Yahoo Commences Tumblr Destruction In Epic Time By Banning ‘Pornographic’ #Gay, #Lesbian & #Bisexual Tags

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If you’re a Tumblr user, you may be aware that Yahoo now owns Tumblr. If you are an Internet user whatsoever, you may also be aware that this can only spell trouble for Tumblr because Yahoo kind of ruins everything it touches. First step: banning the mobile tags “#Gay,” “#Lesbian” and “#Bisexual” because that will somehow decrease the amount of porn on Tumblr and not, you know, manage to completely alienate a huge percentage of Tumblr users who come to the website looking for support and camaraderie.

According to International Business Times:

Tumblr founder David Karp said Tumblr wouldn’t be changing, and Yahoo CEOMarissa Mayer seemed to echo that: “Part of our strategy here is to let Tumblr be Tumblr.”

Mayer must have changed her mind. A new search policy went into effect Thursday that excludes all adult blogs from Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines by disabling indexing of anything it tags as “adult.” The new rules also keep adult-rated blogs and posts from showing up in tags, the way blogs are searched and found on Tumblr’s internal search. …

The new Yahoo policy went into effect the same day that an update to Tumblr’s iOS app removed search results for #gay, #lesbian and #bisexual content. The change was supposedly made to remain consistent with Apple’s anti-porn policy, but it also seems to put up a wall that makes it harder for people in the LGBT community to use Tumblr.

Just kidding: alienating those users is exactly what Tumblr is doing now. Why? Because it believes that the majority of posts using those tags are pornographic — a statement that is not only untrue, but completely offensive. First of all, as a longtime Tumblr user and Person Who Is Not Straight (it’s hard to explain, it’s a long explanation and going into it feels unnecessary right now), I can testify that most LGBTQ tags are not dominated by porn.

Searching, say, “#LesbianSex” will certainly bring up some porn, but to be fair, so will the tag “#Sex” — it just tends to lean more toward straight sex because any other kind has long been marginalized in mainstream media, thereby requiring the specification of a prefixed sexual orientation. Unfortunately, this means Tumblr believes that all posts labeled “#Gay” are inherently pornographic in nature, though many users simply seek people to relate to and bond with regarding their own sexualities.

Look, I get censoring “#DickSucking” and “#PussyLicking” and “#ReverseCowgirl,” but to censor entire sexual orientations? That is absurd and antiquated in every way, once again proving that Yahoo sucks the life out of all it obtains control over.

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    • Fabel

      I do not like this. Besides obviously alienating anyone who isn’t hetero, it seems sort of like a slippery slope internet porn censorship thing? Sorry if that sounds dramatic, but the whole business leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    • Guest
    • Liz Grierson

      A quick Google of the issue or a look at “Guest”‘s link will point out that this article is false. I love The Gloss – don’t turn it into something I have to use Snopes to read. :/

    • jay bee

      just use you can even import your old tumblr blog and that way you never have to worry about yahoo again! haha

    • SickofTumblrPorn

      Porn in general needs to be banned from Tumblr, period. I’m sick of every time I refresh my dashboard some horny fucker reblogged something porn/sex related. Why can’t they take their horny asses to a free porn site, watch, masturbate and call it a day. It’s beyond annoying and I wish Yahoo would ban ALL porn.