Are There Female Lone Wolves?


There is a stereotype in movies and literature, perhaps one exemplified by The Wolverine (opening this Friday) that there are certain men who are just so cool, and independent, and able to shoot spikes out of their fingers that they need never settle down or find a mate. That they should probably just be lone wolves forever, because it’s their way. Weirdly, Willie Nelson embodies this notion more than Wolverine does, but let’s just go with it. Are there female equivalents? How do they compare? Let’s assess some of them.

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    • Samantha_Escobar

      1) Guh, never thought about this. It bums me out a lot. I remember the piece on why women always have to have a happy ending involving marriage, but goodness, it is sincerely balls that all the “independent women” in films are only independent because of trauma or work or whatever, but they also wind up with dudes.

      2) Still so glad you told me to do Brenda Starr makeup.

    • Ellen W.

      I hate that there can’t be a movie about Queen Elizabeth I without it really being about her loving some guy and not being able to be with him. Even the best of them all went and made Dudley a traitor like it wasn’t a good enough story that as she became more powerful and secure with her throne she didn’t really need to marry him. And then to take the Spanish Armada Incident, one of history’s most thrilling events as chock-full of intrigue, danger, surprises and heroics as anyone could ask for and make it the freaking backdrop of a paltry love triangle. I might feel a little too strongly about this, especially since I also dislike the way Queen Elizabeth gets the haigographic treatment all the time.

    • meteor_echo

      How could you leave out Madeline Madrigal from the latest Dredd movie u_u The woman is a prime example of “female lone wolf” who is one DESPITE the trauma.

    • The Dame

      I am a lone wolf. I’m 34 and have no interest in settling down :)