Pro Basketball Player JJ Redick Reportedly Had “Abortion Contract” With Girlfriend

J.J. Redick #5 of Milwaukee Bucks celebrates after hitting a three pointer against the Miami Heat during Game Three of the Western Conference Quarterfinals of the 2013 NBA Playoffs at Bradley Center on APRIL 25, 2013 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

We have no idea how to write an irreverent lede for a story like this, so let’s just get down to brass tacks: back in 2007, Milwaukee Bucks player JJ Redick reportedly entered into what media outlets are calling an “abortion contract” with onetime girlfriend Vanessa Lopez, model and former mistress to Shaquille O’Neal. Lopez, we deduce from the documents, had gotten pregnant and the newly-surfaced paperwork represents an agreement between she and Redick that she’d receive an abortion. And prizes!

The documents show that Redick (Jonathan C. Redick) demanded proof that Lopez had terminated her pregnancy. He’d then agreed to “attempt a relationship” with Lopez for one year, so long as she showed said proof–per the unsettling legal language, they’d “attempt to establish and maintain a social and/or romantic relationship between themselves for a period of one year from the date of this Agreement (hereinafter “The Relationship”).”

If the relationship didn’t work out after that one year, Redick agreed to pay Lopez $25,000 (!). More unsettling still, any contact after the dissolution of the relationship would be considered “stalking.”

Redick, for what it’s worth, denied the whole thing in a series of Tweets last night:

“I’d like to respond to the outrageous, false and malicious media reports regarding a prior relationship between myself and V Lopez in 2007. [...] Ms Lopez was not and has never been pregnant with a child fathered by me. [...] And Ms. Lopez did not and has never terminated a pregnancy of a child fathered by me. [...] Continued attention to these lies is severely damaging to myself and my family. Thank you.”

(via Media Takeout)

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    • dsar

      Congratulations liberals you have made it so easy to abort children that now no one takes the act of mothering a child seriously, and no one respects these slutty feminists women that have sex for money with dozens of dudes, I hope you women are very happy with the esteemed view of women you have created

      • CMJ
      • Ashley Cardiff

        Right? I’m shocked it wasn’t “slutty feminist LIBTARDS!”

      • CMJ

        I may be a slutty feminist libtard but I litruhly fist-pumped when I saw that this gif (and not just the link for it) posted in my comment.

      • tjohn

        “litruhly” what the heck does that mean? I take it English is your second, possibly third, language.

      • CMJ

        “Parks and Recreation” is my first language.

      • Patricia

        Oh how right you are! Absolutely no one takes parenting seriously. As a stay at home mom of two, I can honestly say that I don’t take mothering seriously. I mean, just because I gave up my career to raise them, feed, clothe, bathe and change their diapers on a constant schedule, sing, dance and color and attempt to teach them right from wrong, good from bad, and the all important skills like knowing the alphabet and how to roll tortillas like their grandmother, clearly there is no one doing any mothering because a few women opt for abortion instead of raising a child.

        With all these “slutty feminists women” running around everyday killing off their unborn, its a wonder that the CDC and other organizations have listed the US birth rate at approximately 4 million per year. The abortion rate has actually lowered each year since 2000.

        Also, “slutty feminists” is an oxymoron. Before you go off spouting ridiculous speech, perhaps you should read the definition of feminism. Here, I’ll include it for you-



        The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

        You should be more concerned with furthering your education on women’s rights, and perhaps refreshing your vocabulary that trolling sites. Especially if you are unable to get your facts straight. Now, I’m off you continue to not care for my children by cooking them breakfast and teaching my oldest to use a spoon at the table instead of her hands. Because manners matter.

      • GerryG

        There shouldn’t be an abortion rate. Abortion is murder.

      • Patricia

        Murder is murder, yet there is a murder rate. Should we take that away too?


        It’s really not


        Boom right there “unborn” or in other words not a person. If it can’t survive outside of the womb then it is not alive.

      • Josh2152

        Your right. Something with a heartbeat is not alive…….It’s very fitting that you live in Cali.


        That’s right I live in cali. You got a problem with that? If the fetus cannot survive outside of the womb it is not truly alive. Though that is what I believe I would be against getting an abortion at the stage where you are talking about. I believe that once the heart and brain are fully developed abortion should no longer be an option.

      • chivasregal

        A living baby can’t live without care from parents/others. Does that make it not alive?

      • Dre

        No but it makes it unprotected. Since once it’s out of the womb no one seems to want to provide the correct care for it. i.e. well funded schools, medical treatment, food, shelter, ect. Because once you have sex you now should be able to provide for a child you did not want and are ill prepared to care for

      • James

        You’re whack…. Abortion is ” bitch ” way out of accountability. Heart beat or not. You sick fucks needs to hold yourself accountable and take care of what you made. I”m a single father of two. Raised them on my own and will would have never ever want it any other way.


        Good for you. Though you won’t be changing my mind here. You keep believing what you’re believe and i’ll continue to believe what I believe. Shall we agree to disagree?

      • Jaclyn

        Bitch please…

      • Ron Mexico

        I would rather never enter this world than being born a bastard, unwanted from my family, and unloved by all…

      • TOM

        You mean like Beetoven??????? Look up his life and imagine him being aborted. A child definitely benefits from two parents that want it but there have been some great contributors to mankind that didn’t have that.

      • Jagger

        Being a genius does not make you happy Tom.

      • Josh2152

        Well thank you for speaking for every other single human being. Just because you’d be too depressed and weak to love life to the fullest and reap it’s potential doesn’t mean the rest of us (or the born-to-be) would.

      • Malty17



        You’ll be thanking us when overpopulation crises gets pushed back a couple decades.

      • Scott

        There is no overpopulation crisis. The world population will peak at about 9 billions between 2050 and 2100 and then begin to fall.

        Exact numbers vary in different studies, but it will peak and then decline at some point in that period.

      • open eyes

        Wtf. where do you get your info and why do you believe that? More importantly do you really want your children to live in a world that has reached its” capacity” naturally lol. What kind of life would that be. Can you not see Africa and the many 3rd world overpopulated cesspools around the world where life consists only of being alive barely existing not really living at all. Common sense truly is uncommon. Wake up . Abortion is wrong and so is random sex to trap someone.


        Your comment is confusing me slightly though I do feel as if your arguing against me and scott.

      • Scott

        Well I do hope your right

      • Julia Sonenshein

        thanx for the congrats it feels good

      • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

        Well said.

      • gz

        Is not an abortion tantamount to birth control? would you say that women who take birth control don’t take motherhood seriously? i think its the opposite. women have abortions for many reasons and the sweeping generalization that your making is reckless. oh… and thank god for you conservatives… you only single handedly destroyed the economy with reckless deregulations and brought this country to war to settle private agenda’s.

      • dsar

        Why are you blaming me for causing Iraq war? I am not even an American so you are more to blame. This really just shows how biased liberals are

      • Dongcopter Pilot

        Damn, gimme your mom’s # so I can slap the hell out of her for not aborting you.

      • Tommy T-tone

        I guess you’re too ignorant to know about (or want to admit) who supported and voted in favor of abortion,. Don’t forget to thank them, too. I mean, you’re open-minded, right? Or did you have the lobotomy already?

    • Rusty

      If this were true, it would make Reddick the smartest player in the NBA. The are no bigger scumbags in this country than the whores who make it their life’s mission to get knocked up by a pro athlete for an 18 year monthly paycheck.
      Truly the defininition of “prostitute.”

      • Ben

        But it’s ok for JJ to abort a kid because he messed up and get out of 18 years of responsibility because he wants to do what he wants to do with his life and not take responsibility for his actions?

      • dirk nowitski

        Yeah… thats how it works. Doesn’t matter that a kids life is lost in the act as long as everyone whose heart is still beating has more stuff.

      • Dongcopter Pilot

        And if she signs the contract? What does that say about her? As far as I can tell, it means she thinks her baby’s life is worth 25k. Yeah, I wouldn’t want to parent with this skank either. I AM sayin’ she’s a gold digger…

      • kisswriters

        Evil is evil even if she’s got a pretty face … these hoes are the scourge of society … no woman 21-and-over is “accidentally” getting pregnant … society is crumbling, because these hoes believe they can raise children without husbands … look around, kids raised in these single-mom households lead in every ill-fated social category: Violence to drugs to prostitution … and I know it’s not politically correct to say this, but I’d be willing to bet the huge increase we’re seeing in homosexuality can be traced back to fatherless households, especially in the black community … these chicks seduce men for a living, period. I do not look at them as victims … two, three, four and more kids … come on … be for real

      • Tommy T-tone

        Hey shitbag, how about all the fathers who just split on the woman once she gets pregnant? How about all the pos guys who knock a woman up then ditch after she gives them the big news? And it doesn’t have a damned thing to do w/ homosexuality, you knuckledragger asswipe. There is no “huge increase” in homosexuality. It’s just that the majority of gays don’t feel like they have to hide from troglodytes like you any more.

      • Matthew Larghi

        There are plenty of people— myself included— who don’t believe there’s any harm in aborting something that is only “alive” in the vaguest sense. If you don’t believe in souls, it becomes pretty academic. Is this thing aware? Does it feel pain? Then what is the issue?

        What I don’t understand is, using my criteria, there is a real locatable rubicon between non-life and life (and therefore right and wrong abortion). If you believe that every collection of future baby-cells is imbued with a soul at conception, how can you *ever* justify abortion? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad religious people have been willing to cede ground to help women, but it doesn’t make any sense, if you believe that the soul is the issue.

        It seems to me that anyone who simultaneously believes in abortion and the concept of a soul has to live with some measure of cognitive dissonance to reconcile the two ideas. If not, when does the soul fly in there? Week 12? During birth?

        I went off on a tangent there, but my initial point stands: Redick is a beast in that regard

      • DudeKembro

        It’s not cognitive dissonance kid, it’s a recognition that life has gray areas. Mature adults learn to live with the doubts, contradictions, tough decisions, internal conflicts that come from wrestling intellectually and emotionally with complex existential and philiosophical questions.

        Psychologically stunted individuals reduce complex questions surrounding life and death to “pretty academic” justifications for eugenics, reminiscent of German doctors lab testing Jews in concentration camps.

      • Matthew Larghi

        Two paragraphs until you compared me to Hitler.

        I think what I’m saying, is if we had perfect information, each person could make their judgement on what is moral, and we could find that line.

        Just because we don’t currently understand something doesn’t make it irreducibly complex— and it doesn’t mean we should abandon scientific methods in favor of faith-based reasoning. There might be a limit to human knowledge, but it’s definitely not at questions like “when do fetuses feel pain?” or “when do fetuses become conscious?”

        There are questions that still need to be answered, like, “at what point does a fetus become ‘alive’ enough that we as a society feel this becomes wrong?” but there will be a day where we have enough evidence to make that determination.

        The thing that muddies it up, is the belief in an instantaneous eternal soul. I don’t see how that *ever* allows abortion, but if you put that aside, it’s not that hard to imagine science determining an accurate morally acceptable termination period based on A) accurate information, and B) the moral beliefs of the people.

        To be clear about the Hitler thing, the horrors of the Nazis were not because they were circumspect and careful scientists, but because they were not.

        I’ll concede that the illusion of science seems to allow for great atrocity, but if you’re actually using empiricism and evidence-based reasoning, you should be protected from huge error largely just because you’re always willing to be proven wrong. If you’re actually questioning everything, you’re not willing to take huge leaps based on specious evidence.

        The nazis were all pre-determined answers and pseudoscience to fill in the blanks. The horrors of the holocaust had far more to do with the desperation borne out of a bleak economic future than the end-result of a scientific society. They dressed up their conclusions in fake science because it had currency in Germany at the time— had they no science, they would’ve framed the argument entirely through misused religion instead.

      • Tomas

        If the gloves dont fit, you must acquit

      • iceman4

        if he was the smartest guy in the NBA he wouldn’t sleep with trash like this and get a real relationship

    • jasonCK

      God will hold you accountable if you murdered your baby! God hates the hands that shed innocent blood.

      • Pryz Fytr

        If the soul is eternal, why is abortion a sin?

      • Ben

        If the soul is eternal, why is murder a sin?

      • Vincent

        See my reply to Pryz Fytr. But generically speaking, because God says so, based on belief in an infallible Bible. Whether or not that’s true is completely open to debate to which I am not qualified to decide one way or another.

      • Vincent

        The concept that was recently explained to me that seemed somewhat reasonable was that God is the only authority that has the right to kill/murder. It’s the idea of “he created it, so he gets to destroy it too”. This falls under the potential conceit that God is responsible for every life which kind of butts heads with the whole freewill concept, but that’s neither here nor there.

        If we’re talking about sin, then we’re clearly talking about a set of laws that are viewed through the lens of religious belief. i.e. Life is sacred (Thou shalt not murder). Unborn fetus = life. Abortion = bad.

        If you view the above “math” equalities as valid you are against abortion. Most people trip up on the Unborn fetus = life part. You could certainly get very legalistic as to what constitutes abortion. Some people are against male masturbation because of the wasted seed (never mind that modern biology shows how we waste seed continually – it’s not as if sperm survive for 20 years). Why those same people don’t view a female menstrual cycle in a similar fashion is beyond me except for the lack of choice. Men choose to masturbate, women can’t choose to ovulate (although if they were on certain hormone therapies, I suppose they could)

        Pryz Fytr, I am totally with you in regards to the confusion/question. Ben doesn’t really answer anything, because if you believe in the concept of sin at all, then it’s pretty much decided by God, and God is really the only “being” that could answer that question.

        Put another way, if God said that eating Corn Nuts was a sin, there doesn’t have to be rhyme or reason to it. Bottom line, supreme being says, don’t do it. Sin = anything against will of said supreme being.

        Now whether or not you choose to believe or worship a God who keeps you from your Corn Nuts is entirely your call.

      • Vincent

        I suspect that it’s not quite so clear cut what God thinks. An ant hasn’t the slightest clue what I’m thinking even when I step on it. The Bible has many statements that speak of life and even has statements that equate an unborn fetus more as property than as of a killed fully formed human being. Whether you subscribe to Mosaic Law or not, I do believe that it is wrong to kill an unborn child particularly when it is viable. But while I am completely against using abortion as a means of enabling irresponsible behavior, I am more against government forcing people to choose one way or the other.

        God himself gives us freewill and yet there are those who would attempt to dictate their morality on others, taking away their freewill. While it is sad, and can certainly be argued as sinful, it is part of freewill and freedom of choice.

        Ironically, the dead unborn children have a far greater chance of being with God in the afterlife than anyone living, including those who would argue against abortion. Who are any of us to say that we’re not doing them a favor?

      • jasonCK

        So you believe in Evangelism by murder? NO WHERE IN THE BIBLE DOES IT SAY ALL BABIES GO TO HEAVEN! NO WHERE IN THE BIBLE SAYS THAT THERE IS FREE WILL! You have invented a god to suit yourself, which is called idolatry! Repent or perish

      • Vincent

        Jason, I’m not really sure why you are shouting. I’m sure you believe strongly in your statements, but there are actually quite a few verses in the Bible that point to the concept of freewill. I’ll cite some at the end of this post and leave you to google the others, but conceptually it’s pretty straight forward. If we don’t have a choice in the matter, then we’re predestined to do what we were all going to do. So railing about anything is pointless, as the answers are predetermined.

        Freewill is simply about choice. People are free to choose and follow God and his rules or not. This does not imply freedom of consequences. For what it’s worth, you should re-read what I wrote. I don’t believe in evangelism by murder. I’m against abortion. But I also believe that I don’t have any authority to force someone else to go along with my beliefs if that is not their desire.

        I do concede that there isn’t much specific about aborted children going to heaven. However, if you believe that God gave us the ability to reason, this link has a decent premise that would give us hope that such children do go to heaven.

        However, given your attitude, it’s unclear whether this would be enough to convince you. I’m personally comfortable accepting a quote from King David accepting the final fate of one of his dead children as a reasonable example to draw from. However, to reiterate, I am not saying this is the right thing to do.

        Below are some references to free will in the Bible that I was able to quickly reference. There are quite a few more. But contextually none of these verses are valid unless you presume that the people involve actually have a choice in the matter. If you truly don’t believe that people have a choice in the matter (i.e. free will), then it’s unclear why we’re discussing the matter in the first place. :)

        James 4:8 Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

        Philemon 1:14 I preferred to do nothing without your consent in order that your goodness might not be by compulsion but of your own free will.

        2 Timothy 2:12 if we deny Him, He also will deny us.

        Isaiah 30:1 Woe to the rebellious children,” says the Lord, “who
        carry out a plan, but not mine; and who make a league, but not of my
        spirit, that they may add sin to sin.

        My hope is that you are able to ingest this material in the spirit that it is given.

      • jasonCK

        John 15:16
        You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit should abide, so that whatever you ask the Father in my name, he may give it to you.

      • Vincent

        To sum up:

        1) I think God is a bigger concept than a human being’s mind could ever really wrap around, and to know God’s will with certainty is a kind of hubris and pride that I don’t subscribe to.
        2) Abortion is a bad thing. Period.
        3) Free will is a concept that is illustrated in the Bible in many places. Free will does NOT mean freedom of consequences. The whole Genesis story illustrates this. Without free will and consequences, the redemption story of Jesus Christ would lose quite a bit of its meaning.
        4) Forcing morality onto others against their will is wrong and in my opinion, not consistent with what Jesus taught or demonstrated. If it isn’t something that is willingly embraced, it isn’t love.

        btw, your quotation of John is interesting, but if you believe it is demonstration against freewill, I would agree to disagree.

        Jesus was speaking to his disciples. The custom of the day was that disciples chose their masters. Jesus, as in many things, tended to flip convention on its head. This is, in no way, a generalization of man not having a choice in the matter of his/her destiny.

        Just because God might know the answers doesn’t imply that we don’t have choices and that those choices have consequences.

      • jasonCK

        You have given into the American Gospel which will damn your soul! No genuine Christian believes it is okay to kill babies under any circumstance. REPENT OR PERISH

      • Vincent

        JasonCK, once again, I encourage you to read what I’ve written. Nowhere did I say it was OK to kill babies. At any point if I intimated so, I’d certainly retract such a statement as I am personally against abortion. (I believe I clarify my position in other posts to this article in conversation/reply to merkinmuffy)

      • Abortatron

        If god hates innocent blood, how do you explain the old testament?

      • jasonCK

        Easy. God doesnt kill innocent blood. He kills for His own glory and purpose.

    • Duh

      First, Reddick ISN’T gay?????? Wow. Second… follow O’Neal, you better be tying a 2X4 to your butt…

    • Jack

      brilliant! nice to hear someone thinking diffrently.

    • Yeahitsme

      With the history this woman has of chasing nba players, it’s entirely likely she got pregnant with JJ on purpose. So his agreement to continue their relationship if she agreed to terminate the pregnancy seems like a win-win situation for both, and probably for the unborn child as well.

      By the way, looking at her picture, it’s easy to see how she sucked in such players and JJ and Shaq. Those lips!

    • Mikal Gastpipe

      I think he may start a trend in the NBA! I can see it now…”Ok honey, after we ‘sleep’ together you get an all expenses paid trip to the local abortion clinic, ok? Ok! By the way honey…WHAT’S your name again? Don’t talk with your mouth full!”

    • merkinmuffy

      Giving women prizes for getting an abortion? Better not let the Democrats hear about that!

      • Midas


      • merkinmuffy

        Well, if they hear about it, Midas, they’ll demand that every woman receiving an abortion in the US gets a prize, and they’ll expect us taxpayers to pay for it. Democrats love abortion and they love to give things away–provided they don’t have to pay for it!

      • Midas

        lol. i’m a democrat and that could not be further from the truth. this sounds more like one rich dude protecting himself from 18 years of child support. he can afford it.

      • merkinmuffy

        I can honestly believe that many Democrats are unaware of what their party supports, Midas, but turn on a TV or pick up a newspaper and listen or read carefully. And keep an open mind.

      • Midas

        lol. don’t worry. i think both parties stink. the dems are just the lesser of two evils as far as i’m concerned. if there were a viable 3rd option…..

      • merkinmuffy

        Not with 7.4% unemployment or higher for the last 5 years and 1.7% economic growth, Midas, but that should be your choice.

      • Midas

        you forget it has been going down steadily. and the downturn started MORE than 5 years ago. and no, sorry i just cannot go with republicans and their agenda. especially the wacked tea party. they scare me. no offense if you are one.

      • merkinmuffy

        Midas, we’ve had downturns before, but none have lasted this long! Reagan got us out of stagflation in 2 years and George W. Bush got us out of the dot com crash and 9/11 in about 2 years.

      • Midas

        bush also started us on the road to the downturn. i don’t even recall the crash being that severe. and fighting two wars is a killer, especially when one wasn’t necessary.and last i checked, the economy has been on the upswing for quite awhile. housing is up, unemployment dropping, market is up. but i have to admit, i was fortunate enough not to have been affected.

      • JackP32

        In other words many, if not most, Dems belong to the dumb masses who continually re-elect the same corrupt politicians into office simply because they have a D after their name.

      • Midas

        one reason i don’t vote republican is because most of them come off as arrogant, dismissive, rude and out of touch. and think that anyone that doesn’t agree with them is stupid. hint hint.

      • Vincent

        I think you need to draw a distinction between pro-choice and pro-abortion. I am pro-choice. I am anti-abortion. But in regards to abortion, I don’t believe that government should be responsible for legislating morality in this arena. Choice doesn’t mean freedom from consequences and it doesn’t mean automatically going to abortion as a form of contraception. Choice simply means that: CHOICE.

        I grant that many people in the Democratic party might not see it that way, but I won’t presume to speak on their behalf. I can only speak for myself.

      • merkinmuffy

        When, in your opinion, should an abortion not be done, Vincent.

      • Vincent

        I think that’s an answer that would vary from person to person. I think it depends on that person’s core belief system combined with how carrying a child to term will ultimately affect them and the people around them.

        I personally would rather that abortion is never done under any circumstances and that people who have children are doing so because it’s something they are going into eyes wide open. But I also know that’s as realistic as making sure that irresponsible women aren’t spreading their legs for irresponsible men in the name of having fun.

        If I had to make a choice based on biology, I would possibly look at specific features — the existence of a circulatory system – perhaps once one is able to determine enough cell differentiation to identify parts of a human body and we have the technology to sustain that life out of the womb if a premature birth occurred, I’d say that’s a likely point where abortion crosses over into immoral territory and the status of the fetus should be protected.

        But if we hold to the notion that conception = life, then there’s a whole new frontier of case law that would have to be explored and I’d rather not delve into the notion (like miscarriages = manslaughter). I understand the arguments that people make for conception = life. But I have yet to be convinced that is a sustainable viewpoint.

        I think the point I would rather address is how to make it so unwanted pregnancy just doesn’t happen… but that’s not what you asked. :)

      • Vincent

        And to clarify, legally, I do not have the right to compel someone to adhere to my “no abortion under any circumstances” desire. I believe that women should control their reproductive organs. But I also think that we should raise our children in a way so that decisions like abortion shouldn’t even come into play.

      • merkinmuffy

        Very interesting thoughts there, Vince. I also do not believe that life begins at conception and have no problem with the morning after pill, or even abortion in the first trimester, but I have one more question: What is the difference between a life at 7 months and a life at 10 months?

      • merkinmuffy

        Very interesting thoughts there, Vince. I also do not believe that life begins at conception and have no problem with the morning after pill, or even abortion in the first trimester, but I have one more question: What is the difference between a life at 7 months and a life at 10 months?

      • Vincent

        I think there is very little difference whether you consider it from a moral or even legalistic standpoint. Societally, depending on the mother’s health insurance, you are possibly looking at a societal burden if taxpayer funds need to go to prenatal care for a baby that is delivered at 7 months. And depending on the support structure, you may be looking at a societal burden to assist the mother with raising the child.

        However, I’d rather pay taxes to help a baby live and prosper (even accounting for those who cheat the system) than pay for abortions and medical care — especially as late in the game as you mention.

        It’s potentially traumatic and sad no matter how you slice it (a mother not wanting her child; medical conditions making birth a dangerous proposition, or a child being born into a situation where the odds are against them), but I think the option that gives a kid a greater than zero chance is infinitely preferable to the option where the kid’s chances are cut to zero by an arbitrary choice.

        A child should be a celebrated event, not a burden.

        As far as any more comment on final trimester “viability”, I’m not well versed enough in biology to know if there are any specific specialized cells or growth and development that occurs in that final trimester other than strengthening existing systems that are ostensibly supposed to stand on their own (meaning without a machine assisting respiration)

        But regardless of THAT answer, I’m sure I fall in the camp of: “You’ve gone this far, see it through at this point.” One would think the worst case scenario would be emergency C section with respiratory assistance. Aborting a child at that point would be criminal, I would think? (Barring some circumstance that I can’t currently conceive)

      • merkinmuffy

        Vince, if you’re talking about killing those who are a burden to society, then that would mean killing the chronically unemployed, since they are also a burden to the tax payer.

      • Vincent

        Since we’ve been having civil discourse, I will chalk this up to misunderstanding. I feel like you are interpreting my observations about certain societal realities as being some sort of justification for abortion. So just to be clear: No, that’s not what I’m talking about. (I’m tired this morning, so trying to see how you got to that conclusion from what I wrote).

        I am not at all considering killing anyone who might be a burden on the common taxpayer. My political stance defending the right to choose stems from what I believe is best for society as a whole (personal freedoms and non-invasive government), while my personal stance being against abortion might be informed by what is best for the child, although in a perfect world, keeping kids alive and providing an infrastructure in which they can thrive also does the most “good” for society, in my opinion (i.e. more, better citizens = better society).

        To clarify why I invoked societal burden at all — one of the reasons that some people use to justify abortions is economics (i.e. fear of not being financially capable of supporting a child.)

    • Midas

      well if she went along with it, not my business.

    • Praverb

      JJ putting that Duke education to use wow haha

    • HoldTheProfanityFool

      A document to formalize the terms and conditions between whore and whoremonger. To sustain, kill if necessary. Sweet.

    • snuff1

      Yep, he did it

    • Eric Wolf

      Obviously that Duke education has been put to good use. Not kidding in the least. Smart kid.

    • CommonSense

      I think the real question is what is wrong with this Vanessa Lopez chick to be dating these type of guys for cash?

    • PatricParamedic

      ” . . . between she . . .
      How can anybody trust a reporter who is incapable of writing a grammatical sentence?
      Who on earth do you people hire?

    • Jared Moffett

      So he’s the bad guy when she signed an abortion contract?

    • K

      Expected from a duke player

    • iceman4

      I’m sure these 2 kids are going to make it; LOL

    • Jhonny

      but its ok to kill homeless animals abandoned, negligated or uncared for by their humans and yet you all whine about abortion or any murder? wheres the outrage for animal s right to live. if humans gonna kill household pets,, then kill unwanted human babies or children!! theres no two ways about it!! sick of Americans hyprocissy!

    • oceanvue

      these contracts are floating all around professional sports and have been for years and actually have been challenged in court