

rogue by rihanna


There will be an accompanying men’s fragrance campaign.

If you are interested in Rihanna-branded perfume goings on, this is the definitive analysis.

(photo via Rihanna’s Instagram)

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    • Emily

      I can’t get past how fried and dry her hair looks…

    • Natalie

      If you have interests outside of how you look … you would be much happier. I am too busy joining all kinds of groups, from the Audubon to Mountain Climbers. Fill your life with things you love (there must be something) and you truly will be beautiful. Cut the makeup!
      I jump out of bed enthusiastic to meet another person, take another wildlife picture, sign the latest C-Care2 petition to save a critter, people, or the environment.
      I have an older friend (early 70s) who is clearly unattractive and does not care. She has hair on her face and a stooped over look. But she is well seasoned, interested in others, unafraid to approach anyone…and I have melted into the background while she ‘wows’ everyone (especially men) with her knowledge and effrontery. They love talking to her!
      People will not respect you if they sense you are only into your looks. Join a group…they are everywhere!

    • Anne Marie Hawkins

      Old lady gray, or Queen Ororo gray?