Photoshop of Horrors: Where Did Olivia Wilde’s Face Go?

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Here’s an idea: book one of the most beautiful women alive for the cover of your magazine. Style her in a Muppet costume, Avril Lavigne‘s makeup circa 2004, and direct her to tilt her head with the insouciance of a teenager from the Inland Empire posing for her Instagram account of “artistic” self-portraits. Then, Photoshop the shit out of the final shot so that your model, the inimitable Olivia Wilde, is unrecognizable as a human person.

fashion_olivia wilde

Wilde looks beautiful in that sex-doll, humanoid type of way on the cover of Canada’s Fashion, and I don’t understand why they felt the need to alter the image so much that her natural beauty is completely obscured. It turns out that if you take the bones out of a woman’s face, she tends to look like an alien sex android built from the finest of skin-like materials. I mean, at this point it’s really generous of them to have left her ear in tact.

I could be totally off-base on this. Do you think Olivia Wilde looks better as a sex android? Do you wish that she walked around with a Photoshop filter blurring out her annoying bones all the time? What other bones do you wish you could Photoshop off of her, or other celebrities, or yourself? I find my femurs, while obscured by leg meats, to be particularly offensive and would feel better if they were gone completely. So bone-y!

Photos: Getty Images and Fashion // Story via The Huffington Post

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    • DreaTheGreat

      Can we please discuss the illusion and lack of reality in the photoshopped images on magazine covers without creating yet another glorifying and equally railroading idea? “one of the most beautiful women alive”? why? because she is 90 pounds on a bad day and already on the pedestal of television? The idea that we should be opposed to propping her up like a bad mannequin is better than proposing the objectification on the cover of a magazine in the first place?