A List Of Requirements For My Ideal Man

lady eve

There’s a wonderful exchange in The Lady Eve where Henry Fonda asks Barbara Stanwyck what her ideal man would look like, and she replies:

“I guess we all have ideals. Mine is a little short guy with lots of money.”
‘Why short?” Henry Fonda replies.
“What does it matter if he’s rich? He’ll look up to me. And when he takes me out to dinner he’ll never add up the check and he won’t smoke greasy cigars or use grease on his hair. And he won’t do card tricks.”
“I shouldn’t think that kind of ideal would be so difficult to find.”
“He isn’t, that’s why he’s my ideal. What’s the point of having an ideal if it’s hard to find? Mine is a practical idea you can find two or three of in every barber shop getting the works.”
“Then why don’t you marry one of them?”
“Why would I want to marry a guy who looked like that? When I marry, I won’t know what he looks like or where he comes from or what he’ll be.”

The Lady Eve was made in 1941, but I guess we still play the, “What’s your ideal look like?” game. There’s a list over at  XOJane of one writer’s ideal man. I supposed it would be fun to come up with my own, though I’m not going to be as practical about it as Barbara Stanwyck. Here’s what I’ve got so far, and you can share your own:

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    • Ellen W.

      I love that movie. It’s pretty nutty and it doesn’t make sense more than a minute after it’s over but I don’t care. Barbara Stanwyck does smart sexy and Henry Fonda gets to be in a comedy.

    • Sean

      What about an accent?

    • Tania

      Oh man, yes about looking like Robert Redford. He was/is ridiculously handsome.

      My eyes aren’t violet, but I do have a double row of eyelashes!

    • Kay

      Bruce Springsteen circa 1979 was my ideal
      But if he looks bad in a top hat, it’s over

    • MVMulberry

      I’m so glad you used this movie! It just came on TV the other day and man I tell ya, Barbara Stanwyck just plays the hell out of that part. One of the most confusing, complex, sexy, and irresistible woman characters ever…love it. More of that please JW.

    • Eileen

      He has to be able to look casual and comfortable while wearing white tie. Not that he has to wear wear a tuxedo all the time, but should the event arise, he should own one and know how to wear it. See Colin Firth and Guy Pearce in The King’s Speech for inspiration. (I am flexible and he can look either like Colin Firth or like Guy Pearce, it’s okay!)