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Cavalli Says If His Dresses Look Vulgar, It’s The Wearer’s Fault

Roberto Cavalli FW 2013-14

A look from Roberto Cavalli’s FW 2013-14 collection.

Roberto Cavalli, the reigning king of tiger prints on crocodile, says success has made him shy. He’s not too shy to run a line of Cavalli-branded nightclubs or tell Kate Middleton she needs to sex it up a bit more, of course, but too shy to go to after parties at Cannes, which he invented.

“A few years ago, a French magazine wrote a piece calling Cannes the Cavalli Festival – it said that I invented Cannes. I suppose it’s true. This year was like five years ago – there were parties every night – I felt I was really back. I decided not to show myself so much though. Sometimes I feel shy – success makes me that way,” he said in an interview with Vogue UK.

Meek wallflower Roberto Cavalli’s clothes, however, are not for shy people. They’re for women who want to show a bit of butt cheek and navel at the same time, and who think leopard print is a neutral. Even Cavalli recognizes that his clothes are pretty overtly sexy, telling Vogue UK‘s Ella Alexander that, “it takes a woman with a discerning eye to wear his clothes properly.”

Does Cavalli mean that his clients are self-aware women who embrace their extroversion and revel in his brand of over the top glamour with a sense of humor and a devil-may-care attitude? No. He means that if his clothes look garish, it’s because women keep wearing them wrong and making them look tacky.

Way to insult your base, dude.

“Sexy is near to vulgar, you have to be careful,” he said. “Sometimes women without taste wear our dresses in a vulgar way. When I see my dresses worn in this way, I want to tell the woman, ‘You didn’t pay attention to how I showed this dress on the runway!’ It’s about small details. The most important thing is for a woman to keep her personality.”

So always remember to keep your personality and express it by wearing clothes exactly as Roberto Cavalli put them on the runway, crocodile caps and leather cut-outs and all.

Via Vogue UK/Photo: Facebook/RobertoCavalli

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