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Isaac Mizrahi Has No Eyebrows, Made Tweezers Anyway

Isaac Mizrahi TweezermanIsaac Mizrahi is no stranger to designer collaborations. His work for Target predated the mad rush for designer collabs, and he even made a line of plaid cheesecakes for QVC. His newest collaboration is back in the beauty realm, as the designer and Project Runway All-Stars judge paired up with Tweezerman for a limited-edition collection of eyebrow groomers.

Mizrahi’s Limited Edition Designer Collection tweezers come in two patterns, black with a splatter paint finish, and “Candy Dots” – polka dots on a white base that look like those old-timey dot candies that came on strips of paper. He told Fashionista‘s Cheryl Wischhover that when looking for a print, he always goes for polka dots.

“I always default to a polka dot. Always,” he said. “My life is all polka dots. I usually have polka dot lining on my clothes that I make for myself.”

Now we really want to go through Isaac Mizrahi’s closet.

While Mizrahi’s plaid cheesecakes still top the list of his more unusual collaborations, a set of tweezers is pretty high up there, because the designer actually has no eyebrows.

“I don’t use [the tweezers] for brow purposes,” he said. “I was born without brows–I have no brows! I use pencils to fill in my brow. Every once in a while I get a stray hair and someone goes, ‘I’m going to pull this’ and I say, ‘No, no, no!’ It’s the one [piece of] evidence I have of a brow.”

The bright patterns should make the tools easier to find amongst all the shiny black brushes and boxes in one’s makeup drawer. There’s a classic Tweezerman slant tweezer, a mini slant tweezer, and an emery board. The emery board is $5, and the biggest tweezer is $25.

Via Fashionista/Photo: Facebook/Tweezerman

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  • Sean

    Wow, for all the times he was on Project Runway, I never noticed that he didn’t have eyebrows.

  • Sean

    Wow, for all the times he was on Project Runway, I never noticed that he didn’t have eyebrows.