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Losing Weight Lowers Rent In ‘Lady Share House’

losing weight lowers rent

There are a lot of social advantages that come to people with average and below-average weights for their heights. It is generally bullshit, but it is true: American society has a tendency to favor, admire and respect those with body types and proportions that have been deemed conventionally attractive, regardless of health. Now, a share house in Japan has taken it to the next level by offering tenants lowered rent in exchange for losing weight.

The Lady Share House B&D, an “all-female, communal residential facility in Osaka, Japan,” has begun deducting 1,000 yen (approximately $10 USD) from rent each month for each 2.2 pounds tenants lose – and increasing rent for those who gain weight. Residents are weighed every three months and “rent is determined by multiplying the renter’s weight in kilograms by 1,000 yen, in addition to a 38,000 yen floor price.”

Exercise equipment, snacks and beauty products are made available to renters in order to “discourage” them from being unhealthy (because mascara obviously makes people love kale).

Besides the obvious fat-shaming aspects that come with this “incentive,” it is also discriminatory to those who may have medical conditions that do not allow them to exercise as much or lose weight easily. It’s also a bit strange that this is being done at a home for exclusively women, but let’s be honest: most things that pertain to weight loss are.

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  • Marissa

    I think the point of living there is that it’s an incentive to lose weight. How’s that more “fat shaming” than Weight Watchers or whatever?

    • Adi

      This sounds more like a weight loss program than a regular housing complex to me as well. I mean, come on. Why would any landlord care so much as to provide the tenants with products/supplies to help them pay less? That’s just a bad business plan. And it being all women? Yeah, I can’t imagine it being anything else.

    • Marissa

      In the source article from the Huffington Post, it explicitly calls the building a “weight loss scheme.” I’m guessing the author either didn’t read the article or is looking for something to bitch about.

    • Eileen

      So it’s like fat camp, but with beauty products? Weird.

  • Georgette

    I mean, I understand that they want to create a support system, but why the need to provide beauty products?

    • Marissa

      I’m guessing because the residents wanted beauty products.

    • Georgette

      well, as long as they’re being extremely accommodating, I would want a puppy

  • Bruce Founder

    Nothing better than good old bribery to engage the motivators HAHA. Don’t forget to eat healthy ladies, or you’ll still look like fat idiots. go here if you’re tired of being a fat filthy slob http://bigbrucesreviews.com/metabolic-cooking/