The Children’s Place Says Your Daughters Suck At Math, Exceed Expectations At Shopping

The Children's Place Sexist Shirts

You know how there’s entirely too many messages out there telling young girls that math and science are for boys? Well, The Children’s Place is apparently on that train now, too. Multiple shirts being sold are obnoxiously geared toward that line of thinking, as Laura Beck pointed out this morning.

It’s frustrating to see girls be marketed primarily shirts encouraging them to be diamond-wearing princesses (almost exclusively pink and purple, no less), as though that is a more realistic goal than, say, passing AP calculus someday. Little girls’ favorite things: puppies and BFFs and cupcakes. Little boys’ favorite things: being a hero and having lifeguard status and protecting people and winning at quite a few sports. We presume that the girls would have done all these things, but they’re obviously too busy shopping for diamond-encrusted poodles.

I’ll admit, I was terrible at math. Terrible. Despite my teachers’ best efforts, I was awful when it came to numbers — but that had nothing to do with my gender. While I barely achieved Cs and Bs in math classes, I also took loads of extra writing classes, went to science (and math, actually) camp, tutored ESL students, took lots of language courses and loved history. In other words, there are tons of subjects people can be good at; they aren’t limited to math and the non-subject of f’ing shopping. And that was just me — countless girls I knew were incredible at all of those things and managed to reach calculus at ridiculously young ages. Plus, even if you feel bad at mathematics, there are still plenty of ways to improve by involving it in your life, as explained by Jen Dziura in Bullish.

Women have enough going against them as it is when it comes to pursuing careers in the technology and engineering fields; do we really need everything down to their t-shirts to tell them otherwise?

[H/T Jezebel; Photos via The Children's Place]

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    • Cee

      What the what?! Ugh! As an auntie and all around cool person with kids, I usually buy things with owls, ducks or dinosaurs on them for children irregardless of sex.

      Pshaw. Bad at math! I was bad at math, but now I teach it sometimes, and I learned all my math teaching skills from two women and a gay guy.

      • AmazingE

        You obviously weren’t that great at English. Irregardless is not a word.

      • Samantha_Escobar
      • Dana

        I wouldn’t have criticized Cee’s original post but irregardless isn’t correct, period. I believe the desired word is “irrespective.”

      • Shelly Lloyd

        And you obviously did not pass kindergarten where they teach you to be nice to each other. You must have been sick that day.

      • Cee

        Irregardless, I will continue to use it. :)
        Don’t be such an ass! Its shark week! I will enjoy it irregardless of your petty behavior.

    • EB

      This is truly infuriating. Really just totally beyond. I hope no one will buy these shirts. Guess what? Some girls are good at math. Even blonde girls. Shocking. It makes me sad because I remember when I was young and good at math I thought I was good at math, “for a girl” (meaning that I didn’t even try to compare myself to the boys). I also remember wanting to dye my blonde hair brown so people wouldn’t think I was stupid. I was really hoping my daughter would grow up without the messages that influenced that thinking.

      • Tania

        I think we might be the same person. Sometimes when people make blonde jokes to me, I just want to say to them, “I got a 5 (out of five) on my AP calculus in high school. How well did you do?” and watch them flounder.

      • Kate

        Blonde PhD right here. Suck it, haters!

      • KT

        In high school multivariable calculus (that’s right), my project partners were two cheerleaders. I went to an awesome “gifted” high school where that was pretty normal.

    • whatevs

      I found the same thing when I was shopping for my niece – all the pink and purple shirts were about princesses and shopping. I ended up buying her a shirt that said “When I grow up, I want to be a doctor.” My SIL didn’t approve because it was blue. She made some snarky comment about that she had a girl after she opened my present. Yeah, bitch, girls can be doctors, too…. and it was a pretty blue

      • yeahyeah

        Have the same with my niece. I think we’re meant to be the wise Aunts to get them on the right track.

      • Schmoe Jones

        By ‘right track’ of course you mean ‘militant lesbian spinster’ right?

      • KT

        I wish somebody had gotten that shirt for my daughter. I love her in blue and I’d love for her to be a doctor some day.

    • Elaine

      That really irritates me because I love The Children’s Place. I don’t know if they still have it, but I bought a shirt for my daughter from them that says “Smart Cookie”. It’s pink, but the change from the typical princess paraphernalia was a breath of fresh air. I am so over all the “dumb girls” crap.

    • Karen

      Ugh, terrible. I actually almost took a picture at Fred Meyer today just because I was so pleased that they had 2 shirts in the girls section – one said ‘Smart Girl’ with a girl next to a huge pile of books (and with a kicky hairbow) and the other said ‘Art Class is my favorite’. SHouldn’t have been a surprise, but it really was.

    • jreesnc

      Not seeing the shirt on the web site. So either they have pulled it or it was not offered on line

    • Kem

      I agree that girls clothing is a little obnoxious. I have friends that complain all the time. I recently bought a baby shower gift for a little girl and I bought pajamas with whales all over it and the mother loved it. The truth is most girls love all the pink and purple and that’s why we still see it all over the place. We are really making too big of a deal out if this shirt. Just don’t buy it, plain and simple.

      • Dana

        Yes, girls love pink and purple. They also love all other colors. And we train them from an early age to please everybody. If all you ever buy them is pink and purple, what do you think they’re going to say they like?

        Thanks for your complete lack of support. None of us are crying over this, we are just fed up with it, because it’s past time it ended.

    • ohemgee

      I personally think all of you who have a problem with this shirt must have something to prove or something…I’m a female with a college degree and I don’t find ANYTHING wrong with this shirt…it’s a SHIRT! in NO way do these shirts say that the little girls suck at math or can’t aspire to do anything other than shop….they’re shirts for LITTLE GIRLS!!!! MOST (not all but MOST) little girls could give a crap less about doing math (doesn’t mean they aren’t good at it, they just don’t LIKE IT!!!) but LOVE to shop & dance!!! quit reading so much into these innocent, cute shirts & GROW UP!!!! You should be more concerned with what your children are doing, watching & listening to and less about a cute shirt meant to state what little girls LIKE to do…not stating what they’re GOOD AT! good grief!

      • LP

        I take it that you never took a psychology or sociology class in college….

      • EB

        Not totally sure why you’re getting so upset but I just want to point out that the shirt says “my best subjects” and then lists shopping, music and dancing with math not checked off. It doesn’t say “my favorite subjects”. This shirt very clearly implies that girls are not good at math, not that they don’t like it.

      • Dana

        What’s your degree in, home economics?

      • ohemgee

        you people and your hating are really making me LAUGH MY BUTT OFF!!!!!!! geeeeeeeeze it’s JUST A SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t realize y’all hated EVERYONE or that you all think you have something to prove! LOL!

      • Dana

        I think a lot of people don’t believe me when I say formal schooling means exactly nothing and that I’ve met college grads who couldn’t think. EXHIBIT FREAKING A RIGHT HERE.

    • Angie Chang

      Thanks to Kara Swisher for pointing out that Sheryl Sandberg leaned in to get “PRETTY LIKE DADDY, SMART LIKE MOMMY” shirts made for the Facebook headquarter’s schwag store ->