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Makeupless Jennifer Aniston Photo Highlights The Difference Between ‘Natural Beauty’ And Natural Beauty


So I think it’s been pretty well-established around here that we think those commercials promising “real” and “natural” beauty, if only you will buy the beauty product being advertised, are hypocritical and stupid. Here are two images that illustrate that fact.

Jennifer Aniston recently starred in a campaign for noted “natural” beauty product company Aveeno. In the TV spot, she promises “naturally beautiful results” from Aveeno moisturizer while appearing amazingly fresh faced and flawless for a 44-year-old lady. (Even one who spends a ton of time and money dieting and exercising and eats a kale chip when she wants to “cheat.”) Look how flawless:

What a great product, making a 44-year-old woman look as though she has been heavily Photoshopped!

More recently, Jen’s hairdresser pal Chris McMillan posted a photo of the two of them with #nomakeup to his Instagram account. That photo looks like this:


Let’s get something straight: Jennifer Aniston is beautiful for a person of any age. Nobody is going to look at that second picture of Jennifer Aniston and her cute little fine lines and say that she looks old and ugly. So why does Aveeno think they need to contour, conceal, and soft-light the shit out of her face in order to sell beauty products?

In fact, I think the second photo is a much more effective ad for whatever stuff America’s sweetheart is slathering on her skin, because I actually believe that she’s not wearing makeup in it. Unfortunately, I’m guessing whatever beauty tricks she uses when not doing an Aveeno commercial are too pricey and next level for most of us to even know about.

(Via Jezebel)

Photos: Aveeno, Instagram

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  • Bedford Falls

    I knew she would look great without makeup, and she does!

  • Philluv

    I never thought the Aveeno ads were trying to make me think Jennifer Aniston was wearing no makeup. All the talk of “natural” beauty referred to the natural ingredients in the product. This article feels like it’s trying to create an issue where none exists. Though, to be fair, I feel like any human with an ounce of intelligence can tell that celebrities and models in ads are airbrushed and/or wearing makeup. So, I find it insulting when someone feels the need to point it out.

  • Mindy

    My biggest complaint is with mascara companies. They show these models with thick, long, gorgeous lashes and try to get you to believe its their product. Obviously these girls have false eyelashes on…… do they think we are stupid? I realize my 49 yr old sparse, short lashes are not going to look like the models just by using the product. Amazing how many people fall for this crap.

  • Chupacabra

    She is luminous without anything on her face. I agree with previous poster that Aveeno is better served using her un-shopped photo for their ads.