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Amanda Bynes Hospitalized On 5150 Hold After Starting Fire In Elderly Woman’s Driveway

amanda bynes 5150

Last night, Amanda Bynes was hospitalized under a mandatory 5150 hold after trespassing in a residential neighborhood of Thousand Oaks, California. A witness called 911 after realizing that there was a small fire blazing in one home’s driveway. The sheriff’s department was brought in once Bynes appeared standing at the fire, though the elderly victim has no idea why she was targeted. Upon questioning, Bynes’ responses led police to determine she needed hospitalization.

“Deputies investigated the incident and determined that [Bynes] met the criteria of 5150 (California Welfare & Institutions Code),” Captain Don Aguilar of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department told the NY Daily News.

A 5150 is a mandatory psychiatric hold that requires the patient undergo psychiatric evaluation. People who are suffering from suicidal or homicidal thoughts are often forced to undergo this type of hold, often staying in the hospital longer than the automatic 72-hour minimum stay.

While I am saddened to report that Bynes has taken another step in a scary direction, I am admittedly glad that she is at least (hopefully) going to receive the help she may (or may not) need. After being arrested, stating she has an eating disorder, showing signs of body dysmorphia, revealing she hates her face, involving people in her life who suck and alienating just about everyone else, this type of action may be necessary.

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  • Katy Hearne

    Ya know, we should have known something was up since she hadn’t tweeted in days (Her last tweet was that Drake is gorgeous again. So, at least she was in a good mood)
    On a positive note: does anyone else LOVE the blue hair? In college I used to do pink & red, but never could pull off the blue. love. it

    • anna

      i’m pretty sure it’s a wig? didn’t she shave part of her head?
      anyways, i need to be talked out of dying my hair blue. it just looks so. good.
      on everyone!
      i guess i should just call my mother, i know she’ll have something to contribute.