Party Favors: Road Trippin’ Forever

Are you planning to hit the road this summer? -Ladyish

Even Ernest Hemingway busted out of the occasional button-down. -The Hairpin

A different kind of detox. -The Frisky

Ashley Cardiff tells the frightening story of the first time she saw porn. -The Toast

Kirk Cameron, shut the hell up already. -The Stir

Florence Welch got lucky, kind of. -ET Online

Different makeup suggestions for different types of dates. -YourTango

A Soviet erotic alphabet book. Okay. -Flavorwire

Some dudes just aren’t into strip clubs.  -Nerve

It looks like Barbie could be on the way out. -Double X

Breastfeed in public, get a pizza. Oldest trick in the book. -BUST

Your brain on friendship is probably better than your brain on acid. -Betty Confidential

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