TMZ Wrote A F’d Up Article Saying Lea Michele ‘Controlled’ Cory Monteith ‘In Life And Death’

Lea Michele and Cory Monteith

When somebody young, famous and beloved dies, there are so many questions that arise. Why did this happen? Who could have stopped this? Was there something that went wrong? All of these are rational things to wonder, though they do not make the death any less terrible nor do they comfort anyone. But in all the speculation surrounding 31-year-old Cory Monteith‘s death, there has been quite a bit of talk regarding his girlfriend Lea Michele, as though she somehow had anything to do with this awful tragedy.

I wasn’t too irritated by the talk, though I found it rather inappropriate, until I saw this on TMZ:

Cory Monteith Lea Michele TMZ

Yeah. Not really okay. Even for TMZ.

The accompanying piece started like this:

Cory Monteith had a very strong guardian angel by his side … his girlfriend Lea Michele, who essentially controlled Cory in life and even death.

Really? She has “control” over him in death? Because animating the deceased is a pretty crazy talent, and not one I believe most people anybody ever has.

Sources connected with both Cory and Lea tell TMZ … Lea swooped in when Cory died and immediately took over planning his memorial and other matters connected with his death.  We’re told Cory’s mom is not involved at all in the planning — it’s all Lea.

The rest of their article is seemingly less critical, but the title and intro are just so inappropriate and out of line, it was ridiculous. Plus, even if she is doing a lot of the planning for his arrangements, what’s the problem with that? If my parents lost me at such a young age, they would be so devastated that I would hope someone might step in to help them. That doesn’t make her controlling, it makes her strong-willed and helpful.

Also, who are these “sources”? Even if it’s just a hairdresser or some rando whom she once added on her personal Facebook by accident, anybody talking to the press about Lea Michele being “controlling” has an appalling lack of sensitivity.

I get it, TMZ, you’re the bottom of the barrel. You know it, you flaunt it, it’s who you are and that’s generally okay. I sometimes find TMZ hilarious, especially when they make fun of people who are actually awful (like, say Michael Vick). But critiquing a woman whose best friend and boyfriend just fucking died? It’s just a little too low to turn away from.

Photos: Getty Images, TMZ.

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    • Alexis Rhiannon

      So foul.

    • Tania

      Ugh, gross. If Lea Michele is doing everything, odds are it’s because his poor mother is in pieces.

      • Cee

        Or also because it distracts Lea and keeps her busy yet it can also be therapeutic.

    • anna

      Right on. You always call out the right people for the right reasons.

    • Fabel

      ‘the fuck? Do they not know that “control” has a negative connotation? (I mean, because “guardian angel” is flattering, & they seem to be giving her props for planning the memorial over his mother?)

      • Tusconian

        Eh. It’s TMZ. I don’t know about their articles, but when I saw their show, “sweet” stuff like that was usually said in a really sarcastic tone. I don’t know for sure, but I suspect they know exactly what “control” implies and are using “guardian angel” as a sly insult against Lea Michele.

    • guest

      its what a friend would do.

    • May

      Lea was the best thing Cory had. She was indeed his guardian angel!

    • Amanda

      I don’t know Lea personally, and honestly, have never been much of a fan, but she strikes me as the type of person who really puts herself into whatever it is she’s doing. For example: her career, she seems like someone who would be very passionate and very focused. I think that has a lot to do with how she’s probably coping with Cory’s death. Some people go into denial, some don’t react at all, some people completely fall apart and some people cope by focusing their attention on something else. I think given how Lea comes across personality wise, that it wouldn’t be too far fetched for her to put all her focus and attention into his funeral arrangements. She probably wants to be perfect for Cory etc. I don’t know. We can all speculate, but the wording of the article by TMZ was pretty shitty, then again, have you seen some of the people that work at TMZ? I hope the media and paparazzi just leave this poor girl alone for a while and don’t turn into this big media circus with things like, “What as the last thing Cory said to Lea?” “What was Lea eating before she got the news?” “What was she wearing?”