What Your Haircut Says About You


We’ve talked about hairstyles and what they say about you (anything thrown atop your head means that you think that you’re Audrey Hepburn, or, rather, Audrey Hepbun) but what about the haircut? What about the actual haircut that you’re getting shamed for? Let’s talk about that.

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    • http://poorgoop.com/ Samantha

      These lists make me laugh so much.

      I’ve had five of the hairstyles on this list, and the descriptions are weirdly accurate. Except about the gin and Byzantium. I genuinely enjoy gin and did not enjoy Byzantium.

    • HemeraDemeter

      I’m not lying when I say I like gin! I promise!

    • Tania

      Long layers! I have never been to LA or New York (okay, I spent about an hour between flights at the LA airport once, but that doesn’t count), though, so I couldn’t say whether that part was accurate. But the other part was.

    • Eileen

      Shoulder-length with medium layers?

      Although it does generally turn into long one-length after awhile since I get my hair cut approximately once a year.

    • meteor_echo

      This kind of haircut, only chestnut. I wonder what it says about me?

    • Tania

      I did forget to mention that pictures in slide shows are no longer showing up for me, and I just spoke to a coworker I got reading the site, and they don’t work for her, either. :(