Lady Gaga Is Going Nude For V Magazine

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You know, I remember a time when celebrities were not always naked. No, really, I do. I remember Demi Moore being naked on the cover of Vanity Fair and covering her breasts and it being a big, huge deal. Admittedly, she was pregnant at the time, but I also remember when Vanity Fair – which by that point was just sort of arbitrarily photographing everyone who was famous naked – had a cover of naked celebrities and Rachel McAdams refused to do it. I remember that being a controversy at the time (though now, I barely remember Rachel McAdams).

Time has passed, and now I’m shocked if a celebrity hasn’t appeared on the cover of a magazine shielding her breasts with one hand. What I’m saying is – I’m surprised that people are still excited about Lady Gaga being naked on the cover of V Magazine. But they are! Of course they are.

According to CelebBuzz:

Little Monsters have been trying to contain themselves all weekend long.
One reason is the above nude snap of Lady Gaga, released on Instagram and Tumblr by fashion photographers Inez van Lambsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, otherwise known as Inez & Vinoodh. According to the Dutch duo, there’s plenty more to come — the sizzling photo shoot is for an upcoming issue of V Magazine.

You know, it’s a nice picture. She looks lovely in it. Still, I miss the days when we obsessed over what celebrities were wearing, rather than how perky their breasts looked when they strategically held one arm over them.

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    • Charmless

      This isn’t even the best nude of Gaga, which would be the one where she’s nekkid with Tony Bennett.

      The Husband gave me the coffee table book she made with Uncle Terry for Christmas because my father-in-law said I looked like her the first time we met. I always loved the way she photographed and how she was pretty unconventional looking (we big-nosed girls have to stick together), but now it seems like she has been slowly getting work done that makes her look more generic, which sends a pretty shitty message to her fans who are supposed to feel comfortable in their own skin.