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Karen Elson Files Restraining Order Against Jack White Out Of ‘Fear For Safety’

Karen Elson files restraining order against Jack White

Back in 2011, musician and model Karen Elson and White Stripes/Raconteurs musician Jack White threw a celebration in Nashville, Tennessee for their then-upcoming divorce. All seemed amicable in the land of celebrity separations for once, right? Apparently, wrong. Very wrong.

According to the Nashville City Paper, a Nashville circuit judge recently ordered White to “refrain any contact with [Elson] whatsoever except as it relates to parenting time with the parties’ minor children.” In the affidavit, Elson characterizes White as an ill-tempered partner and father who has refused counseling suggestions, and has continuously harassed Elson. The pair share two children who are in the middle of a custody battle that has now become much more complex.

The order says that this “pattern of husband’s bullying wife into submission was a contributing factor in the demise of their marriage.” Elson claims that White aggressively contacted her paralegal, attempted to “harass and embarrass” her by making derogatory comments to their business manager, and refused to stop texting, emailing and calling her regarding their divorce settlement. White also allegedly harassed Elson for keeping their kids in a private school alongside the child of a musician he feels “ripped off” his music, as well as her attendance at a wedding of another supposed copycat artist.

Rose Palermo, Elson’s attorney, says that the two former spouses are working on privately settling matters. Until their court date on the 29th, White is exclusively allowed to contact Elson via email.

It’s really, truly disparaging when any two people who seemed so excellent together — whether as friends or a couple — wind up seemingly despising one another. Still, as somebody who is fond of White’s music, I have to say that these allegations make me incredibly saddened. If they are true, of course, I hope that there are proper repercussions brought against him. Still, part of me wishes they weren’t, as that not only complicates things with their divorce, it also means that their children will have to contend with his behavior. We’ll keep you updated as this story continues.

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  • CMJ

    So, Paste Magazine (via TMZ, natch) posted the emails and while he does come off as a huge jerk…he doesn’t seem particularly threatening.


  • Jessica

    Divorce and custody cases are some of the most unbelievably stressful experiences a person can go through. The pettiness, character assassinations, and all around B.S. gets so completely out-of-hand and is often perpetuated by the lawyers in a bid to keep the money flowing. Things get especially ugly and frightfully personal when children and large sums of money are involved (not to mention fame). With that knowledge, I am extremely reluctant to judge either of them right now.